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Published: Tuesday, June 17 2014 12:00 p.m. MDT

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Two For Flinching
Salt Lake City, UT

@ laughalittle

Fresno St., Michigan, USC, UCLA, Stanford, Oregon, Oregon St., Arizona, ASU....

Utah will play a top 5 schedule (again) this year even with ISU on the schedule. Enough said.

Salt Lake City, UT

Salt Lake City , UT

"Why is it that Utah fans always compare there success and any action regarding Utah football team to teams like BYU and usu instead of team from there own conference like UCLA, stanford,Oregon etc. Wouldn't it make more sense to spend time talking trash with fans of team you actually play with?"

Do fans from UCLA, Stanford, Oregon, etc. flock to the local Deseret News? No. Just you people. There are other forums to talk with our colleagues in the elite conference. They have a lot more class than byu fans though so it's a very different type of conversation.

Salt Lake City, UT

Darren Rowe
Heber City, UT

"I don't know why my comment confused you so badly. Utah and Utah State have both been better than BYU at recruiting and developing corners. Keith McGill was drafted from utah, and Nevin Lawson was drafted from Utah State. Because of this, good corners are more likely to go to utah, just like good linebackers and QB's are more likely to go to BYU.

If you need me to make it even clearer, let me know. But I don't see how my comment was rocket science."

You honestly believe that a strength one has leaves the other two with weakness at that position, don't you. Help me out here...why do you think that USU, Utah, and byu are interdependent?

Salt Lake City, UT

Payson, UT

"Why is BYU a LB factory all of a sudden? Before Van Noy, who was the last NFL pick at that position?"

That's what I would like to know. How many byu kids have gone to the NFL during Mendenhall's tenure? Certainly not enough in total to refer to byu as a "factory" in anything.

Christopher B
Ogden, UT


Of course speed is important for good corners - so you might as well have said "byu doesn't recruit good corners because byu doesn't recruit good corners"

And yet you still haven't explained "why"?

Why doesn't byu have good corners
Why doesn't byu have lots of speed

You just keep rephrasing the same point I'm making but not answering the question.

But I give you props for making up a new excuse that since Utah has good corners byu doesn't.

If you knew much about the last decade of Ute corners, you'd know most of them were NOT recruited by byu, so your logic doesn't hold there.

Besides, I've never heard any other fan say because team A has good players at a position then their team can't also get good players.

You're completely wrong.

Now, want to try and answer why byu doesn't have good corners and why they don't have speedy players?

And remember, limited recruiting pool doesn't answer anything.

Good luck this time!

high school fan
Huntington, UT

Why do Utah fans spend so much time and energy on BYU, I would think they would actually worry about the teams they actually play and try and come up with a way to actually win against those teams.
As good as the talent in Utah is getting, it is still a must to recruit talent from throughout the country if one is going to be any good. I am a Cougar fan and have been for a very long time but I still cheer for the Utes except when they go against BYU.

Sandy, UT

@ Black&Blue

Travis Wilson was an elite 11 QB. and how did those 2 5 star qb's work out for byu? Ben Olson and jake heaps?

Logan, UT

@Black and Blue

I'm really struggling (honestly) to see how BYU's 2014 schedule is better than the 2009 schedule. At best I see sixes. What's your rationale?

Mcallen, TX

Utah State is on the rise while the utes are slipping.

When all is said and done, the Cougs are still the "University of Utah".

St George, Utah


Travis Wilson took part in 1 of several Elite 11 camps, but he was never included in the Final Elite 11.

And how the 5 star QB's performed is besides the point. The fact that BYU has attracted two 5 star QB's and four 4 star QB's is impressive. Go look at the list of Elite 11 QB's on wikipedia. Only 21 of the 165 Elite 11 QB's over the past 15 years have gone on to have successful college careers.

Has Utah even landed a 5 Star recruit at any position in it's history?


