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Published: Monday, June 16 2014 1:05 p.m. MDT

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Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

Seems clear KFC handled this perfectly and one KFC employee handled it horribly. Well done KFC and poor job KFC employee.


This employee was just expressing his opinion. I hope we have learned from Firefox and other companies and he doesn't get fired for this.

Dubai, 00

The employee should absolutely and immediately be fired for their comments. Not only are there laws against this, but decency dictates that the employee must be disciplined and fired.

Two For Flinching
Salt Lake City, UT

@ Bubble

Expressing an opinion does not make one immune from consequences. This employee is ridiculous for hurting a little girl who had already suffered a very traumatic experience and that said employee should be shown the door (if it hasn't occurred already).

Merritt Island, Fl

I applaud the investigation but that and a $30,000 donation is simply a means to stop a lawsuit.

Carson City, NV

Shame on the people who asked the employee to ask this little sweetheart to leave; and shame on the employee for not telling the people that they would not participate in their prejudice! I hope all those involved are never in an accident and never disabled! If they are I hope their friends and family are more compassionate. Something has to happen to the employee. Otherwise they will continue to see this as appropriate behavior. I hope they don't get fired, they would lose their income and that would probably hurt more than just them. It would be nice if the employee volunteered to be this wonderful little girls caregiver for however long it would take to feel kindness and compassion, not pity and revulsion. I love you and have friended your facebook page! I think your eyepatch is very cool! Those people at KFC are just jealous cause they don't have an eyepatch.

Big Bubba
Herriman, UT

Another reason to ban pitt bulls. Seeing what one of those vicious dogs did to her is heart breaking.

Sugar City, ID

Pit bulls should be banned from the country. If the owners don't like it, then they can go with their dogs.

Janet Komanchuk
Brandon/Hillsborough, FL

Congratulations to KFC for offering to help Victoria's family with her medical expenses.

What a tragic incident for a beautiful child who has already been through so much. An excellent reminder for each of us to look at others with love, compassion and empathy instead of judgement.

Phoenix, AZ

I don't blame KFC, but that employee does need to be fired. He was not just "expressing his opinions", he told her she had to leave due to her appearance. That is discrimination and is unacceptable. Who does that to someone, especially a 3-year-old?!

Victoria, you are a beautiful child! I don't think your face is scary at all and anyone who thinks so has no heart. I really hope this one incident doesn't affect you for the rest of your life, because that employee is the ugly one, not you!

Orem, UT

This story touched me to tears. I have a little girl that has gone through quite a bit of medical procedures for her heart and I know how precious these kids are. She has scars from her many surgeries and also has a feeding tube. I'm amazed at the amount of pain she has had to endure but yet she is so happy and playful similarly to this little girl based on her big smile. I just want to wrap her in my arms and comfort her, letting her know she's loved. I hope we all think twice before we say something that would offend these incredible kids who've been through so much! I am definitely blessed to have my daughter in my life...

Laura Bilington
Maple Valley, WA

No question that the employee was an insensitive jerk. But was what he did against the law? I don't think so.

And yes, I think KFC gave them the money to forestall a lawsuit.

How sad that we live in a country where every citizen has the right to an education but not to medical care.

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