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Published: Tuesday, June 17 2014 8:50 p.m. MDT

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Salt Lake, UT

What a bunch of hypocrites. Any self-respecting, earth-loving, tree-hugging, hippy with an ounce of honesty would never drive an internal-combustion engine vehicle hundreds of miles to participate in such a trivial, self-indulgent activity (especially older vans and buses built on 1970s emission's technology). Do they really believe in anthropogenic global warming or not? Are they not concerned about thousands of people trampling all over the forests crypto-biotic crust? Do they not care about destroying thousands of native plants and grasses? Are they totally callous to the destruction to the natural migration and mating patterns of native fauna that the presence of thousands of dope-smoking, drum-beating, outdoor-defecating, hippies will have? These people lecture us about how we are destroying the environment, but seem to be some of the worst offenders. Obviously a case of do as I say, not as I do.

Provo, UT

Just remember, Soviet Russia was the ideal that these hippies preach. And Soviet Russia left rings of oil on the harbors, and completely trashed their environment.

Just as with Occupy Wall Street, leftist groups as a rule tend to be ignorant, disrespectful, trashy, destructive, selfish groups.

Not all of them, but many are. I do hope we don't have people crapping on cop cars like Occupy did.

Alpine, UT

@ Real Maverick:

Your comparison of the Boy Scouts to this group demonstrates a high degree of ignorance regarding the situation.

The level of responsibility between the two groups are almost beyond comparison. The Rainbows advocate and allow drugs and lewdness, while the Boy Scouts stand for and advocate the best traits of civilization.

To contend that there are "a few irresponsible adults" in the Rainbow group is in the running for the understatement of the year. There is a reason local authorities need to spend an extra half million dollars to deal with them. I've never heard of a single extra dollar needing to be spent by those same groups in dealing with Boy Scout camps.

Are Boy Scout groups perfect? No... not at all. But considering there are tens of thousands of BSA camps every year, the percentage of issues involving them is almost negligible.

When it comes to the Rainbow group, there is a very good reason why they move to different camp areas every year, far from their previous one. Otherwise, the authorities and the locals wouldn't put up with them, their defiant behavior and their left-over messes.

george of the jungle
goshen, UT

With the price of everything I don't expect a lot of poor people to come. You might see a lot of sleeveless shirts that may be thought of as being naked in Ut.

Hank Pym

to UtahBruin Re: Mr J

Yep. Religion is under attack or maybe your sarcasm perception chip is not working. I thought the observation was hi-larry-us.

Fresh Info
San Diego, CA

If folks are looking for more information on the Rainbow Gathering, this is a Rainbow Family Blog with information about this year's Gathering in Utah:
Well, actually it won't let me post the web address but you can google "nevada utah gathering 2014" and you will see it.

spencer, WV

No point in being haters. Each one of you will only get out of it what you can from where your mind is at. It's the same with being a participant. You bring your self with you. Always. But spending a bunch of time complaining does nothing. It's happening. Go up and visit. Take an open mind with you. Rainbow is a great way to grow up if you are a kid and a great way to get that kid feeling back if you are a grownup. VERY good for all. Spend the time to actually hike into the site. If you never left the parking lot, well, that's where the trash all gets hauled to for sorting and recycling. If you dont leave the parking area you will have NO idea what a gathering is.

Jerusalem, 00

Americans gather. Americans are formed and influenced by where they gather. In every city in America, Americans overdose, assault, rape, murder, steal and virtually every American requires medical attention at some time. Americans come to the Annual National Rainbow Gathering. They bring who they have been shaped into and influenced by where they come from. Every kind of American is represented.

Americans are taught that this is a free country and all can travel freely. The Constitution says that we may assemble freely. So we freely travel once a year and assemble as individuals; there is no organization, membership or leaders. There are no fees and no charges. Anyone with a bellybutton is welcome.

There are problems. Americas alienated unwanted youth are not hippie flower children of 40 years ago. They are angry, distrusting and violent. And for a time we do what we can. But it's hard to heal such hardened kids in a week. It makes us fearful of how America can produce such damaged kids. If you want to know. See me in the forest & I'll show around. Really want something to worry about? Read what's happening in your State. Blessings

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