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Published: Wednesday, June 18 2014 5:15 p.m. MDT

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Tyler McArthur
South Jordan, UT

Why are only Utah and 11 other western states under the jurisdiction of the BLM? How can Utah graduate from BLM stewardship and become like the other 38 states that don't need federal oversight? Are we somehow less responsible in managing our state and its resources than the states further to the east?

In all seriousness, Utah is consistently praised in the press and by government officials as an example of an exceptionally well-run state (Wall Street Journal in 2012 called it the 4th best run state). The BLM probably served some purpose in the days of the wild west when huge tracts of desert land reasonably needed some kind of law and order. But, with the development and growth of the state of Utah, the BLM is no longer needed and has outlived its purpose.

My question is: Is there any plan for the BLM to draw down its influence in the state of Utah? Because in the opinion of many citizens of my state, it is far past time.

Poplar Grove, UT

Maybe these people should talk to their state legislator about not gerrymandering them out of a congressional seat. Think about it, because the legislators main goal was to split up the democrats in SL County, all 4 of our congressional districts include big chunks of urban area's. If you look at our 4 congressmen, 3 of the for are from the 3 most populated counties(Utah, Davis and Salt Lake) and even Rob Bishop who lives in Brigham City, represents an area that includes Ogden. When rural voters make up such a small percentage of each of these men's districts, what incentive is there for them to work on this at the national level?

Bountiful, UT

Tyler McArthur: Actually, I trust the BLM far, FAR more than I do the Utah State Legislature.

Utah's own Pat Shea is a former Director of the BLM, and I suspect that makes him more qualified than anybody in Utah to actually know the subject matter. Pat Shea says the State of Utah is in no position to properly manage these vast tracts of land. I'll take the scientists and biologists of the BLM over our Legislature's tendency to blow money on really dumb issues, every day.

Case in point: Spending $200,000 on a fly-by-night lobbyist who lobbies Congress on making sure wolves don't return to Utah... except he can't account for how he's spent the money. So, what do we do? Give him more money.

Look at what terribly shape many of Utah's state parks are in. They would rather spend the money fighting gay marriage, which even Orrin Hatch realizes is a wasted effort.

Look at how ridiculously the State of Utah handles alcohol permits and the boondoggle nobody can understand called Utah alcohol laws, and tell me that qualifies them for even more responsibility.

Oregon, OR

In Oregon 30 years ago a question arose when the failing Spotted Owl species was used to stop logging, which devastated hundreds of Oregon communities and hundreds of thousands of Oregonian carriers. "article 1 section 8 of our constitution vary clearly says the federal government cannot own land within the states other than a small amount within clearly defined exceptions", how can BLM claim more than 50% of the land within the state of Oregon? In 30 years no one has provided (as far as I know) the answer to that question. That answer would have great bearing on the issue in Utah and at the Bundy ranch in Nevada. Is BLM and Forest Service land ownership outside of constitutional limits? I personally think it is, so do many others.

SomewhereIn, UT

What I observed in Idaho was this - that the more public/federal land was closed down to grazing and trail riding (ATVs) and other multi-use activities, the more the remaining land became used...and more quickly used up.

Not rocket science here. Need to open up MORE land in order to preserve more.

DN Subscriber
Cottonwood Heights, UT

There are two forces in play here.

One is the Obama administration's incessant desire the cater to the demands of the environmental extremists, which is exemplified by his "War on the west," and the hard working rural folks who feed, clothe and provide energy for the smug yuppy tree-huggers.

The other force is the power hungry federal bureaucracy, and its insatiable demands for more money, more power, more control, and the ability to bully mere citizens at will. The BLM especially is not so much for stewardship of the land, but for ensuring respect and obedience to the masters who control their fiefdom. Do it because they say so, and don't ask what the authority is for them to make demands. The heavily armed, air supported SWAT teams assembled and the cost of millions of dollars to harass the Bundy family in Nevada is typical of the powerful master- subservient serf relationship they desire. Grazing fees and cattle are just incidental elements in their power play.

Utah legislators are right to ask for cooperation, and to cooperate, but also right to never give in to bullies and abuses of power.

South Jordan, UT

I trust the competence of federal management of public lands far more than I trust the state of Utah. The difference between federal and state management is easy to see in the condition of state parks versus national parks. Conditions at state parks are very poor, and there is virtually no enforcement of any rules to preserve and protect their natural treasures. The damage that is consistently allowed in Goblin Valley alone is deplorable.

Why did BLM officers appear on BLM land armed and ready for a confrontation? Because militias and the Bundy's had made threats, because it is their job to remove trespassers, and because they also have the right to bear arms. Bundy is a squatter and trespasser with his livestock and will not be allowed to be on welfare grazing much longer.

Virginia Beach, VA

‘Frustrated Utah lawmakers vent to BLM, Forest Service’

They're venting huh?

Aren't they usually venting?

Virginia Beach, VA

DN Subscriber -

"There are two forces in play here."

Yes there are. And those forces are Good and Evil.

We the People of the United States, as represented by our Federal government, are on the side of GOOD.

Selfish interests who want to steal from the the People of the United States are on the side of Evil.

So then, we have defined the problem.

Thanks for your help.

Marysvale, UT

10CC: So you trust a bureaucracy that doesn't appear on your ballots, reports to nobody in the state of Utah and is driven by national special interest groups and greed more than you trust your state reps who you can remove from office at the ballot. You obviously need to step back and re-think that thought process. Utah State Parks are run on a shoe string compared to the bloated NPS and National Recreation Areas. We learned real quick about the bloat of these agencies when they told us their daily burn rate to open the national parks. Take a look at the facilities in these national parks, they are a complete disaster, filthy, vandalized, poorly maintained and they are doing for 10x what the state spends on State Parks. My experience in State Parks has been fantastic, facilities are well kept and well run!

Taylorsville, UT

We and 11 other states are not the only ones under the jurisdiction of the BLM. Every state that has a national park or monument is under the jurisdiction of the BLM so this lie is falsifying and breaching the trust of citizens of America.

During expansion of America legislators including ones from Utah, seen the need to slow down the rampant and destructive greedy development wihtout oversight after eastern states realized development was gone out of control destroying environmental and natural resources for hundreds of years. Coastal ports poisoned wild life and food resources with so much toxic waste it took over 100 years to clean.

Legislators squawking about BLM not doing more but who does the state expect to clean up the environment and dead trees in Utah? It can't be done by taxing Utah citizens, so who will cover the cost? Feds? The federal budget is in collapse and has no more money.

We don't want the feds and therein lies the deception and misinformation and lies corporate Utah is spreading. Moab uranium dumps, Utah lake, Geneva toxic site, and many deserted mine dumps, etc.were all the work of the BLM and EPA, not Utah.

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