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Published: Tuesday, June 10 2014 6:50 p.m. MDT

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Johnny Triumph
American Fork, UT

I'm tired of politics. Everyone has an agenda and rarely is that agenda the best for constituents. This all needs to end.

St.George, Utah

Mia may have a difficult time.
Southern Utah, for instance, is filled with many 55+ communities. Ours is going on 1,700 homes, with not one black individual to be found.
Many of Utah's residents relocate here from other states hoping to find safety, tranquility and peace, and to avoid the crime, racial tension, etc, that is no so rampant across America now. They seem to think that Utah is different, and they definitely want to keep it that way.
Many cannot accept diversity or new ideas in any shape or form. Some speak very opposite of "political correctness", to put it nicely.
Not sure how this venture will go for Mia.

Richfield, UT

@ kevinmosley:

The CBC actions indicate they primarily like to play the "race card" similar to what Al Sharpton always does. Victim-hood seems to be their motto whenever I've listened to CBC representitives talk. History has shown they adamantly oppose almost anything and everything Republicans try to do, since they are almost exclusively Democrats.

They oppose giving inner-city youth more chance at a better education by opposing the school voucher system that Republicans have tried to push (Democrats are indebted to school teacher unions who supported Obama's campaign and those unions strongly oppose the voucher program).

When anyone has stated there are currently problems within Black families (3 of every 4 Black babies are born out of wedlock and most Black families are single-parent without a father at home), they become incensed and say that such claims are racially motivated and biased.

Their answer to everything seems to be to get more taxpayer money for more government programs for more Black people... as if that is a cure-all.

A small amount of online research will validate my comments and their veracity.

Richfield, UT

@ ECR:

We all know Black history.

You act like you've forgotten slavery actually ended a century and a half ago. How long are you and other liberals going to keep playing that race-card of victimhood? Things have changed and much of that issue has.

We now have laws protecting all creeds and races. Everyone now has official equal opportunity. What more can the government officially do in that regard without favoring one race over another?

Blacks account for 13% of the U.S. population yet have over 20% of federal government jobs... some of the most sought-after in America. Affirmative action programs have done a lot of good... so much so that they're sometimes becoming counterproductive. Much success regarding former oppression has happened. Why do you continue being blind to racial progress?

Yes, I've known various Black people throughout most of my life when living elsewhere. Many (but admittedly not all) I still consider friends. Even some of they agree there are Black race-hustlers who are overplaying the victimhood scenario. And yes, some problems do still exist.

There are better ways of helping Black people than what the CBC is doing.

Logan, UT


What makes you assume Concinnity, and by extention most Utahans, don't understand Black history and current issues? You seem to be making judgments without actually knowing facts.

You're trying to expound history that most of us are already aware of. The Civil Rights Act took place a half century ago... almost 2 generations ago. But you make it sound like it barely took place.

There have been hundreds of billions of dollars thrown into dozens of social programs since the Civil Rights Act was passed, but with only very limited success. The fact that you are still claiming such a high degree of victimhoom for Blacks still exists proves as much. And indeed, some undoubtedly still are victims in one way or another.

I read Concinnity's comments to mean that the CBC's approach to solving Black race problems isn't working well, and that Mia Love wants to change that by incorporating Conservative principles into the CBC agenda. I'm not sure why you seem to be so up in arms over that.

What else is the CBC doing for Black people other than pushing for even more money for more government programs? Nothing.

Provo, UT

Oh the comments are hilarious. First of all you have the Tea Partiers mad at their hero Mia now because she dares to say she'll join the CBC (even though she expressly criticizes it). Then you have the people who constantly play the victim card (our religious freedom is being violated because we have to hear about gay people getting married!!) criticizing black people for playing the victim card. Quite entertaining.

DN Subscriber
Cottonwood Heights, UT

We do not need another "entitled" political dynasty member, especially a lawyer, representing us in Congress. Especially a supposed blue dog who will turn out to pull a "Matheson" on us, voting with Nancy Pelosi when it really counts and making token "moderate" votes when given permission to do so on unimportant issues.

No, we need Mia Love who is strong, principled, and unafraid to change the status quo- witness her bold willingness to try to change the ridiculous policies of the Congressional Black [Liberal Democrat] Caucus. Or at least highlight the fact that not all black people think that way.

We, and the entire country, need Mia Love in Congress! Not another lawyer son of a politicia

American Fork, UT

Betcha, your ID says you live in Massachusetts. That means you don't have a vote to win or lose. Believe it or not, this article is about a Congressional race in Utah.

Burke, VA

Concinnity and Sagacious - Despite your assumptions, I made no reference to the people of Utah. I was a Utah resident for more than 11 years and I know the people of Utah to be as good hearted and open minded as any people in the country. The general tone of the comments on this page are that Mia Love would be a traitor if she joined the CBC or the comments took that as an excuse to make unfounded accusations about the CBC.

Yes, it is the Congressional Black Caucus and, as such, it has an agenda that is focused on promoting and supporting the issues imprtant5 clacjk people, and more recently, all people of color.

"Blacks account for 13% of the U.S. population yet have over 20% of federal government jobs.." I sure that is true. But there is a reason for that. The vast majority of federal workers live and work in the Washington DC area and Washongton DC is 75% black. So every janitor, security guard or other low paying federal job is typically filled by a black person. There are reasons for some of the things people think are unfair.

Springville, UT

@ DN Subscriber, if ever I've seen a candidate who thinks she is entitled to the job, it is Love. She acts like she is just waiting for the coronation.

And my, if any of you think that racism and discrimination aren't still a really big problme, you prove my point.

Brigham City, UT

I wonder if Ms. Love will join the Tea Party Caucus? Replace the words "Congressional Black" with "Tea Party" and the same description applies. Will she also try to "take [THAT] thing apart from the inside out"?

The Real Maverick
Orem, UT

Love appears to be qualified?


Then we really need to raise our standards.

salt lake city, UT

I sure wish Enid Greene Waldholtz would join the Democrats and run agaist her. That would be a close election with lots of entertainment.

Murray, UT

I'm so glad Mia is already formulating a plan. The CBC needs some alternative voices, and it will do us all good.

Liberal Ted
Salt Lake City, UT

Speaking on the notion of affirmative action. It's not fair that most athletes are black. If we really are going to use percentages, then about 1/2 of the average team should be white, 13% black, 20% latino, 3% Asian 2% Pacific Islander so on and so forth. Those percentages are probably inaccurate, but, it gives you an idea.

If affirmative action is about making things fair, then that is an area that is very biased towards anyone that isn't black...

Just saying...

Los Angeles, CA

A rising star. The policies of the left do in fact pander to those that have a Govt. dependency mentality. They buy into the lies, or politically correct suggestions that if you don't support the purported ideology of the left, then of course your a racist. However their real intent only weighs them down and keeps them where they are at. Their real intent. We don't need more programs. We don't need to rape other Americans of their monies lowering their standard of living, to keep the 'dependency mentally challenged individuals' in the same place. If one wants to better their lives thy will vote for jobs, not programs. High paying jobs, not temporary low wage jobs that we have recently been seeing. Vote for an environment where job creation will flourish. Now we need a 'Working America,' a 'Prosperous America' once again. An America full of opportunity for all.

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