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Published: Wednesday, June 18 2014 10:15 p.m. MDT

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Y Grad / Y Dad
Richland, WA


Okay, I'll bite. Let us assume that indeed, BYU and it's athletes have a higher obligation to represent the church well, and shortcomings are grounds for discontinuing the athletic program.

This, my friend, is a slippery slope, and you are close to an extreme end of it. You could pursue it further, and say that any public bad behavior is grounds for dismantling the university itself. Since BYU and it's students, mormon or not, cannot hope to be perfect, do away with it.

You might actually like that.

I propose that the good that is done by BYU athletics far outweighs the bad, and that is why it still continues, your complaints not withstanding. If you don't see it that way, the evidence would suggest that you don't see it the way the brethren do.

Now when the discussion was held that we not "check our religion at the door," I propose that it DOES fall squarely on all BYU fans and athletes, but, as has been stated, mormon fans and athletes from anywhere else are not exempted.

Sandy, UT

To Wookie - Count me as another Ute who's on Sports, Lifelong, and Duck(and that's saying something)position.

"What I take issue with is the fact that some BYU fans/players do not realize that their words and deeds do in fact represent a faith"

Yours do too, as do the words and deeds of every other Mormon Utah fan/player. Like me.

"and the principles it espouses and will act afool"

Don't we as Utah fans have great principles we espouse? Would we not claim our university espouses great principles? So why are you making this a Utah vs BYU issue. Its not.

"From the moment I challenged him on his contentious behavior he has always pointed the finger back at Utah fans and their behavior"

As you continue to point the finger at him and byu fans(that's hypocritical)

"I have never defended or excused poor behavior of anyone, nor have I argued that we should not all act civil."

Right, and the BYU fans are defending their poor behavior. Duck is focusing on Utah fans and you're focusing on byu fans.

You two are good for each other.

Saint Paul, MN

@ Solomon Levi

In the case of one of my alma maters (Army), this year they have only two historical rivalry games, Air Force and Navy. The others (Buffalo, Stanford, Wake Forest, Yale, Ball St., Rice, Kent St., Connecticut, W. Kentucky, and Fordham) are all run of the mill. However, Army scheduling BYU makes about as much sense as scheduling Stanford -- not much of a game unless their program takes a big step forward. Then again, optimism is what drives many of us!

Provo, UT

@Sports Are Great said, "funny that the values byu fans should uphold are pretty simple - kindness, honesty, charity.... to think that ute "fans" are arguing they should be immune from being held to such a standard because of color of their shirt"

Ute fans are not trying to avoid behavior accountability. All Mormons (red or blue) have a responsibility to walk the talk. What you are missing is that the general population associates BYU with the LDS church. I have lived outside of Utah most of my life. When I tell people I graduated from the U rarely do they ask if I am Mormon. When I tell them my kids attend BYU they always ask if I'm Mormon. Like it or not, BYU has a stronger link to the LDS church than Utah does. If a Utah fan behaves badly, shame on them. There is a 50 percent chance they are LDS and the church takes a minor hit. If a BYU fan behaves badly, shame on them. There is a 99.9 percent chance they are LDS and the church takes a much bigger hit to it's image, missionary efforts etc.

Marysville, WA

@Lifelong Ute:
Hey man, knock it off. I'm finding myself having respect for a Utah Fan!

Seriously, Good stuff. I'd love to see more of it from both sides.

Provo, UT

@Duckhunter "BYU does not need schools far greater than itslef to prop it up and give it relevence"

Going 0-4 against a P5 cellar dweller means you need some propping up. If the Y was so relevant then why are they still on the outside looking in in football and in the WCC in all other sports?

No playoff for U
Salt Lake City, UT


Unlike the Utes, BYU doesn't need a conference to be relevant.

River Falls, WI

I know that there are anti-Utah trolls out there, but seriously... are there fans from any other team so delusional that they would claim something like "BYU and their fans dream of the P5, but will most likely be playing Big Sky teams or the likes for the majority of their games"? The irony of that statement is that since they entered the PAC12 in 2011 Utah has an annual game (their first of each season) against a Big Sky opponent. They narrowly escaped Weber State last year (it was something like 85-0). I'm so glad that I'm a cougarfan and don't have to spend my time agitating fans from any other school. Go Cougs!

East Salt Lake City, Utah

"In brief, Tramel believes a scheduling agreement would allow the Big 12 schools to get to know BYU better and vice versa."

So true, just like PAC-12 got to know BYU when our officials were pelted with garbage by BYU fans after yet ANOTHER loss to THE University of Utah.

Good thing Texas lost last year at LES.

Elmer Fudd
Sandy, Utah

No playoff for U

"Unlike the Utes, BYU doesn't need a conference to be relevant"

There is only one team in college football that is relevant as an Independent. That would be Notre Dame!

Notre Dame is considered a power 5 opponent, has a scheduling agreement with the ACC, and has a bowl agreement with one of the New Year's six bowls (Orange Bowl). BYU does not!

BYU is NOT Notre Dame! Never will be!

Provo, UT

@ No playoff for U said, "Unlike the Utes, BYU doesn't need a conference to be relevant"

So you're telling us that playing a schedule that includes Savannah State, Middle Tennessee, Cal, Nevada, UConn, Virginia and UNLV is relevance? Notre Dame doesn't play a schedule like that. I suppose you're also telling us that inclusion in the WCC in all other sports is further proof of BYU's relevance, right?

