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Published: Tuesday, June 17 2014 3:20 p.m. MDT

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West Point , UT

The article makes a good point. We can all argue about whether BYU deserves to be at the table but the fact it was a positive PR move by Mendenhall and BYU is indisputable. The amount of attention it garnered and how much it was talked about prove that. Now what BYU needs to do is let their play on the field do some talking as well.

Big 12 Call Yet?
Ogden, UT

There is only one thing preventing byu from joining the Big 12: The big 12 does not want to invite byu.

They made it clear just last week there isn't a single mid major that would add enough value to their conference to justify inviting them.


Y Grad / Y Dad
Richland, WA

West Point , UT

Well said. Wins on the field. Lose stupid games, and there isn't enouugh PR in the world to get it done. Winning is half the battle.

I think there may be a fine line between keeping the focus on, as opposed to keeping the pressure on. As much as possible, BYU needs to make it a positive campaign. Who was it a while back, their slogan was "Any team, any where." Positive focus, oblique pressure.

2013 Ute Seniors SWEEP byU 4-0
Ogden, UT

ball rolling?

The only problem is everyone just wants byu to grab their ball and go home.


IF the Big 12 chooses to expand, they might be interested.

But right now the Big 12 makes the most money per school of any conference and has no incentive to change things unless the NCAA comes out with the ruling (due soon) that you still need 12 members to have a championship game. If 12 teams will still be required then the Big 12 might look at expansion to have a better shot at the four slots for the national championship as the other four conferences have championship games. Otherwise, why would they expand?

rock springs, wy

If BYU were invited to the Big Twelve, would "Big Twelve Call Yet?" change his screen name?
I have really enjoyed BYU independence and the variety of opponents and the unbelievable television coverage but could also get to like a conference affiliation. But my being a BYU fan doesn't depend upon a Big 12 or any other conference affiliation. College athletics, especially football, reeks of corruption. BYU needs to plot a course that agrees with the higher principles of athletic competition, enjoy the benefits of that competition and forge important relationships with a variety of schools and programs. Whatever else may be true, BYU is a unique institution representing a unique religious culture and tradition. If membership in the Big 12 or any other conference recognizes that uniqueness, then BYU should consider membership. They should not compromise and under no circumstance beg (like some have) to join the Big 12 or any other conference.

Springville, UT


We found some common ground today. Couldn't agree more, it was awful.

Dnews... I don't go for stupid religious humor. It was offensive.

Springville, UT

I'm betting the PR campaign to get into a conference will ultimately work.

And I would not be too surprised to see the Big 12 bite.

BYU needs to win the big games this year.

Colorado Springs, CO

I thought Nate's idea about creating a Facebook page was a good one, so I went ahead and did just that (search for it on Facebook under BYU to Big 12). I'm not sure how much good it will do, but I figure at this point it certainly can't hurt any. I know there is a lot of anti-BYU sentiment amongst the Big 12 AD's, and BYU hasn't done much to combat the negative mindset many of them have with the insistence on having broadcast rights, etc.; however, I really feel that BYU needs to join a vibrant conference and the Big 12 seems like it would be a good fit. I appreciate the increased exposure that going Independent has brought BYU, but with the conferences beginning to limit the amount of non-conference games the schools can schedule, it's only going to get more and more difficult for BYU to have a worthwhile schedule that leads to any sort of recognition. Playing games against schools that barely qualify as a glorified High School just isn't going to cut it.

Mission Viejo, CA

In the interim, I like the Tulsa suggestion that BYU have an arrangement like Notre Dame has with ACC. 5 games with B12, splitting home and away as in 2 Provo, 3 B12 then next year 3 Provo, 2 B12, repeat.

I like that a lot and it would create ESPN and B12 telecasts (depending on contracts), bring BYU fans to B12 stadiums and provide a nice trip to B12 fans.

Most of all, BYU brings $$$.

Olympia, WA

Face up fans, it's all about the money. I think ESPN can and will structure their contract with the Y to make any deal work that will benefit the Y and the network. The player here is ESPN not BYU. They could allow us to earn our money from them and not even touch the conference monies until down the road or if ever should ESPN continue to contract with us. That would give the BIG 12 a chance to bring in another team for championship game. Also another player could be Jerry Jones who owns the "biggest" stadium in the Big 12 and would love to have a championship game every year. So it's not just up to the Y and the Big 12 the other players could make this happen.

Salmon, ID

So who initiated this independence thing? Are they still employed at BYU? If so, why?

Alpine, UT

It's fun watching the haters from the north work themselves into a froth every time the national media starts another round of discussions about BYU moving to a power conference.

Despite their denials, they all know it's only a matter of time.

Moss, Norway

BlueHusky, I like the idea too. I'm just afraid that the ACC and SEC have now set a precedent by pretty much declaring BYU an unworthy opponent (or too dangerous) with no real advantage to be gained on a national scale by playing them. Other conferences may easily buy into this perception. BYU is just too risky to have on your schedule.

Now that they've secured a few marquee matchups with the Big Ten, they have to capitalize to reverse that perception. That may be their best bet.

Who am I sir?
Cottonwood Heights, UT

It may be true that BYU and coach Mendenhall got the "ball rolling"; however, if the ball is to continue rolling it can only do so by going downhill!

Two For Flinching
Salt Lake City, UT

@ 65TossPowerTrap

BYU got more exposure and a whole lot more money after going indy. Not only are they employed, they probably got a raise. At the time, going independent was BYU's best move, by far. Now the landscape has changed and BYU is trying to make an adjustment.

Aberdeen, ID

Whoever is of the mentality that why would they split the pie 12 ways vs. 10 doesn't get the vision of what two more programs the caliber of BYU and a championship game in the Cowboys stadium every year could bring. Also I don't believe the other conferences with 12 , 14 or 16 are going to stand pat and let the Big 12 avoid risk by not having to play through a championship game. The Big 12 says they're comfortable with the current model, why would other conferences allow it?

Atlanta, GA

I gotta agree with Two For Flinching, that is an awful slogan - one that would turn off any non-Mormon, and many of us who are LDS. Wow, it sounds terribly condescending. That is NOT the way to get "in" with the Big 12, or anyone else!

Rexburg, ID

Its articles like this that make me embarrassed to call myself a BYU fan.

Salt Lake City, UT

"The more closely the facts are examined and discussed, the better for the Cougars. As SI.com’s Stewart Mandel said in a recent article, BYU “in terms of history and resources shares far more in common with Washington than it does with Wyoming.”

On or off the field, byu has nothing in common with Washington...sports writers, sheesh!

This article raises an interesting strategy. Since byu can't make it on its own merits, they can brow beat the Big12 into submission with a good media blitz. That strategy certainly epitomizes 'Tradition and Honor' the byu way.

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