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Published: Wednesday, June 18 2014 10:15 p.m. MDT

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Alpine, UT

Another question...

Why are so many Ute fans so concerned about what happens to BYU's sports programs?
It's obviously a big deal from all the attention and comments they continue to give week after week and article after article.

If Ute fans were smart and thought this through better, it would be more obvious that the more relevant BYU is made to be on the national scene, the more significant their wins (past and future) over BYU would be.

But by continually trying to downplay BYU, they are also downplaying the significance their wins over BYU have. Obviously not a smart way to go.

Why would anyone hurt themselves just to try to hurt someone else? And yet that is what many Ute fans continue doing on these weekly posts.

Apparently, they would rather allow themselves (or their wins) to be marginalized in the process of downplaying their rival... than having both look programs look better... if it means that rival will somehow benefit.

Makes no sense.

Pride is causing those people to shoot themselves in the foot.

Sports Are Great
Salt Lake City, UT

wookie, typical Ute "fan" who thinks that Mormons who wear blue have a responsibility to represent their church but Mormon ute "fans" who wear red don't.

I've never heard such sentiment expressed by any church leader, but I'm sure they're wrong and you're right. I've always been taught that church members represent the church at all times and all places, without a qualifier of "unless you wear red" or "unless you are a ute 'fan'"

The self righteousness on the hill these days is unbelievable. I love that byu bothers so many ute "fans" Their obsession with byu brings me great joy!

Sandy, UT

Wookie: Football doesn't play on Sunday. That was an issue with the other sports but seeing as you missed this being a football only article, I will spell it out for you. Football doesn't play on Sunday and would not present issues to either side on that matter. Also, maybe I missed something, but BYU doesn't need a medical school to be considered for the B12. Not sure where you are getting your information? Must be interesting to see the world in red where you make up information and think it is accurate.

Ann Arbor, MI

Why on earth would the BIG12 or PAC12 sign on to any schedule agreement??? Both conferences know they can schedule bYu anytime thy like...if they so chose. Byu will move, drop or kill most games on thier schedule to make it happen. and agree to a 2 for 1 or wors....whatever it takes.

Again I ask, what is the value to committ to something that will always be there?

Makes no sense

Naval Vet
Philadelphia, PA

"So, does it make sense for both BYU and the Big 12 to come to some sort of scheduling agreement?...So, how would this help BYU? While not perfect, BYU is doing a good job scheduling as an independent. The Cougars wouldn't need to rely on such an agreement to create solid schedules."

I have to laugh at the tone of this article. It's as if Peavler is trying to convince cougar fans that this would be the way to go, when the truth is, it isn't the cougar fans that need convincing. It's the Big 12. The choice isn't the Y's to make. It's the Big 12's. And if, as Trammel said, the Big 12's OOC schedules lack sufficient "interesting games", I don't see how the Y would improve their situation. There's only 2 reasons why the Big 12 lacks "interesting games": (1) the teams scheduling them don't WANT an interesting game -- preferring instead a cupcake opponent, or (2) the teams CAN'T schedule one. And if the problem is #2, then aligning an entire conference with a "midmajor"....would be an enormous dent in that league's credibility.

Layton, UT

Is playing and beating byu significant for the Utes? Well, we took you off our schedule.

Is playing Utah important to the cougars? How long have you and your friends been telling us that beating a bunch of patsies and playing in a meaningless bowl is more important than losing to the Utes.

Omaha, NE

Sports Are Great:

So you are saying you thrive on contention? Also, you are assuming that those who wear red are also of the faith that BYU represents? This is my beef with a small group of BYU fans/players. This small group of BYU fans/players like to present to the world that their sports are a missonary tool, yet in their own backyard they act afool and assume that the U, its fans and players are LDS. A select few are contentious, judgmental, ignorant and assuming. They should not worry about the U and should act as they have been directed which is to represent their faith at all times without assumptions. I am by no means excusing those U fans who hide under the cloak of their school color and are also members of the LDS faith, as they know better, but the U is a secular school and to the world they represent the state of Utah. As for BYU, they are a religious school and represent a faith.


Naval Vet
Philadelphia, PA

I also have to laugh that Trammel would take the word of David C. Moore, as though he had his finger on the pulse of cougar athletics. He'd been trying to pass off that bogus fairy tale about Boyd K. Packer for at least 4-yrs now, and even some COUGAR fans don't buy it. David C. Moore had been challenged multiple times to back up his claim, and every time he'd failed. And if there were even an OUNCE of validity to his made up version of events, why hadn't any journalists investigated it? I mean it's been at least 4-yrs now, and STILL nothing to substantiate that tale.

Must be because it isn't true.

And Trammel bought it?

How naïve.

Steven S Jarvis
Orem, UT

BYU is a major program that brings relevancy to the table, not a mid major program that happens to play in a major conference such as Utah. A scheduling agreement makes sense to the B-12 if the SOS improves enough to keep them ahead of one of the other conferences for a slot in the playoffs. Most years BYU falls in the 30s or low 40s. That sure beats playing against most of the small school programs at the bottom of the P5. Its equal to or better than most middle of the pack teams.

I WANT to see the Cougars play Army too. We have never played Army and I still believe they are looking for a game in 2016 at a major league ballpark. Still looking forward to the next game against ND being announced.

Ernest T. Bass
Bountiful, UT

They could easily win most of the big 10 games. Then they would get invited with Espn contracts and HD trucks the Big 12 teams would make way more money but loose another game every year.

