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Published: Wednesday, June 11 2014 6:55 p.m. MDT

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Provo, UT

I thought schools were going to spend less on these types of excessive athletic events?

After the recent issues with high school football and money, lone peak basketball has the audacity to do this?

Why would coach Lewis want to deal with this headache? The passports, tickets, security, and scrutiny? If I'm a timpview or lone peak parent I'm upset over this. I thought schools were going to control this type of excessive spending?

Michael Romney
Salt Lake, UT

Freedom, did you not read the article? Or did you not understand the term "all expense paid"?

What this means is all their expenses are paid for.

Murray, UT

It clearly says that the 'expenses' past Atlanta are paid for by the Dubai folks.

HOWEVER, it does clearly raise an issue of what are we doing to our High School sports? Since when does a 17 hour plane trip become okay travel to play another HS team?

I get the feeling our sports priorities are clearly "broken"

Pullman, WA

I think this is great. When you play well, good things happen. This is good for Utah, and good for the team. Play well, guys. We are so proud of you.

truth in all its forms
henderson, NV

Utah Reign, which is essentially the summer league version of Lone Peak, will be participating in the MPAC Elite International basketball tournament. This is the AAU team not the high school team.

The Real Maverick
Orem, UT

Where are our priorities?

Seriously? Are these high school kids or pro bball players?

Provo, UT

Cottonwood, Timpview, and Lone Peak had coaches dismissed for financial issues. In fact, all were burned for having contracts with Under Armor, which helped to provide uniforms and socks. The UHSAA declared these to be a "conflict of interest."

So why is this any different?

You can't tell me that you'd support Timpview Football going to Dubai. Stop being hypocrites.

Schools need to refocus on what their priorities should be. Let's get back to education. If Dubai wants to do something that actually makes a difference, have them donate to a fund that helps lower income/special needs students.

This just seems way too excessive to me.

Bountiful, UT

Technically this is not the high school team, but an AAU team made up of players who play for Lone Peak.

Highland, UT

Relax. Some of you did not read the article. The Utah Reign is an AAU team and NOT Lone Peak High School. It has nothing to do with Lone Peak nor the district, but is its own club team.

The players come from Lone Peak HS and they have set this up as an independent club team. UHSAA, Alpine School District, or Lone Peak HS has no say in the matter.

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT


This isn't a high school team. These kids can do what they want with their summers. Its up to them and their parents - you have nothing to do with it.

Are you going to provide us a list of all your summer activities and expenses and let us critique your choices?

These kids and their families and their private ball teams can do whatever they want - they don't answer to you.

Orem, UT

First off, the headline is a disservice. It says, "Lone Peak traveling to Dubai." No wonder some believe it's Lone Peak and not the AAU team. Even the article eludes twice to the fact that the team is basically Lone Peak's basketball team. Secondly, the article states it's an "all expense paid flight." It doesn't say the whole trip is paid for. I imagine there are many expenses not covered. However this area of Utah has more money than most schools so I am sure they have the finances to make it work. I personally do think it's a bit excessive but Lone Peak's basketball program craves this kind of attention so I understand why they are doing it.

Midway, UT


Every expense other than some spending/shopping money will be covered by the tournament after they reach Atlanta.

Draper, UT

Nice to agree with Chris B on something. This is a summer AAU team and has nothing to do with the school district.

Freedom Fighter - Why would Coach Lewis want to deal with this? It's because of the experience for his players and for him. Personally, having coached and traveled with with team in baseball and football, these become some of the best memories in the lives of kids and coaches.

And, donating money to a cause might make someone feel good for a the near-term, but actually interacting and making friends with those of other cultures will have far longer and lasting benefits.

Arizona Border Dude

Whoa! Wait a hold it. Didn't the article mention, "They board the plane for an EXPENSE PAID TRIP" ? Apparently the school isn't going to be out anything. Give the kids a chance to shine and show the world what the USA has. Plus, many BYU players began in Lone Peak. It could be a favorable view of both Utah High School and BYU Basketball. World wide free advertising. Can't get better than that now days

sandy, UT

Kind of sucks for the 2102-13 team... they win the national championship but they're not the ones being rewarded with this awesome experience? Needless to say the team that will be going isn't as good as that year bit I wish then the beat of luck representing their school and state.


They've beaten Monteverde Academy and also Simeon out of Chicago so far in the tournament. They are showing extremely well and it will do nothing but help basketball exposure for the state. This is a fantastic opporunity, perhaps once in a lifetime, there is no way that you say no.

Rural sport fan

We can't even get a bus for summer camps in state. And anyone that thinks that team isn't the Lone Peak team under different financial management is silly, it's just semantics. Once again, the right amount of money and influence lets teams bypass the rules, and get major advantages.

No problem though, even if they dominate for ten years, despite the recent football ruling regarding win percentages to try to level out this exact type of socio-economic dichotomy, where can the UHSAA send them? They already are on top, so how do they inflict "parity" on that sort of situation?

Dubai, 00

I'm absolutely thrilled that they're coming to Dubai! I live in Dubai and they're visiting my class tomorrow! We have 5 LDS Wards in the Dubai/Abu Dhabi area, but still, the church presence isn't well known. I, for one, will be excited to meet these wonderful young men from home! In addition, there is nothing as enlightening as to go out into the world and see how other people and countries live and work. I hope they're prepared for heat. This is a chance of a lifetime for these young men. It may be the only time that most of them will ever come to the middle East as missionary work is forbidden by law and it's so out of the way. Thanks for allowing them to come.

Provo, UT

The Alpine School District has a policy against international travel (including Alaska & Hawaii). Forming a private club team is the only way for Lone Peak to take this trip. Lewis would have to secure private insurance and pay for gym time as well if it really is a club team. It would be interesting to hear from somebody close to the situation.

Salem, UT

People please. This is a fantastic opportunity. If this were any non sports club we would here people saying " this is great! what an opportunity for these guys to see another culture and experience some great sights." If my kids had the opportunity to travel somewhere and much of the expense was paid I would be all over it.

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