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Published: Monday, June 16 2014 12:25 p.m. MDT

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St.George, Utah

Now, it just would not be a normal week if Jason was not criticizing President Obama. He loves that weekly photo op!
Kind of a DN "Romneyish" feel to it, huh?

Durham, NC

Rant all you want about Libya, the IRS, the VA.... and on and on....... in this case I will agree, that the US response to ISIS to this point is a monumental failure. Pretenses that this is an internal Iraq problem is crazy on the surface, and ignorant at just about any other level you can think about.

If this administration truly wants to worry about it's legacy, putting down ISIS has to be on the top of its priorities. And unless the administration pulls out one of those Rocky like - on the ropes come backs - pull a rabbit from its hat - this will be a huge stain on its legacy.. one sealed with the blood of thousands of innocents.

Russia can't be counted on to help, it has its own issues of lack of world relevancy despite being the largest nation on earth. It will have to be China that is motivated to stabilize world energy markets.... as they have a lot at risk here. Sky rocketing energy prices could bring its growing economy to a halt... so it should be motivated to help.

Regardless... ISIS needs to be stopped, either globally, or unilaterally by us.

Sandy, UT

Chaffetz is like every OTHER Republican. They criticize, but offer nothing as an alternative.
Mitt is already telling any GOP candidates to attack Hillary's record as Secretary of State if she runs.

Attack, criticize, condemn, exclude, deny.

My staunch Republican grandfather is rolling in his grave because of the huge mess that is the GOP of today.

Salt Lake City, UT

Chaffetz is critical of President Obama?

And water is wet.

Is it too much to ask that the congressman describe how US military involvement in Iraq could even remotely make the Middle East a more peaceful place? History had made it abundantly clear that our military intervention there (at a cost of thousands of US lives and trillions of US taxpayer dollars) has only made a bad situation worse.


Whenever a major crisis arises Obama does what he does best - goes golfing!

Bluffdale, UT

the only people who did well when we invaded iraq was oil companies, weapons makers, and halliburton with all contracts without bids. which is illegal as far as i know. the people of iraq over 300,000 dead and us 4,000 plus. over 2 billion spent by the u.s and never put in the budget. let Iran take care of it. we need to start minding our own.

Happy Valley, UT

So many people are dying. Mass killings of this scale are why we went in the first place and were not possible while we(I) were there.

Before we went to Iraq, life there was fine as long as you did not criticize the government or identify yourself as Kurdish. Otherwise you were subject to mass murder by gas or your family got to watch as you were fed to the wood chipper.

The method and timing of our departure from Iraq was senseless and politicly driven. Bash Bush all you want, but at least his decisions were based on principle. Our veterans and their families deserve better.

Bored to the point of THIS!
Ogden, UT


Is this an actual story?

To my knowledge the only thing Chaffetz has approved of was his own birth.

Columbus, OH

This situation is absolutely preventable? Please, Congressman, enlighten us all on how to end the CENTURIES-long conflict between Sunni and Shia. I would love to hear it. Whenever you're ready...

Is he still holding on to the belief that we could have armed "moderate" rebels in Syria? Thing is, we never could figure out how to support some and not the others, nor how to distinguish between them. Had we armed them, as he earlier suggested, they would likely be using those weapons right now to march through Iraq. Or should we have just staying in Iraq forever, despite the objections of the Iraqi government itself?

There is one way we could have prevented this particular conflict between these two groups--we could have stayed out of Iraq in the first place.

Again, Congressman, please offer your ideas every once in a while, rather than exclusively criticizing others.

Ogden, UT

Of course he does. Chaffetz doesn't care a whit about working for the good of the country. He just wants to cause trouble for the White House. NOT what we need for the good the country.

Salt Lake City, UT

This is a civil war between two Islamic factions. Jason Chaffetz wants us to pick the same side as Iran. Remember this come election time. Jason Chaffetz wants American dollars and American lives spent to decide a civil war.

Virginia Beach, VA

UtahBlueDevil -

"ISIS needs to be stopped, either globally, or unilaterally by us."

WHY ????

GW Bush completely destabilized the Middle East by reducing Sunni power in Iraq, and that Sunni power had been holding Iran in check.

In the Middle East, religious identification trumps national identification.

And a Shiite Controlled Iraq is essentially a servant of Shiite-controlled Iran, making Iran stronger, and much closer to attaining nuclear weapons, at the expense of the West.

Iraq under Shiite rule is not advantageous to us.

West Jordan, UT

Does anyone who has commented know the history behind the middle east or for that matter what happened on September 11, 2001? It goes beyonf the borders of Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Ireal, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Lebanon and Syria. These factions and terrorists want to destry the wester world.....

Virginia Beach, VA

“Rep. Jason Chaffetz criticizes White House response to Iraq turmoil . . . ”

So Chaffetz is complaining again? What is so newsworthy about that?

"Chaffetz describes the crumbling peace in Iraq as 'very preventable' . . . "

I'll agree with him there.

Of course it was very preventable. If the nation had elected Gore instead of GW Bush, there would have never even been an Iraq war, and probably not 911 either.

Over four thousand American service members would still be alive, and the nation’s economy would not have been driven to financial ruin by horrible mismanagement.

What is the takeaway from all this?

NEVER vote Republican.

sid 6.7
Holladay, UT

By all means Mr. Chaffetz if you think this is preventable get on the next plane to Iraq and act as a Diplomat for the US. I'm sure the Sunni and the Shiites will welcome your grand plan with open arms. By the way, what is your plan?

To break the ice when you reach the negotiation room you can run in with your cape and mask on and yell "Captain Chaffetz at your service ma'am". Boy wont they get a laugh out of that. Then you can sit down with their leaders and solve hundreds of years worth of problems between the two by pointing out what a horrible job Obama has done with their situation. When you are done with them I am quite certain they will erect a statue of you, much like the "Rocky" statue in Philadelphia, right in downtown Bagdad.

Oh I just can't wait what Mike Lee is going to follow this up with.

Sandy, UT

It will be curious to hear Chaffetz' tantrums when we elect, and then RE-elect Hillary Clinton.

Glendora, CA

And to all of you Obama- backing bloggers, Obama deserves just as much criticism as the mainstream media gave GW Bush.
Turn about is fair play.

Salt Lake City, UT

Congressman Chaffetz should literally put his money where his mouth is -- sponsor and pass a bill through Congress that directs the President to take specific action, and authorizes the funds to carry out those actions.

Critical of Obama for not doing enough? The question, Congressman Chaffetz, is are you doing anything?

Columbus, OH

"Turn about is fair play."

And there you reveal the true motives--it's not carefully reasoned criticism that is the primary interest of the right, it's revenge for criticizing their guy.

Provo, UT

Of course Chaffetz is criticizing Obama. It's Monday. (Or Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, etc.) Is there ever a day that he doesn't criticize Obama? Stirs up the Tea Party base, so of course, when that's all you care about, that's all you're going to do.

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