I find it amusing that fans compare recruits coming in, how many stars they have on sites run by guys out of their mom's basements, etc. Seems the only thing that matters is results on the field and Utah has owned BYU on the field, where it matters, period.
BYU has no chance at landing decent recruits because the guy recruiting the locals is poor at best when recruiting. Utah at least goes through the motions with the local kids and gives the good ones offers. BYU expects kids to look at their program as it once was and to be honored to be offered a preferred walk-on when in fact BYU is closer to USU than they are to Utah anymore.


According to the ESPN Position U blog
Based on award winners, consensus all americans, first team all conference, NFL picks.
Byu was #6 in tight ends and Utah was #11 in defensive line, both of which were the highest for each team in any position.

kicker: utah 44; byu 32
defensive back: utah 88; byu 24
linebacker: utah 34; byu 44
defensive line: utah 128; byu 64
offensive line: utah 104; byu 58
tight ends: utah 6; byu 56
running back: utah 8; byu 48

Naval Vet
Philadelphia, PA


"Picking up transfers that committed to destination programs out of HS isn't the same as attracting them straight from the prep ranks. Don't flatter your program."

That didn't seem to be the general tone when the Y picked up a 3-star QB out of Mizzou, but I guess I already knew that the Utah's program were held to a higher standard than the cougs'. We still got Chase Hansen though.


"Has Utah even landed a 5 Star recruit at any position in it's history?"

We had. DE James Aiono (2009). But what difference does that make. Neither of our programs currently have any 5-star kids on our roster, so nobody gets to boast.

Well...nobody gets to boast about 5-star kids that is. Utah DOES get to boast about the number of 4-star kids on our roster, and you guys get to boast over the number of 2-star kids on yours.


St George, Utah

Naval Vet
Your comment looked a little frantic and emotional, so I did some checking.
You might find the results interesting....

4 star recruits on Utahs Roster = 4 ( Langi, Poutasi, Lutui, Barton)
4 star recruits on BYU's Roster = 11 (Warner, Kearsley, Hinds, Mangum, Apo, Stout, Rowley, Kaufusi, Wilson, Bills, Hine)

4 star recruits on Utahs Roster = 9 (Lewis, Hansen, Langi, Salt, Thomas, Poutasi, Langi, Barton, Scott)
4 star recruits on BYU's Roster = 9 (Warner, Kurtz, Kearsley, Hinds, Mangum, Apo, Kaufusi, Bills, Matthews)

4 star recruits on Utahs Roster = 2 (Lotulelei, Law)
4 star recruits on BYU's Roster = 9 (Blackmon, Nacua, Warner, Kearsley, Hinds, Pauu, Mangum, Apo, Kaufusi)

Marinate in that my friend.

CMO Beaver
Beaver, UT

BYU, Utah, Utah St.??
listen kids, if you have the chance to get out of this busy little beehive they call the state of Utah, then get out, take that out of state scholarship and at least expand your horizons

Darren Rowe
Heber City, UT

@Chris B

I've given you very true and reasonable explanations for why BYU doesn't recruit good corners.

If you still can't make the connection that these reasons explain BYU's recruiting trouble at corner, then I'm sorry, but there's not much I can do to help you. You will need to find your own assistance.

If you want a reason for why BYU struggles with getting fast players, I will give that to you as well:

White Mormons from Utah are usually not very fast, especially after serving a mission.

Down under
Salt Lake City, UT

Black&Blue schools naval vet in the art of looking up ACTUAL FACTS.

Nice work.

West Point , UT

I was speaking specifically about recruiting, not what the QBs have done in college or the NFL. C'mon is knew that and are just being antagonistic.

BlueNtheFace was right...I was talking about BYUs recruits from HS not transfers that didn't originally sign with Utah. Hansen was never going to play know it I know it, and so did Utah when they recruited him.

These boards are getting nauseating. Can't we just skip June & July and go directly to the season.

Provo, ut

The DB issue is a race thing, its fairly obvious but nobody is supposed to mention the elephant in the room

Christopher B
Ogden, UT


While I appreciate the reply, and at least you're finally attempting to answer the question, I find it odd your reason is "White Mormons from Utah are usually not very fast, especially after serving a mission."

I've been called a racist by byu fans for saying similar things in the past. I wonder if byu fans will come criticize you for saying this?

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