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Published: Wednesday, June 11 2014 11:15 a.m. MDT

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West Jordan, UT

All the best to this family and their new baby, Jack! Glad to hear that in spite of the situation, they have found peace and strength from the Atonement. The peace that comes from the Atonement truly does provide a means to get through any trial. I'm so grateful for that.

Arlington, va

Best wishes for this family! I can't imagine how hard this would be but we are pulling for this baby.

Ironically, babies in the womb at this age are still aborted.


I was due to have a little girl in September, but I lost her at 11 weeks gestation. I wish I had the faith to realize everything will be okay, even though "okay" doesn't look the way I think it should.

Woods Cross, UT

Good luck to you. In 1997 my daughter was born weighing 12 oz., and is now nearly 17 years old and doing great. She is still the smallest baby born in Utah that I have ever heard of. So there is always hope that things will turn out fine.

John Grier
San Diego, CA

32 years ago, my wife and I were in a hospital with a 1 lb 6 oz. boy. Tom will be 33 in September.

Mom of 8
Hyrum, UT

Virginia's a great place to have a baby; he'll be a true southerner, albeit unintentionally!

DEW Cougars
Sandy, UT

Our grand daughter was born January 2014 exactly at 24 weeks along weighing exactly 1 lb 9 oz. She is still at the Infant ICU. She is do to go home maybe next week. Lucky she was NOT born out of town and not so lucky on your part. Hope Jack won't have problem coming home at this Utah elevation from the sea level in Virginia. Anyway, congratulation to all of you!

Clovis, NM

Praying for good results. Keep the faith.

American Fork, UT

It appears they're relying on good old man made technology, too.

Virginia Beach, VA

My wife is a nurse in a NICU, and she's always telling me she get's to witness "miracles". Her co-workers nurses, and doctors share those same thoughts.

CF Mom
Sandy, UT

It may be "man made" technology but let's not forget Who made man and his mind so it is able to study and create the life saving technology being used.

Mom of ten

I have never believed that the things of God and the things of science have to be opposites. I think that God is just the greatest scientist that has ever been. Seems natural for me to think that God uses sciences that we still have co concept nor understanding of at this time. That's why they are called miracles. Anyway, God bless this family and the doctors who help work the daily miracles in little Jack's life!

G L W8

Scientists who doubt will one day have to come to grips with the faith-based fact that God allows us to learn scientific principles in the hopes that some of his children will become one with him--unified not only in his righteousness, but in his knowledge and abilities to create worlds so that his children may have the mortal experience necessary to become as eternal as he is himself. If they wish to achieve that status themselves, they must do their part.

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