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Published: Tuesday, June 24 2014 8:00 a.m. MDT

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Burley, ID

It's not going to happen and I'm not so sure I would want it to.

Herriman, UT


West Valley, UT

As much as people don't like him, if he was on a team you supported you would cheer for him. I kinda feel that if players want to truly be the best, they should go to teams that struggle or smaller markets and prove you can win anywhere.

Northern, CO

Sir Robin - lighten up. This was a jovial piece that I laughed all through. This isn't whining, it's playing. Bronco wasn't whining, he was making a pitch. Smile, breathe, and enjoy the ride.

Cottonwood Heights, UT

Brave Sir..

Please don't bring the Utah/BYU rivalry into a forum about the Jazz. That would be classless.

I loved this piece. It was a bright spot in my day and has left me smiling. And if my the strangest of odds, LeBron did ever join the Jazz, I wouldn't be sorry at all.

Idaho Falls, ID

Can we afford to pay him $35 million per year? Would that attract him?

Germany, 00

I agree with BlameItOnTheOfficials! Leave the endless Utah/BYU stuff out of other subjects. This may be the funniest sports article I have ever read.

Omaha, NE

I needed a good laugh. Thanks!

Sandy, UT

This was a masterpiece!!! I haven't laughed so hard in a long time! LOVED IT!

samuel h wiscomb
Sun Lakes, AZ

good humor. BUT King James' ego is TOO big for any team. Let him play into retirement in someone else's city.

truth in all its forms
henderson, NV

Come on Deseret news you're better than this. We shouldn't beg for a player. We should build a solid team and have a decent coach that is what wins championships.

Richmond, VA

I thought this was hilarious but I guess some folks just don't have a sense of humor! Most likely LeBron will never ever consider coming to Utah but I still enjoyed the article and laughed so hard it made my stomach hurt. And btw, I too would welcome such news if it ever happen. I think it'd be great for the Jazz. And no, the Jazz are not being whiny at all, but are indeed very needy of such talents as King James.

As per the cheap shot about Coach Mendenhall begging the Big 12, I don't recall him ever doing that other than expressing a very personal opinion about BYU joining the Big 12, nothing more!

Eagle Mountain, UT

@Truth in all its forms

"We shouldn't beg for a player. We should build a solid team and have a decent coach that is what wins championships."

how has that worked for us? I definitely wouldn't want the best player in the world to come play for the jazz! lets keep signing boozers and memos and lose in the first round of the playoffs.

Provo, UT

Great comic relief! I loved this wonderfully playful humor. Those that didn't get it need to reread the article! Whining? Begging? Hardly! But thank you for adding to the humor of the piece. It is hilarious to think that there are people out there who would contort such a whimsical article into a reason for dopey disdain! Life is short. Go take a walk. Go to the zoo. Go buy a dog. Go write a funnier letter to Lebron (if you can)!

There You Go Again
Saint George, UT


Veiled as well as not-so-veiled sarcasm.


Wilsonville, Oregon

This wasn't funny, it was ridiculous. Just remember the "King" stomping off after being beaten by the lowly JAZZ. Or remember him on the bench with a quick CU of his bloodshot eyes game 4 of the finals. Or remember his big celebration leaving Cleveland. "King" ha!

Alpine, UT

@ Brave Sir robin:

Are there really some readers out there so slow that they can't see and understand the obvious humor element in this totally sarcastic article?
This article wins my very coveted "Funniest Article of the Week Award". Well done.
A commenter on this board wins my Slowest Reader of the Month Award... But I'm not going to name names.

Phoenix, AZ

Hm. Some see more humor in this than I do. Starting off with the world's cheesiest, eye-rolling and frankly stupid pickup line seems like The Daily Universe or Chrony, for one thing. Anyway, three points: 1) It's written as a straight-up piece, not satire; would someone please explain just why this article is actually FUNNY? 2) If LeBron's going anywhere, he'll fit in with the SUNS much better than the Jazz, and win trophies much sooner. Assuming he can stay out of the summer heat, wink, wink. 3) If the DesNews must dream about bringing in a top-of-the-line proven can't-miss veteran superstar prospect who'd not only fit right in but change the fortunes of the franchise overnight, Nate Gagon just dissed the wrong guy. The Jazz want Kevin Durant, not King James. As in NOW. Only a dream, but Kevin's the ideal fit for Utah. Nate, look forward to your rewrite.

Logan, UT

@ Well...

It's dry, playful sarcasm. Nothing more, nothing less.
People either get it or they don't.
Either way, it's something hard to explain.

Neither the author nor the Jazz are making a push to get LeBron (or Durant) here... perfect fit or not.
It shouldn't be that difficult to understand that this article was simply written for its entertainment value. That's all.
If you really want James in Arizona, then write your own SERIOUS letter... not a spoof. Good luck with it.

Palmer, AK

Hilarious? Was this meant to be humorous? I talked with LeBron yesterday and The Jazz are on his short list. He asked me not to name names because he hasn't told Pat yet, but the The Jazz are definitely in his top 25. (His Canadian isn't too good, so they're out)

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