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Published: Wednesday, June 11 2014 6:35 p.m. MDT

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Fitness Freak
Salt Lake City, UT

After Cantor spoke of his support of the "Dream Act" he tried to backtrack. Today, we know what he would have really done - supported amnesty - he said so himself.

Kudos to Virginians for sending this guy packing!

The Tea Party (which isn't really a party BTW)did send members back in May to give guidance and training to Brat supporters, but they didn't offer much else.
Laura Ingraham, and Mark Levin did though. Maybe it says something about Virginia voters NOT listening to the lamestream media much anymore?

Brat was outspent roughly 40 to 1. BTW - WHAT did Cantor spend his (almost)5 million dollars on that he got such poor results?

Cantor spent VERY LITTLE time in his homestate. Most of the RINO's don't. They like to party and schmooze too much. Who wants to give up that?

If/when voters get the truth, they can make pretty smart choices!

Woodland Hills, UT

Good riddance, hope they vote out all Rino's

Kuna, ID

There's a change ah comin.

Pleasant Grove, UT

That's impossible!
The tea party movement's dead.
My TV said so.

American Fork, UT

If the republicans can't do something responsible, and that appears to be the case, then here's hoping this guy brings some of that true tea party crazy for entertainment value.

Centerville, UT

I know this is just one primary election. But one gets the sense that something big is coming, kind of like when the ocean recedes before a tsunami. It could be that the past two years of Obama's behavior is going to end up costing the Dems dearly in November. Cantor's mistake is that he didn't listen to the people in his district.

Mark l

It makes sense, he is from a very conservative district. It is the only way to replace an incumbent in this district. A democrat has very little chance in that district. It would be nearly impossible for a republican to replace Nancy Pelosi.

sandy, UT

The tea party is the undertaker of the Republican Party. The tea party will gorge itself on its' own until it burst. Cantor's blatant political opportunism, much like Mitt Romney's South Carolina switch to the far right. is what "dun him in". I have more respect for a REAL member of the tea party , excepting Mike Lee who is an opportunist, than I do for the mealy mouthed one issue baiters like Chaffetz.
Immigration as an moral issue is a dead issue. It has been dead for twenty years. Immigration as a revenge issue is alive and well. Thanks to the likes of Cantor, Mike Lee and Jason Chaffetz,

Kaysville, UT

Senator Bennett knows the impact of not listening to his constituents when the tea-party surfaced at the convention. He didn't have his ear to the ground. Cantor liked his high position more than taking care of constituents in his own district. His meeting with Chaffetz where no inkling of the election being mentioned shows both Congressmen lacking while riding their horses.

clearfield, UT

To all who think money is such a bad thing in politics. Notice what happened here. Cantor spent more money on lunch than this guy did in his whole campaign.

Bruce A. Frank
San Jose, CA

I just love the knee-jerk reaction to the term TEA Party as if it were a curse word. Those who react that way have not a clue. Brat speaks of law and the Constitution and some are scared to death they might have to actually take one of those jobs created when government is brought under control.

As for immigration reform, Cantor endorsed a path to citizenship with the phrase "amnesty" thrown in for votes. Brat speaks of enforcing existing law. Currently there is no law being enforced and we are in the process of drowning under the tens of thousands flooding across an unenforced border. Children enticed by Obama's and Cantor's cheap labor and ballot stuffing dreams.

TEA Party is truly a grass-roots movement trying to prevent the collapse of this nation. Amazing that Cantor can outspend his opponent 40:1 and somehow his message is turned down by the electorate.

Baron Scarpia
Logan, UT

A couple of predictions: One, the remaining GOP candidates for the upcoming elections will be less willing to compromise with Obama or Democrats on anything so that they can be re-elected and appear more TEA Party-like, and then we have another two years of gridlock and inaction on critical issues, such as the economy, jobs, immigration, etc.

Two, the GOP continues to shift to the right and becomes less relevant to younger voters.

Polls show that even young Republicans are more liberal on social issues and wish the party were more focused on business and the economy -- instead of anti-civil rights (e.g., voter registration, opposition to gay marriage), anti-science (e.g., climate change is a hoax, advocacy of creationism and religion in schools), and anti-health (e.g., anti-ObamaCare, promotion of junk foods in school lunch programs, etc.).

What has happened to the pro-business GOP? It's been toppled by a right-wing social agenda that is increasingly unattractive to today's youth who want jobs and economic opportunity -- not more religion in schools, "freedom fries" on their school plates, or attacks on gay rights.

South Jordan, UT

Dave Brat is NOT a Tea Party candidate. Anyone listening to him (instead of the MSM) heard him say that he ran on sound Republican principles and common sense values...free market place being one of them. I didn't hear anything he said as "far out" there. We need to elect more candidates that listen to the people instead of the lobbyists and special interests in Washington, D.C. any libs that think otherwise, please listen to the man himself. He will represent "we the people".

This outrage at the borders right now that only FOX is covering is outrageous. Sending thousands of children and teenagers into this country from South America is criminal to say the least. We must secure our borders. In Rules for Radicals one of the principles is "overwhelm the system." That is what this administration is doing right now. God bless America!

Niskayuna, NY

Virginians went RINO hunting and bagged a biggun.

Virginia Beach, VA

"It’s about a party starving for new ideas and party leaders who haven’t responded . . . "

It's about the GOP . . . A Party starving for another fantasy in which they can immerse themselves for a while . . . Something that reinforces their prejudices but doesn't turn around and bite them too hard, at least not right away.

. . . Something that will make them feel good about themselves in the short term, but will most likely force their children and grandchildren to pay the price.

. . . Something like Reaganomics . . . A policy the nation is reeling from now, and a policy still revered by unrealistic and willfully delusional Right Wingers who have made an art of blaming others for their own extensive and repeated failures.

Escalante, UT

Let all incumbents beware!The people are tired of your lack of action....Mike Lee and Chaffetz are next!

Virginia Beach, VA

Haiku -

"The tea party movement's dead."


The Tea Party IS the Republican Party . . . a bunch of extremists . . . some of whom love to carry guns and Don't-Tread-On-Me-Flags, while looking for opportunities to make strong statements against the government, as recently demonstrated in Las Vegas.

one vote
Salt Lake City, UT

They are all in line for the extreme right blaze tea party leadership position. The party of no becomes the party of mean spirited no to everything all the time to appease people disenchanted old people with guns.

Sandy, UT

"Republicans feel disconnected from their leaders, Lee said."

Indeed. We pay our mortgages and student loans.

LOU Montana
Pueblo, CO

When Cantor leaves can he please take the Tea Party with him?

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