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Published: Wednesday, June 11 2014 3:05 p.m. MDT

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truth in all its forms
henderson, NV

If you are actively protesting about key doctrines, than don't be surprised that you are facing church discipline.

Gilbert, AZ

It is about time John Dehlin faced Church discipline.

Mesa, AZ

I'm sad today. This is not what Christ would have done.


This is a huge mistake for the Church if their goal is to make these movements go away. Making a martyr out of the leader of an organization will only galvanize and mobilize the followers of Mormon Stories and Ordain Women. If anyone should understand this dynamic its the LDS Church.

Uncle Rico
Sandy, UT

Kate Kelly has to have already accepted the fact that disciplinary action was probably in her future and planned accordingly. Speaking with the New York Times, tells me she is on schedule.

Centerville, UT

Some people feel that they can oppose an organization, work against its purposes, and try to influence others to think and act against the organization, and remain a member of the organization. Can you imagine behaving in such a way at your employment? What if you volunteered at a food pantry, but while there you protested the efforts of the pantry, spoke against it, and tried to get others opposed to it. The food pantry wouldn't invite you to return.

Those opposed to the LDS church, who actively work against it, and try to enlist other members to oppose the church, shouldn't feel bad if the church excommunicates them, or removes their membership.

DLC/Orange County
Placentia, CA

I was wondering how long the Church would let her continue her protests against doctrine. Publicly criticizing the church and organizing groups against it will always bring some kind of disciplinary action.

American Fork, UT

If Dehlin no longer believes "many of the fundamental LDS church truth claims" then why is he seeking the Priesthood for female members? Sounds like he is just trying to create discord among the members. I respect his beliefs and hope that this matter can be resolved in a manner that respects the dignity of both the LDS church and its members.

Salt Lake City, UT

Surprised it didn't happen sooner. The writing was on the wall and after Elder Oak's talk in April it should be happening.

Saint George, UT

Kate Kelly faces "possible excommunication or other discipline for 'openly, repeatedly and deliberately acting in public opposition to the church and its leaders after having been counseled not to do so.'" As the articles states, all organizations have boundaries...she knows the boundaries and has continually ignored them. Now come the consequences.

The last several paragraphs about how the LDS Church handles matters of this privately are well stated. I hope church detractors will read and re-read these paragraphs when they want to condemn the church for whatever actions may be taken in Ms. Kelly's case. SHE IS responsible for whatever sanctions her stake president and other stake leaders impose.

I truly wish her well.

Third try screen name
Mapleton, UT

It would be hard to deny that the Church has been patient and longsuffering with Sister Kelly. She has pushed against the Brethren in her marches on Temple Square, knowing in advance that she would be turned away.
Talks have been given, directed at her question, and yet she somehow thought there was a special answer for her.
She did not get the message, yet His arms are is outstretched still. This is not the end for her. She has the upcoming disciplinary counsel, but she must attend, and she must go in the spirit of humility and teachableness.
From her comments to the NYT, it appears that she is not contrite, claiming instead that she must be true to herself.
I hope she changes her heart and follows the counsel given.

happy man
Sandy, UT

Why do you think John needs Church discipline?

Saint George, UT

They resurrected Sonja Johnson and these folks are going to learn they are not above Church discipline.

Salt Lake City, UT

@Lifelong Ute

I agree that Kate Kelley's course seemed to be leading to church discipline. I hope it's not the last we hear of her. I hope that she figures out that it really is more about responsibility than rights, and becomes an outspoken supporter of the prophet. Not likely, but I hope.

Upstate, NY

I don't know why these people want to stay in a church that they don't believe is of God. The only possible explanation is that they get more attention by staying than they would by leaving. It seems to me that this is all about being in the lime-light. There would be no other reason to go running to the NY Times.

orem, UT

No surprise here. I'm sorry for these people. Those who have walked this path of "I love my church so much I'm willing to cause turbulence to make it better" have never ended up in a good place. Walking in strange paths starts innocent enough and when a course correction is pointed out but not made, when someone feels they know better than those with God-given authority, they can find themselves in a really tragic place. For observers It's kind of of like watching an approaching car accident and being helpless to do anything about it. Just sad.

Salt Lake City, UT

I have a feeling that any of you who are thinking and/or hoping that these things are just going to go away are going to be sorely disappointed.

Florissant, MO

We make covenants when we are baptized and when we go to the temple. When some of those covenants are broken and are quite serious, then there is a need to go through Church discipline. What offends me more from the "infraction" that these mentioned people did, is that they took it to a national media who has no understanding about the Church and how it is structured.

Hines, OR

She should not exhibit her surprise in this matter. Ms. Kelly ventured on this path and is now taking it to its logical conclusion. It is sad, but could have been avoided. Choices have consequences.

Craig Clark
Boulder, CO

If expressing independent views is cause for disciplinary action, then the LDS Church still has a lot of maturing to do before it’s a religion for adults.

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