Steven S Jarvis
Orem, UT


"Again I ask, what is the value to committ to something that will always be there?

Makes no sense"

I DARE you to say that exact thing to your girlfriend/boyfirend/hubby/wife or significant other.

Commitment would be beneficial to the whole scheduling thing for both the B12 and to BYU in a similar way that the PAC12 has need of BYU due to Stanford/USC's agreements to play ND in November. Bonuses happen in the SOS department, attendance goes up and so does exposure. That doesn't happen when teams play small schools like North Texas or Utah.

The downside is that BYU has done well against B12 teams lately. They are 5-1 against Texas and Oklahoma lifetime. That number hopefully improves to 6-1 this year.

Rose Bowl call yet?
Salt Lake City, UT

Gotta luv how our little friends from the north are panic stricken every time another article on BYU to the Big 12 comes out.

Eventually, the Big 12 will decide that it's time to expand or add more strength to the OOC SOS; when that happens, BYU will be one of the top candidates on their list.

Meanwhile Utah fans, slap another PAC 12 sticker on something if it helps you feel better about the prospects of suffering your third straight losing, bowl less season.

Salt Lake City, UT

BYU would definitely benefit from this type of agreement with the Big 12. Whether the Big 12 would benefit is at least debatable.

Sports Are Great
Salt Lake City, UT

wookie - I've made no assumption that anyone wearing red is a Mormon. I've only commented that Mormon ute "fans" represent the church. Again, I've yet to hear a church leader say church members represent the church unless they put on their red shirt. I'm ashamed of Mormon ute "fans" who think they don't represent our church. They do. My beef with ute "fans" especially Mormon utes is they think the color of their shirt shields them from responsibility to do what is right. Right is right and wrong is wrong. Wrong doesn't suddenly become right when a person wearing a red shirt does it. Even for a non-religious person. It is funny though that the values that byu fans should uphold at the end of the day are pretty simple - kindness, honesty, charity, all that good stuff. And to think that ute "fans" are arguing they should be immune from such being held to such a standard because of color of their shirt.

Salt Lake City, UT

The comments on this thread are interesting. Excitement over the immanent agreement with the Big12 builds as more comments are posted. LOL!

Naval Vet
Philadelphia, PA

"I have to laugh at the tone of this article. It's as if Peavler is trying to convince cougar fans that this would be the way to go, when the truth is, it isn't the cougar fans that need convincing. It's the Big 12. The choice isn't the Y's to make. It's the Big 12's."

byu fans always do this. For 30 years they talked like their invite to the Pac-12 was immanent.

It has certainly become clear over the last 2-3 weeks that byu fans do not care about independence. They want what their neighbors to the North have. To your point, Naval Vet, Utah's invite to the Pac-12 was accompanied with stories (some rumored) as private meetings were held and events unfolded. byu's way is the complete opposite...create the story then (they hope) the invite will come. However, these comments are starting to read like the invite is in the bag...typical. LOL!

Watching byu and its fans beg is wildly entertaining!

Go cougs!

Alpine, UT

@ ekute:

You seem to have forgotten that Utah soon added BYU back on it's schedule when it realized it was a mistake to have dropped them in the first place. They certainly wouldn't have added them back on if playing them was insignificant. Obviously, it's not.

You claim that...

"You (me) and your (my) friends been telling us (Ute fans) that beating a bunch of patsies and playing in a meaningless bowl is more important than losing to the Utes."

When did I say such a thing? Please provide even a shred of evidence. You can't. Because I know for an absolute fact I've never said anything close to your statement nor have any of my friends... as if you even know who any of them actually are. You don't.

You are obviously once again making things up just to stir the pot or to try to make your irrelevant stance appear to be relevant. Sorry to break the news to you, but it hasn't been for a very long time... ever since you quit using facts in your comments.

Next time, stick to using facts or risk losing even more credibility.

Silent Lurker
Cottonwood Heights, UT

@ S S Jarvis

Have you ever considered the fact that some teams of the P5 are at the bottom of their conference because they are playing the good teams in their conference week after week? They are not padding their schedule with six or seven gimme games each season like BYU. You want to brag about BYU record against Texas and Oklahoma without mentioning their overall record against P5 teams, Why?

Salt Lake City, UT

Rose Bowl call yet?
Salt Lake City, UT

"Gotta luv how our little friends from the north are panic stricken every time another article on BYU to the Big 12 comes out."

Panic stricken? It is so much fun watching you people go around and around. You don't like independence, you feel entitled to be in a conference you haven't earned. Mendenahall is begging, byu fans are begging, Holmoe is no where to be found.

As I said above...wildly entertaining but you can call it what you want.

btw...I see that Trammel received his 15 minutes of fame with a byu student run radio show. Mission accomplished. LOL!

Ogden, UT

Give it a rest DNews...

Lifelong Ute
Salt Lake City, UT

@Wookie and Sports are Great:

I'm a lifelong Ute and lifelong LDS member, proud of both. And I agree with @Sports are Great. Wookie, regardless of whether you belong to the LDS church or not, it doesn't change my stance. If you are LDS, you'll know we should take seriously our obligations and promises we've made. An external affiliation to a particular sports team impacts those promises and responsibilities NONE. I'm embarrassed when other LDS members think their duty to do what is right is diminished when they are cheering for our team and expect the boys in Provo to do what they don't expect it of themselves or others great Ute supporters.

Duckhunter is harsh, but I agree with him. Lets not be hypocrites. We can and should act just as we expect the Provo boys to act.

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