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Romney criticizes White House foreign policy

Published: Friday, June 13 2014 10:40 a.m. MDT

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Sandy, UT

"Stand for tax breaks for the rich, no federal assistance to those needing medical insurance, guns in every house. I want you to champion the wealthy, and kick everyone else to the curb. I want you to stand for exclusion, and utter disdain for everybody who isn't a member of a country club or doesn't own at least 2 vacation homes. Lower the minimum wage, tax the heck out of what's left of he middle class, and have lots of undocumented workers employed as your servants".

Liberal Ted
Salt Lake City, UT

Run Mitt! Run!

Mapleton, UT

@SharpHooks, you are mistaken. Here is the truth on all your points:

"Stands for tax reform to generate prosperity for all, not tax and spend, free market healthcare reforms and tort reform, right to defend ourselves against violence and tyranny. I want you to champion personal freedom and responsibility, and lift everyone from the curb to which they have been kicked by government dependency and the victim mentality. I want you to stand for the freedom to pursue the American dream, to work hard, and enjoy the fruits of your labors, and to lift and prosper others through your efforts. Create high paying jobs and lift people's vision to work towards obtaining them, lower taxes by reducing the bloat and waste in government, and have a compassionate, yet lawful and orderly immigration policy".

Liberal Ted
Salt Lake City, UT

All of the obamas czars and all of libs intellectuals couldn't put Iraq together again. But, at least they freed murderers from gitmo right? Now they're flooding this country with illegals, thinking they'll push amnesty through.

It won't be much longer before people in this country have had enough of each other. We'll divide ourselves up, and set up new governments to rule over us. Which probably is the best way to go. I'm tired of being forced to do what left wing nut jobs think is best for me, while they do just the opposite. So on and so forth.

So let's part our ways. Liberals and democrats to one part of the country. The rest of us to the other part. They can have all the government oversight they want and illegals. We'll continue to do what made this country great. They can have Southern Cal, AZ, NM, We'll take the rest.


If you listen to Romney you can also lose the election by 10:00 EST!

Salt Lake City, UT

Romney should read Piketty's "Capital in the 21st Century" and tell us what he thinks of it. As a matter of fact Piketty should have been invited to Romney's retreat. It would have demonstrated an openness to ideas outside of the Republican silo. Sadly none of such is evident.

Salt Lake City, UT

Romney should read Piketty's "Capital in the 21st Century" and tell us what he thinks of it. As a matter of fact Piketty should have been invited to Romney's retreat. It would have demonstrated an openness to ideas outside of the Republican silo. Sadly none of such is evident.

Ogden, UT

@AZKID 11:19 a.m. June 13, 2014

Unfortunately your description of Romney is totally inaccurate. His "tax reform" would reduce his own tax rate to almost zero (almost all of his income is classified as long term capital gains and he wants to remove all of the tax from that category of income) while increasing taxes on paople who have a hard time eating while putting a roof over their heads. He made his fortune as a vulture capitalist -- driving companies into bankruptcy while raking in obscene "fees" from them and, ultimately, sending the company's assets and jobs overseas while putting the workers out of work. He even profited from that exact scenario days before the last presidential election and wouldn't even meet with the workers who were losing their jobs because they wanted him to intervene with Bain Capital so they could keep their jobs (google Sensata for the full particulars). At the time he was profiting from the workers losing their jobs, he was talking about how he would bring jobs bck to the country. Yeah, sure! And if you believe THAt one . . . and that's just a start.

Irony Guy
Bountiful, Utah

Republican freedom is the freedom of capitalists to oppress people in their wages and to pollute and pillage without restraint. Republican strength is dissipated by elective wars fought to keep defense contractors rich. And Republican prosperity is inevitably wrecked by short-term profiteering. Two words: Bush/Cheney

seattle, WA

The Romney rhetoric sounds nice. Unfortunately the policy implementations are not so nice.

Freedom and opportunity for all. Unless you are a gay couple. Or the child of an immigrant (the recent ones, not like his dad.)

Stand for a strong America! Who wants a weak one? His plans seem to infer we continue our occupation of the world with American troops. Just who is going to pay for that and how?

Nice words, not so nice policy.

Richfield, UT

To those who have the ability to look at the world in an unbiased and objective way, it has become more than apparent that the United States, and by extension the world, would've been much better off at this point in time had Romney won the last presidential election. There is no longer any no doubt.

Romney is an economic genius who would've actually had this country headed out of the stagnation it's still mired in.

As far as foreign policy goes, it would nearly impossible to do any worse than we we currently have... which is a complete disaster.

Syria is getting it's way over America's objections, Putin is getting his way over America's objections. Iran is on the verge of obtaining nuclear weapons over America's objections. Israel and the Palestinians are still nearly at war.

Our southern border is currently being flooded with illegals of which a vast number of youth are creating a humanitarian crisis for America. Also, Iraq has now almost been taken over by extremists since Obama refused to leave a small American military contingency group to prevent it.

