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Published: Friday, June 13 2014 10:30 a.m. MDT

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2013 Ute Seniors SWEEP byU 4-0
Ogden, UT

des News - could we get daily updates on all Utes who play professional sports? Or would that require too many new writers compared to the few staff that can cover things for byU?

Missouri loves BYU
Lebanon, MO

@ Ute Seniors.... There was an article 2 weeks ago about Keith McGill signing with the Raiders... If you use the comment activity as a gauge, not many people paid attention to it. If Utah fans want to make a case for more articles about Utah they should probably spend less time in the comment section on BYU articles and more time on Utah articles... Just an observation...

Boise, ID

I think Deseret News would post more articles about professional Ute players, if there was more than 6 readers that actually cared.


The real question is-where will he go next? He ought to purchase his own moving van. It will probably pay for itself with the two additional moves before he is back coaching at the Y.


"After that, the 'lion's' share of reps...."

Yuck, yuck, yuck.

This coach wins the bad pun for the day.



Right team, wrong league.

Christine B. Hedgefog
Salt Lake City, UT

Chris, the articles you're looking for are over on the far less read MUSS blogs. Since you have your radar tuned exclusively to anything anti-BYU/Mormon you'd be hard pressed to find much of what you're asking for. It's simple supply and demand and there just isn't much demand for articles on Utes in professional sports apparently.

Evidently you still enjoy reading the articles about Jimmer though - you're always first to comment on every single one of them.

Ann Arbor, MI

Is this the guy who cried a few years back?

Honolulu, HI

Check the SLtrib.

Logan, UT

Missouri makes a very good point. I've noticed that Ute fans seemingly spend more time reading BYU articles than they do on Utah articles since they make so many more comments there. Not only that, but they are usually the first ones there to comment. The fact that you, Chris (or should I call your 2013 Ute moniker?), are the first once again to comment on this BYU related article, proves my point.

Papers are like any other business. They just try to give what the customers want. And it's obvious readers want more about BYU. There are usually multiple times more comments on BYU articles than on Utah articles... whether for love or hate. Regardless, the interest is there and it's genuine.

If you and your buddies quit commenting so much on BYU articles, then maybe your request for relatively more Ute articles will carry more weight. Just a thought.

I Bleed Blue
Las Vegas, NV

Hedgehog is back! I heard he saw his shadow and that means only two months until football season!

Gilbert, AZ

I thought John Beck would be coaching by now. I will have to watch a BC Lions game now.

Salt Lake City, UT

Yes, John Beck is the one who had great emotion to play for a school he loved. That's bad?

Enid, OK

I feel bad for John Beck. He has a ton of talent but never got to show what he could do because he never had a decent supporting cast around him: Miami, Redskins or....he was buried on the depth chart (Ravens, Texans).

Seems to me that making it big in the NFL is part skill and part luck of the draw.

Go John!

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