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Published: Tuesday, June 17 2014 12:00 p.m. MDT

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Bountiful, UT

@ Tomahawk red

Utah isn't up against stiff competition for these recruits. They standing out back hopefully waiting for a leftover or two. Lets get real...3 yrs in the Pac10 and they are slipping further behind and unable to recruit head to head with their conference.

As for the other BYU Haters on the board, with some of the most recent recruiting classes BYU went head to head with schools like USC, Stanford and Oregon including several that went right down to signing day and we faired very well. Don't count your chickens before they hatch....there's still a long row to hoe before many of these kids will sign on the dotted line. BYU will do just fine and get their share.

I'm not we can say the same about Utah, they're recruiting well for a MWC team but that's not going to get it done in the Pac10.

Lindon, UT

I don't know why anyone takes the bait from Chris. He knows the BYU doesn't attract alot of African American kids and as Chris B knows, most corners are African American kids. These kids don't want to play in a cold area of the county and they don't want to sign and live by BYUs honor code. A big part of college is partying and girls and options are limited in Provo. Most of the JUCO kids we get are looking to keep playing and have fewer big time opportunities and that opens the door for BYU. This has been the answer for BYU for several years and it looks like this year we will have our best DB's in the Bronco era. Utah will see the recruiting decline every year as the string of losing (bowl less) seasons continues in perpetuity.

Murray, UT

for BOTH sides.....

BYU doesn't land great corners (generally because) as the type of kid that will be LDS and want to adhere to their rules is ABSOLUTELY not interested in BYU. Sorry the fast athletic metropolitan HS kids are used to doing SO much more than what is allowed at BYU.

so to make it easy on you all BYU doesn't get great corners due to their rules

As for Utah, TEs all think they are WRs now (see the latest NFL arbitration where the TE wanted to be classified as a WR for salary purposes) NONE of them want to be a block first TE as they were all the best/fastest on the field in HS and think that they will still be at that advantage when they go to College (FWIW they will NOT). Utah rarely throws to their TE and they historically run the ball a LOT.

so to make it easy again Utah doesn't get TEs due to their system

MY question is since when does "6 photos" (in the photo gallery) really mean 3 photos twice.

any questions???

St George, Utah


Maybe Naval Vet forgot his login information?

I was really looking forward to his response...
Don't take the facts too hard buddy. I'm sure Ute fans can find something else to boast about!
Playing and Beating BYU again this year... oh wait.
Going to a bowl game...psych!
Winning the Conference Championship...yeeeeeeeahhhh.
Playing in the Rose Bowl.....LOL

Sandy, UT

@ Black&Blue

How about beating BYU 4 years in a row with supposedly inferior athletes?

Is your username a reflection of how your Cougs have been absolutely pummeled by the talentless Utes?

Highland, UT

Actually the "DB issue" isn't really a DB issue at all as BYU regularly has excellent safeties. It is the corneback position where BYU generally lacks top quality players. personally I do not know why that is, my guess is that Bronco simply doesn't try to recruit them for some reason, but it has certainly burned BYU many, many times so hopefully that is changing.

But BYU always has good safeties, they have a much better legacy at that position than utah does.

It is interesting to me how each school has certain positions they seem to excell at having quality players in. BYU has always had good to great QB's, TE's, LB's, safeties, and O and D lines. utah has had good o and d-lines, cb's and good rb's. They've occasdioanlly had some decent wr's although I wouldn't say they have had any more than BYU has over the years.

Someday it will occur to chris b that trying to pretend that reality is anything other than it is just makes a person appear to be deluded.

Holladay, UT

"But BYU always has good safeties, they have a much better legacy at that position than utah does."


In just very recent history, Utah has produced, to name a few:
Eric Weddle (NFL)
Robert Johnson (NFL)
Morgan Scalley (All-American)

Can you provide such a list? And please don't say Andrew Rich, who got burned for a touchdown at least once a game on a long ball.

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

SLC guy - Are you saying that LDS kids are inherently slower than non-LDS kids. Why would religion make someone slower? That doesn't seem right.

Holladay, UT

No reply Duckhunter?

Did you make an outrageous claim about byu being superior to Utah without having an argument to back it up?

Not the first time it's happened.

St George, Utah


Awww, it's cute that you frUTES have each others back!
And you are right, you can boast about 4 in a row.... But I'm curious what will happen over the next 2 seasons without the all-important win over BYU? What will U fans boast about? Certainly not better recruiting, bowl appearances, conference championships, or national relevance.
I guess you could continue to boast about 4 in a row and your stronger SOS? But my guess is without wins over BYU, 3 losing seasons in a row, and a new coach, that sweet Ute ego will come crashing down and all the bandwagon fans that jumped on the bus in 2004 will jump ship.

It will be glorious...


Anyone know why Cory Butler decommitted from Utah and committed to Kansas? That's a big blow.

East Salt Lake City, Utah

Rancho Cucamonga, CA


"..why would you want to play New Mexico State, Idaho or Idaho State when you can play in Pasadena, Los Angeles, Tempe, Eugene, Florida, Texas, Nebraska,Ohio.."

Please list the home states of our away games for the 2012 thru the 2015 seasons. And know that these series contracts were negotiated on BYU's reputation alone, not on their conference affiliation. Thanks in advance.


BYU's reputation alone is why BYU is outside of the P5 looking in. You welcome!

Bountiful, UT

"Anyone know why Cory Butler decommitted from Utah and committed to Kansas? That's a big blow"

I guess maybe he wanted to trade up and go to what he saw as a bigger and better program.

Mesa, AZ

A lot of you guys are so funny! Look what USU has done in the NFL lately, Utah and BYU arent even close to what USU has done but lets not mention that ok. Runningbacks, DB's, Linbackers, lineman and yes QB's. This is great to watch Utah and BYU fans go at it.

Holladay, UT

Best of luck to all of these young men where ever they end up.

Nice Job Boys!

Go Eagles!

Gilbert, AZ

A lot of instate recruits trying to get out of this state. It doesn't seem like Utah and BYU can keep the best instate recruits.

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