Undoubtedly, Romney would've been much better.

Cletus from Coalville
Coalville, UT


"Stand for huge tax hikes on prosperity, full federal assistance to those not needing medical insurance, guns away from citizens and into the hands of every criminal. I want you to demonize the wealthy, and kick those who succeed to the curb. I want you to stand for exclusion, and utter disdain for anyone who isn't a member of the liberal thought police or who believes the government owes them at least 2 vacation homes. Increase the minimum wage regardless of qualifications or experience, tax the heck out of what's left of the middle class, and grant amnesty to every illegal alien in order to increase Democrat voters.”

Kind of silly to make overgeneralizations isn't it? Of course, that's what liberals like SharpHooks seem to do best when they attack conservatives.

It's this kind of thoughtless rhetoric that polarizes our country.

Norco, CA

The Federal government must meet its obligation to secure its borders. Allow those here already WOP to work legally to provide for their families so they will receive no government welfare, and become better contributing members of our communities BUT without establishing a path to citizenshop or granting amnesty.
My family are immigrants from Poland and Germany. We waiting in line. We took a sponsor until we stood on our own two feet without government welfare, we learned English and took the Naturalization Citizenship tests and oaths. We served our country in uniform and have been working hard 40-80 hours per week. That is the American Dream Act we know because we live it every day.

Cedar Hills, UT

Standing for those principles is great and all but how many Americans even value freedom and prosperity anymore? I would say less that 50% of this country. More than 50% could care less about freedom and as far as prosperity goes - what ever the government can give you for free is all that matters. We have become a welfare state like it or not and there are dire consequences for that choice. A dependent people are the exact opposite of the self reliant strong Americans that built this country. Seeing yourself as a victim that is owed something is not the sort of people that created the American Dream. It is hard to NOT absorb this toxic victim mentality when you have a president that preaches continually "ask not what you can do for your country but ask instead what your country can give you for free". We see thousands of children being dumped on our borders now simply because that same president told the parents of these kids to just dump em here and we will take care of them. A leadership change is obviously required in this county.

Logan, UT

It's both entertaining and somewhat sad to read the liberals start coming out of the woodwork to put in their two-cents worth whenever Romney or other certain Conservative narratives are presented. And to say such blather is worth even 2 cents is actually overstating it.

Romney's worst critics are obviously low-information voters who have formed their opinions without any research into facts and have no understanding of what he stands for or who he really is. Their rhetoric makes that very obvious.

I spent a lot of time reading and researching before each of the last 2 presidential elections. There is no longer any doubt in my mind that Romney would've been one of the best presidents this country has ever had. No doubt whatsoever. He has scruples, is principled and has economic savvy. He is the exact type of Conservative that liberals love to hate because he has the ability to actually succeed.

The greater a Conservative is (or would be), the more liberals will try to tear him (or her) down with idealogical blather. Many of the nasty posts to this article is total proof of that.

Virginia Beach, VA

Yes . . . "Stand for freedom, strength, prosperity" . . . just like the Democrats do.

Virginia Beach, VA

"I am convinced America is not destined to decline."

I'm convinced of that to . . . Just as long as we can keep "Conservative" Republicans far, far, far AWAY from the reins of power.

Virginia Beach, VA

Hey Nouminous –

“Romney is an economic genius??” You mean . . . Because he was born rich and he’s still rich?
Well good for him. That doesn’t help America though does it?

“Undoubtedly, Romney would've been much better” Better at what? Acting like a Republican? Well yeah but Jeez . . .

We just had one of those. Remember GW? . . . The Republican who took a prosperous nation at peace, with a history of balanced budgets, strong international allies, and a strong economy . . . And totally screwed everything up?

We don’t need another one of those . . . Ever.

I hope Mitt Romney runs again for POTUS though. I’ve grown fond of seeing him waste millions of his own dollars in campaign after campaign . . . And LOSE every time.

All the flip flopping is pretty entertaining too. That guy absolutely cannot stand still and commit on any issue.

If the breeze of public opinion wavers just a little bit, then so does ol’ Mitt.

And I really wish I could have heard Mitt talk to those other Republicans. It's so interesting how they can all make up great big lies to tell to each other, and act so sincere about it.

Alpine, UT

@ Furry1993:

Actually, it's AZKID's assessment of Romney that is much closer to the truth than your's is. You present opinion only and with nothing factual to back it up. As such, that's all it is and nothing more. You obviously know very little about who Romney really is and what he actually stands for.

I wholeheartedly agree with the comments of Numinous and Cletus.

@ Irony Guy:

Sadly, your comment is reminiscent of a liberal socialist standing on a soapbox spouting generalized ideological rhetoric. Unfortunately, you presented nothing of substance at all that adds to this dialog. Didn't even mention Romney's name once.

Sandy, UT

Maybe Mitt will run again after Hillary's 2 terms...

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