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Published: Thursday, June 19 2014 11:55 p.m. MDT

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lost in DC
West Jordan, UT

amazing that the liberal point of view is so misinformed. Balance sheets are laden with cash because there is no place to invest it. Look at a bank balance sheet for example, they have TONS of liquidity, but loan demand is very low. No competent business manager is going to invest their own cash or borrow from a bank when the recovery is so tepid.

Little inflation? Last month’s numbers were the highest in years – and I guess you haven’t noticed what BO and Iraq have done to gas prices.

Interest rates are expected to rise early next year, and long-term mortgage rates jumped 100 basis points a year ago.

Profits are protected? Is that why corporate tax rates are around 35% (combined state and federal)?

Really liberals, get off the low horse – the economy is suffering and your hero BO has been at the helm for too long to blame anyone else.

If I am lost, it is your consistent beat of the liberal drum that has led me astray. I do not think you have been consistent in staying away from misinformation – saying you are not liberal being the current case in point

Orem, UT

UtahBlueDevil: "Pointing the finger at the other side does nothing to solve the problem... telling the other side to fix there problems doesn't advance the cause. You fix what you can control, and that is the mistakes your side makes...."

I agree wholeheartedly that each side needs to fix their mistakes. So tell me...what should Obama and the Democrats do to fix what they currently control? So far, all I have seen from this administration is blaming the GOP all day long for every problem in America.

Obama has made a ton of far-left (almost socialist) decisions that have greatly damaged this country. They are clearly not working for our benefit. The polls show that the majority of Americans have lost all confidence in this president to solve problems. Does he change course like Clinton did in the 90s? No. He doubles down and digs in even deeper to a failed ideology; ignores every scandal; and points the finger at the GOP every chance he gets. That is an epic FAIL of leadership.

clearfield, UT

Kings Court

If everything you say is true, then the logical conclusion is that Obama has taken all of the errors of the past and quadrupled down on them. Talk about jobless recoverys and stagnent wages. Obama is the presiding Archbishop of that. And he has managed to do that while still increasing out national debt by some 7 trillion dollars. One would think that by spending 7 trillion dollars in 5 years a President could at least create the illusion of a good economy. And unbelivably, some Democrats complain that not enough government spending has taken place, and Obama should spend more. That thinking is like continuing to dig a hole straight down in hopes you will be able to get out on the other side.

Durham, NC

@Lost...i'll take you calling me a liberal a compliment.

@Capilatist, I think the administration hasn't been clear enough on its policies for Iraq and Syria. Yesterday was a start but comes way short. Stopping ISIS and correcting the regime in Iraq to me are two separate actions. We need to stabilize Iraq first, then influence corrective measures, not the other way around. Our middle east policies have been a mixed bag. We have been far too measured.

As to the "socialist" policies, I am not sure how you consider 4 years of quarterly year over year growth an epic fail. US corporations are doing just fine. Even airlines are making money. These "socialist" policies haven't hurt them. It is rank and file worker that has not realized the benefits of this growth. Asset valuations (Stock, physical property, etc) has all rebounded nicely, and in many areas exceeded by far 2007 valuations. This balance sheet growth though has not translated into higher average incomes. The number of millionaires increase 70 percent over the last couple of years. They are doing fine. Blue color middle class have not benefited though.So it is a mixed bad - not "epic" fail.

one vote
Salt Lake City, UT

The Bush Administration's legacy is ruining the economy forever.

Salt Lake City, UT

It's not too few babies, it's not immigration, it's not Obama.

It's because we are now in a 21st Century and operating with the expectation that our 19th and early 20th Century ingrained, hard-wired assumptions are still valid. They are not. We no longer have nearly infinite land, air, and other resources. Earth is one small planet with over 7B and moving to 9B people.

Our economy is in a tough transition from a constant growth economy (essential a Ponzi or Pyramid scheme economy) to a resource-sustainable economy. Many of the younger generation get that and are already in transition. The older - and the oldest - will have a more difficult time. That includes nearly all conventional (growth-oriented) economists, legislators, Governors, and even Presidents.

