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Published: Monday, June 16 2014 10:55 p.m. MDT

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Logan, UT

Hey people, if you can leave a comment you can certainly go to google and search for Rainbow Family. I did and it looks like a bunch of people born about 30 years too late.

Johnny Triumph
American Fork, UT

The LDS property is where we camp year after year. There is little up there, minimal fencing, so I applaud the Church for moving/canceling the camps. If they went ahead with the youth camps I'd think long and hard about sending my child up there at the same time as so many other people.

Bored to the point of THIS!
Ogden, UT

I've been around a similar gathering in another state... the LDS church was smart to move their camps!

Those of you who view this group as a positive deal... take a closer look into their shadows!

Spanish Fork, Ut

If you think the criticism directed towards the church for moving the girls camp is harsh, imagine what it would be from the same commentators if they failed to move the camp and something serious happened. The church didn't ask for anyone to publicize the move of the camp. They are doing what they think is prudent under the circumstances and it is as simple as that. Those that criticize are basically those who constantly look for something to criticize and given today's technology and environment where everyone can anonymously Monday morning quarterback - I don't see that changing anytime soon. P.S. 18 arrests and hundreds of complaints for a group that size is A LOT. That means there were probably hundreds of incidents that should have warranted an arrest and/or complaint but the perpetrator wasn't caught or it wasn't reported. I'd move the camp too. By the way, if a group of 20 Rainbow type hippies were camping and 25,000 Mormons moved in on top of them to also camp, my money is on the Rainbow group would move too.


I am sure that the Stake President, Bishops and Parents didn't want their kids to see the nudity, behavior and actions of this group, who's teachings are inconsistent with what the LDS teach and actions are. This groups reputation precedes itself - thus the warnings and action.

San Mateo, CA

We had several organizations encouraging peace and harmony like this when I was a teen. Some encouraged the teens to leave high school and follow them. It was distressing to the entire community that youth did leave their homes and follow. I understand the community worry as was likewise experienced in California years ago.

Seriously people
Columbus, NE, NE

There has been a serious dearth of actual experience with Rainbow Family gatherings in these comments, so let me elaborate for everyone. I have worked for the Forest Service in two districts that have had these gatherings before.
All the warnings to local businesses and relocating the girl's camps are justified. Because these gatherings are so loosely organized and attended by so many hygienically diverse people there are real health and safety hazards. I have seen beautiful meadows reduced to muddy trash pits by the time they leave. There are rarely adequate toilet and washing facilities, there aren't separate food prep areas, etc.
This is without discussing the other fire and safety hazards, drug use, and other mischief that occurs.
Hopefully this one will be different but I doubt it.

Cedar Hills, UT

sounds like hippie stuff from the 1960's

Gilbert, AZ


thanks for explaining things in ways that this article did not. Now things make sense.

Medical Lake, Washington

Like Occupy Wall Street, a handful of people had a way of disgracing the entire group. Even so, the church will naturally try to avoid possible conflicts; especially when unpleasant situations occurred before.

Currently in this country we are being confronted on a regular basis by groups of people who insist that they are spreading love and peace, and bring along with them violence and aggression.

You can also be sure that if the church's Helping Hands with yellow shirts groups contained even the smallest element of vandalism and theft that the group would be dismantled. Those tainting the image of this rainbow group may be the smallest percentage, but it smears the name just as much.

Craig, CO

I got to witness this gathering when they came to Routt County Colorado in 2006. Their activities are far from harmless. The shoplifting was an issue, but others would deliberately damage packaging on products in the store and then retrieve them from the garbage when the store employees discarded them, especially meats. I personally witnessed this more than once. The area they occupied during their stay was absolutely FILTHY when they left. Garbage, dirty diapers, used needles, broken camping gear, mattresses, etc. were strewn everywhere. When they finally began to leave, a few didn't have the money to pay for gas. A woman stood on the corner by their old bus with a sign that said "give us money and we will leave". Needless to say, they got their money pretty quick. Good riddance to them and I hope they never come back.