Notre Dame is the only school that has made Independence work and even they are inching closer to becoming a full fledged member of the ACC.

No playoff for U
Salt Lake City, UT

Elmer Fudd

"There is only one team in college football that is relevant as an Independent."

Depends on what your definition of relevant is.

If it's being a former national championship and Heisman Trophy winner, then BYU is relevant. Utah is not.

If it's being a perennial Top 25 team, then BYU is relevant. Utah is not.

If it's simply having the "potential" of being invited to the playoffs, then BYU is just as relevant as Utah.

Simply being in the PAC doesn't make Utah USC! And never will!

Lindon, UT

re: Two For Flinching

I believe that the So Miss game in 2015 will be rescheduled until 2017 (or later). It appears that So Miss rescheduled the 2014 game to 2016, as the date for that game is now a bye. Let's be patient. I would bet that BYU will end up with 6 home and 6 away games. And the date that is now scheduled for the So Miss game could even be one of the good top p-5 teams. I would think that Holmoe would not schedule 7 away games and only 5 home games. BYU doesn't need the $'s, but the fans do need the 6 games for sure.

East Salt Lake City, Utah

Highland, UT


Yes that is the only thing, name one other thing utah has to offer that is anyway better than what BYU offers? Location? Nope. Quality education? No. LDS affiliation? Uh uh. Better legacy? Not a chance. Better facilities? Sorry, no. Bigger fanbase? Please. Better exposure on tv? Laughable


Let's ignore the fact that Utah puts MORE players into the NFL compared to BYU.

Location? If the Jazz can't get top talent into Salt Lake, can't imagine Provo being a better destination.

Quality of Education? U.S. News & World Report ranks SEVENTEEN programs at the THE University of Utah in the top 50. All I could find from BYU's own website was:

#3 Accounting -Wall Street Journal
#4 Entrepreneurship -Entrepreneur
#5 Public Relations Program -PR Week Magazine
#11/#34 Undergraduate business programs -Bloomberg/USNWR
#16/#33 MBA -Forbes/USNWR
#42 Law School -USNWR
#59 Mechanical engineering specialty –USNWR

Lindon, UT

Education? Please... what is the average ACT Score for an incoming Freahman to BYU and what is it for Utah? 28 to 23. Average GPA in High School. 3.8 to 3.4. I have never heard of anyone that got admitted to BYU but didn't get admitted to Utah as an incoming Freahman. How many that got rejection letters from BYU are at the U? Thousands every year. Utah is the fall back position for most kids that don't get into BYU. Maybe thats why there is so much venom from up North. Rejection is ugly but BYU has higher standards for students than Utah does. The academic requirements for the athletes at BYU can hamper recruiting efforts but, just like the honor code, it separates the players with the character and maturity required to succeed at BYU.

Two For Flinching
Salt Lake City, UT

@ No playoff for U

"If it's being a former national championship and Heisman Trophy winner"

That is literally nobody's definition of relevance. If it was Yale, Army, and Princeton would all be considered power-house programs.

@ panamadesnews

I agree with you that BYU will do what it takes to play 6 games at home. I was just saying that a scheduling agreement, however unrealistic, would be a great thing for BYU.

Highland, UT

@uteology and 2fer

Well considering that almost no one is turned down on an application to utah, that utah has a smaller enrollment, that utah has less graduates, that utah take 1000's of students that were rejected by BYU but BYU doesn't take any that were rejected by utah, that BYU has more applicants than it can ever take, that utah has a falling enrollment and isn't even the largest public university in the state, and really I could go on and on but that is probably enough to prove the following point.

More people want to attend BYU even though its entrance requirements are much more stringent. That means more want to go to Provo than salt lake, more want a BYU degree than a utah degree, in otherwords more would prefer to live in Provo than slc and more would prefer to have a BYU education than a utah education.

That really say's it all.


Highland, UT


Well let's see....BYU football played in a bowl game this last season, and the season before, utah's did not...either season. BYU has bowl contracts all on its own, utah does not, in fact utah doesn't even go to bowl games. BYU's mens and womens basketball both played in the NCAA tourney this last year coming from the WCC, neither utah's teams played in it. In fact the BYU women's team went to the sweet 16. BYU's men's and womens volleyball both played in the NCAA tournemnt this last year, in fact BYU's mens team spent the entire season ranked in the top 5, some of it ranked #1, and played in the final 4. utah's volleyball went nowhere. And we could go on and on with just about every other sport.

Actually playing in the post season is the first requirement for "relevence" and then doing something in the post season is the second. Since BYU's teams all played in the post season, and several actually won games in the post season, yet other than gymnastics none of utah's played in any post season anything...you get the picture.

Provo, UT

@No playoff for U "If it's being a former national championship and Heisman Trophy winner, then BYU is relevant. Utah is not"

NC happened 30 years ago and the Heisman happened 24 years ago. Maybe relevance has more to do with 2 BCS bowl wins and a trip to the College basketball National Championship game all within the last 16 years.

Layton, UT

You should take all of that and present it to the P5. Oh wait...holmoe and mendenhall already did that. lol.

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