As long as we look to growth for the 'solution', we'll be disappointed. We have to get beyond those assumptions and that mentality.

The kids get it. Talk with them. Good luck.

A Guy With A Brain
Enid, OK

Article title: "‘Is it possible that Americans may not recover from the recession?’"


What recession?

I have it on good authority that we've been in a "recovery" since 2009!

I mean, if Obama said it, it MUST be true, right?

Virginia Beach, VA

"Is it possible that Americans may not recover from the recession?"

That depends on what is meant by "recover."

Will Americans have the exact same lifestyle they had before the recession? Hopefully NO.

If people are smart, they will have learned not to overextend themselves by living beyond their means.

Virginia Beach, VA

Brio -

"Government interference is the cause of many, if not most national issues"

NO, not really.

Government that does not govern wisely may be the cause of certain national issues.

But the Founders did not create the government to not interfere. They created a government that would govern.

The purpose of government is to govern wisely. And good governance does exactly that.

Get used to it.

Virginia Beach, VA

Joe Capitalist -

"In 2008, the "hope and change" slogan of Obama was sold to us as a hope that things will change for the better. "

Things did change considerably for the better . . . But there's plenty of room for improvement.

Mcallen, TX

Do Americans have the ability to elect honest leaders?

Durham, NC

Worf....I think we often elect well intended people into a system where many attempt to corrupt good processes to their own benefit. I am not convinced those that go their with ill intent, but it doesn't take long for many to fall to the influence of these influences.

That is why while I think we will never turn off the stream of money that ultimately corrupts, we can enforce true full disclosure of who those influences are. While free speech is protected, we should make sure that free speech is expressed in the open, not hidden behind ambiguous sounding PACs hiding the real intentions of those who fund these.

Force full disclosure, and we will all be able to judge who is attempting to corrupt the process, and the people.

Dr. Thom
Long Beach, CA

At 61, this will be the economy I will live in until I die. Its just an economic cycle

Salt Lake City, UT

The system doesn't need as much labor as before. This is just the beginning. Marx was right!

Taylorsville, UT

Someone who really understands what has happened and what it has done to the economy and I think this article should go viral. Its to the point and accurate and indisputable reality.

Inflation taxation is giving government more expendable incomes than they have ever had blinding them to think its because of recovery. People are not changing their spending habits or paying attention to inflation and what its doing to their income to debt ratio.

Our economy is consumer dependent and its why banks, colleges, and government and financials institutions are encouraging consumers to maintain a high standard of living not compatible with their level of income. Consumer debt to income ratio is 103% and more which means consumers are spending more than they can payback week.

The Utah governement budget to debt ratios is near 90%+ and if it reaches 100 then it is bankrupt. Normal income to debt for government must be equal by law with a balanced budget and Utah is way out of control as is nearly all state and federal government agency's.

Its going to take a universal US state and federal government spending shut down and reinstate the free market consumer cash economy to recover.


After living in Europe for several years that this is what Europe has looked like for decades. Our U6 unemployment (real numbers) is 12%, similar to France, UK, Italy, with Germany doing better and Spain doing worse. What I have observed after a decade over there is that Socialism does one thing real well, it pushes 70% of the population into a lower middle class society. The Bureaucrats and the rich aren't affected by Socialism they have the means to get private health insurance, own their own business and travel well. The lower middle class is taxed so heavily 20-40% flat tax in Britain, that it is nearly impossible to break out into a typical middle or upper class. After a while they realize that it isn't worth it to work harder, and take more chances, and they resign themselves to the reality of the masses. When I worked there, I was in the lower income bracket, and paid around 40% of my income in taxes with no deductions write off.(20% flat income tax, 20% VAT, Gas Tax, County tax, Road Tax etc. etc.), Most people realize that living on the dole or working 35 hours a week results in a very similar outcomes.

Laura Bilington
Maple Valley, WA

Diligent Dave, since you believe that a population increase will get us out of the recession, are you also arguing for opening the borders and welcoming as many immigrants as want to come?

You deny climate change. Do you also deny the smog in the cities? The incidence of asthma?

Do you think that having eight children per family makes a nation prosperous? Do you have any countries in mind which illustrate this?

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