Salt Lake City, UT

Good call. Better to be safe than sorry.

heber, wasatch, UT

Within the Rainbow Gathering there are different tribes and camps. Most of the tribes are nice and everything, but there are a few tribes and camps are there for the sex, drugs and drinking. They panhandle like crazy. It already has begun. And a lot of them aren't poor or homeless. Some of them are very wealthy. And they just pretend to be "hippie" at these monthly/yearly gatherings. It is good to be weary of strangers. Some of them are aggressive and bully and harass. And if you research the impact they have had wherever they go, they do bring added sales to the town they purchase their supplies in. However, they cause more damage then the the revenue they bring in.

heber, wasatch, UT

Thousands more. They have "camps" for medical aid, but not all of the people use those camps. They go to the hospital and then skip out on the bill. That makes the citizens of the town they are staying in have to pay more because the costs are raised. They leave a great environmental impact as well. Not all of the participants practice appropriate camping, sanitation and garbage disposal methods or fire codes for camping. Research it. i am not a huge fan of the government either, but the Rainbow gathering is not as innocent as it started out. And introducing that many people to a community at once is going to be shortages on food and other repercussions. And technically their event is suppose to last for seven days, but some of the people come up early to panhandle and gather the money to pay for supplies and get things ready. Most of the people are suppose to be here for 2 months.

John Locke
Ivins, , UT

It is really nice that there are some who want to build society, where there is a place for work and play when the time arrives. Those who do work and provide taxes to build parks, maintain camping grounds and take financial risks by creating jobs and food for people, are just stops along the line for many of these people. For example, the bus they rode in was built by people with jobs; the food they eat provided by those who have jobs, the roads they ride on the same, and all that provides them the opportunity to ride around and sing Kumbaya around the campfire at night, smoke pot and what else, in areas which provide trash cans, that they probably don't use, while someone is employed to pick it up for them.

What a great place, America.

Lindon, UT

Nice to hear the group will clean up the site before leaving. Other states reported unspeakable filth and abandoned cars being left for someone else to worry about. Interesting that Montana and the USFS had to shell out over $800,000 for their gathering last year. That's after deducting the .02% tax revenue the group added to the economy. They reported over 800 citations were written. Another warning was to be prepared for random man caused wildfires fires at their gathering site. Recently reported, the site from two years ago in Idaho still hasn't recovered from the damage they caused. I hope the group will live up to their claims to take good care this beautiful mountain location. If this group, as has been claimed, consists of employed people who "bring money into the area", why was there a report from a diner in the area that they've had people from this group dumpster diving for food? And why are there warnings of agressive panhandling? Another interesting thing, Utah is having to hire special law enforcement trained to deal with this group. It will be interesting indeed, to watch and see what happens.

Pac 12 Fever
Salt Lake City, UT

geez---I just googled Rainbow Family and clicked on the images...2013.

Are you folks kidding me? You would roll the dice and let your 13 year old girl "be exposed to real life"...you are crazy? I guess thats why society has problems. This is an adult event with drugs, nudity, etc. Funny thing is they bring thier kids to it. I wouldnt be caught near that place. But to each his own, but when it affects a daughter of mine I wouldnt send her and since I have to pay extra taxes to help monitor and arrest the vandalizing, law breaking, nude lewdness hippies I do have a problem. Not all are bad obviously-but facts are facts look at the recent history. Enough.

Stansbury Park, UT

I work for public health. I was working in Utah in 2003, the last time the Rainbow Family was here. Individually, Rainbow Family participants are not a problem and are nice people. From the public health perspective, the problem with them, is the size of the gathering (we call it a mass gathering). The gathering will not have the facilities, equipment, or training to be able to ensure safe food, safe water, good hygiene, waste management, garbage management and pest control. All of those sanitation issues can pose large threats not only to the group, but supporting communities that are in contact with the group. The Rainbow Family tenants include a free sexual lifestyle. Safe sex is not well practiced. Finally, because they are not acclimatized, they are much more susceptible to fast spreads of respiratory and gastrointestinal diseases. That is my public health perspective. I suspect the police and others have similar concerns in their areas of expertise. Hope this helps answer some of the questions some of you have posed.


Well it is common sense to move a girls camp. The Rainbow group will party it up. Everyone will have their rights. If the Rainbow group breaks the law I'm sure there will be more than a few arrests for marijuana and other recreational drugs. It's really happening. And I'm glad that group exists, how boring would it be if we were all the same.

Mount Pleasant, UT

I believe the Church made the right decision and that is to protect the young girls who are at camp. I wouldn't want my daughter or granddaughter to be exposed to their language, behavior. I'm sure there are some who are civil but it only takes one to ruin this special time for these girls and because many are not exposed to people with these habits and out of control behavior. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints made the right decision.

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