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Published: Monday, June 16 2014 1:10 p.m. MDT

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Cottonwood Heights, UT

I mostly avoid Bob Bennett's nauseous prognostications, but everytime I read one I'm reminded how thrilled I was when he lost at the state convention four years ago. The level of dishnoesty and misdirection in his columns is breathtaking.

1) Brat did not attack Cantor for 'abandoning tea party orthodoxy.' He attacked him for being a two-faced crony capitalist who lied about his support for amnesty.

2) National Tea Party organizations have been almost completely captured by the establishment they were meant to fight. Brat had the backing of local Tea Party groups - the only ones that still stand for anything.

3) Graham won (just 56% of the vote) by dissuading serious pols from challenging him. There was another South Carolina senator, Tim Scott, with a primary the same day, and he opposed amnesty and won 90% of the vote.

4) Bennett can cite all the ambiguous, dihonest pols he wants. Even if half of Republican voters support amnesty, the GOP can't win if 10-20-30% of Republican voters abandon them, as we will, if we are betrayed on immigration.

Cottonwood Heights, UT

"When I was in the Senate, Virginia was a reliable Republican state, with two Republican senators, a Republican governor and consistent Republican votes in the Electoral College."

Does Bennett ever bother to fact check his own stuff?

Bob Bennett was in the Senate from the beginning of 1993 to the end of 2010.

Virginia had Democratic governors (Wilder, Warner, & Kaine) for 9 of those 18 years.

Virginia's Class 1 Senate seat was held by Democrats (Chuck Robb & Jim Webb) for 12 of the 18 years Bennett was in the Senate.

Virginia's Class 2 Senate seat was held by a Republican from 1993-2008, and has been held by a Democrat (Mark Warner, before the Tea Party existed) since the beginning of 2009.

Why trust anything Bob says, when his facts are so frankly dishonest?

Tyler D
Meridian, ID

Although I’ve criticized the Tea Party often – mostly for substituting rage for reason – I do not find Cantor’s loss nearly as troubling as many would have us believe, although I am concerned we are learning all the wrong lessons from it.

Cantor was a detached conservative elite and he lost not so much because of immigration but because he was hammered by one of the few legitimate messages the Tea Partiers still has (and coincidentally shares with Occupy Wall Street types) which is support of the Corporate agenda (what Reps too narrowly call crony capitalism) over the interests of the middle class and public good.

Brat strikes me as measured and rational, and since gerrymandering has made his general election a virtual given, it remains to be seen if he will remain this way or adopt the bomb throwing & emotional button pushing, talk radio rhetoric that has turned so many of his colleagues into comedic fodder.

The Real Maverick
Orem, UT

"I mostly avoid Bob Bennett's nauseous prognostications, but everytime I read one I'm reminded how thrilled I was when he lost at the state convention four years ago. The level of dishnoesty and misdirection in his columns is breathtaking."

Almost to the level of his replacement, Mike Lee.

Cedar Hills, UT

Bob Bennett doesn't seem to realize that the "Tea Party" isn't an actual political party at all, but rather a movement among American citizens for more government accountability and more fiscal responsibility within government.

I've never been asked to join any "tea party" political party, yet as I observe the way the government operates I've come to appreciate the notion of holding politicians accountable and insisting on greater fiscal responsibility in the government. Does that automatically make me a Tea Party member? Does Bob Bennett oppose me for holding to those concepts?

Kent C. DeForrest
Provo, UT

All this bickering between "establishment" Republicans and "tea party" Republicans is hilarious. There's no such thing as an "establishment" Republican anymore. They've all simply adopted extremist tea party views. So, in the November elections, it will be interesting to see how many unaffiliated voters will vote for the extremist "establishment" Republican candidates. Faux New will, of course, predict huge victories for the GOP. But don't be surprised if they lose even more ground than they did in 2012.

After those losses, the GOP hired consultants and did a whole lot of navel gazing, but did they adopt any of the recommendations from the study they themselves commissioned to figure out what was wrong with their approach. No. Not one. They just doubled down on the same losing ideas.

Good luck, GOP, as you drift off into irrelevance.

Cedar Hills, UT

It is an interesting time that we live in, when believing in government accountability and fiscal responsibility are labeled as "extremist" ideals.

Cottonwood Heights, UT

It's depressing yet hysterical to read Bob Bennett decry how horrible the Republican Party has become, as though he wasn't a major leader in the GOP for 18 years, from 1993-2010; as though it's all the fault of a group that didn't even exist when he, George W. Bush, and the Republican establishment were bumbling from one catastrophe to the next.

Bennett and the GOP establishment allowed this country to be overrun by 12 million illegal immigrants, and voted for amnesty in 2006; supported the immigration policies that let the 19 September 11 hijackers into this country, killing 3,000 people, costing tens of billion of dollars, and leading to two pointless wars; pushed for the wasteful, destructive, costly invasion of Iraq; and failed (Bennett as head of the Senate Banking Subcommittee) to properly regulate the very industry responsible for the 2008 economic collapse.

The Tea Party wasn't responsible for any of those things, and hadn't even been invented when they happened. Bob Bennett spent 18 years making things worse, now he stands there and pretends he had bears no responsibility for it.

Bennett was a complete failure in any way that mattered. Good riddance.

Tyler D
Meridian, ID

@Tyler D – “Brat strikes me as measured and rational”

This might be a first but I take back what I said above. It was based on a news clip of him, however after doing some very quick Google searches on David Brat, it appears this professor of economics is an Ayn Rand devotee.

The words “Ayn Rand devotee” and “rational” are a contradiction is terms…

American Fork, UT

If the tea party was only about accountability and fiscal conservatism than they might actually do some good and I would be sympathetic to their cause. However they are much more extreme than that, they embody pretty much everything that made me stop voting Republican. Any organization that puts Ayn Rand's philosophies at the top of their belief structure will never have my vote.

American Fork, UT

Yeah, maybe we had better deal with some of the things going on instead of being worried about the future race all the time.

clearfield, UT

I'am so glad that Mr. Bennett reminded us all here in Utah of why we did not want this RINO in the Senate. I'll bet he votes for Hillary for President. Sour grapes Mr. Bennett, because clearly you are wanting to see the Republican party punished by losing, just to satisfy your anger at having been tossed out. Maybe you and Howard Dean should take your act on the road. You two would make a great team.

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