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Published: Tuesday, June 10 2014 6:50 p.m. MDT

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water rocket
Magna, UT

I have followed Mia's career for a number of years and felt she was sincere, but lacked polish. Now she states that she would join the "black caucus" if elected. For me, her being black is a non issue, but joining a caucus with a racist agenda bothers me. If she were to be elected, she should NOT be in Washington D.C. with any other purpose other than to represent ALL of the residents of Utah. There is a far greater number of people with Hispanic and European ancestry living in Utah than Blacks (blacks should be represented, but so should those with Asian, Hispanic and European ancestry. Joining a black caucus is a serious issue for me. Rethink this, Mia.

South Jordan, UT

The last thing we need in D.C. is another lawyer! Owens is a big government liberal who doesn't think our state is capable of managing our land. He is out of touch with the mainstream in this district! Go Mia!

Salt Lake City, UT

[Caucus members, she said then, "ignite emotions and ignite racism when there isn't]

Says the person who implied that the CBC helps keep black people dependent on the government...

george of the jungle
goshen, UT

The race issue is caused by the Gov. and is kept stirring up the issue. Social issues is none of the Governments business. They only purpose is to protect our borders, and keep our economy strong.

Mesa, AZ

@Water rocket,
I'm not sure why this would be such an issue. Love didn't say she supports the CBC's objectives. Quite the contrary. She said she would work to change their objectives. Joining a caucus doesn't mean you only represent certain people. It has nothing to do with that. There is a caucus for physicians-turned congressmen. That doesn't mean they only represent doctors.

It is absurd to think that merely joining the Congressional Black Caucus would somehow prevent Mrs. Love from representing constituents of other races. Especially when she states with no ambiguity whatsoever that he goal is to change what the CBC stands for.

It's admirable of her to want to be a good, conservative role model for young African-Americans.

Clearfield, UT

HEY Water Rocket
Try reading the story she says she want to take it apart not just keep it the way it is. Still glad your rethinking Mia. If you check out her record (not just listen to her) you will find she veto and says two very differ things.

Orem, UT

I seriously doubt that the Congressional Black Caucus will have anything to do with her. I don't see them accepting Tim Scott from South Carolina. Other black Republicans have also been rejected. Ask them what they think of Clarence Thomas. It would be better for Mia to not even bring the subject up because they will not have her meet with them. They are by far the most radical, left wing group in Congress. Mia Love represents everything they hate.

Murray, UT

If Doug Owens entire campaign is going to be based on bomb throwing and attacks then this race is already over. That may be red meat for the angry liberal crowd but I think we all want solutions not empty angry rhetoric from an empty suit.
The Utah Democrat party seems to think that having angry bomb throwers like Jim Dabakis and Doug Owens is going to win a race. Sadly they are wrong. At least they show the true tone of the Utah Democrat party.

Provo, ut

I agree with water, they probably wouldn't be very nice to her, you know she probably isn't "black" enough, or they would try to entrap her into their agenda...Why are there even caucus organizations within Congress?

Murray, UT

@cruiser - Ownen's a liberal, thats a good one. He's a blue dog democrat. Utah ceded all rights and ownership to a huge portion of the land within the state boundaries to the Federal government, end of story. The gerrymandering efforts to split Salt Lake Country into three congressional districts was absolutely wrong.

Saint Louis, MO

I agree with the comment @water rocket. Ms. Love appears to be very sincere and qualified. However, it does appear that she wants to represent African-Americans and not the entire constituency for which she will be elected. I find that the comment @ArizonaMormon may be a bit naïve to the real agenda of Ms. Love.

Third try screen name
Mapleton, UT

I have been searching for a resolution to the Lee Benson-Mia Love flap over the MLK story interview. As it last stood, Mia denied what Benson wrote.
Has there been any update on that?
For me, her backstory confusion is a deal-breaker.

Waltham, MA

Well, she just lost my vote,,, I really thought she would be a great candidate, but any time, black people start to play the Race card, just to win, or think thats why they don't win,, they loose my support.. if we are all Americans, and we are all fighting for the same cause, STOP pulling the race card just to get what you want, If she were to win, it will be because so many people voted for her, and I can promise you, there will be black, white, hispanic , and other groups, but if we are all one, then the black community needs to act like it just as much as the rest of us do...

Somewhere in Time, UT

Mia will be lucky if the Congressional Black Caucus will even let her know where the meetings are. The fact is, they aren't the Congressional Black Caucus, they are the Democrat Black Caucus. But, Mia is tough. she can take it.

Go Mia!

Springville, UT

@ BU52, In a weird way, I kind of agree with you that the mainstream blacks might not accept her as one of their own. She is more like Michelle Bachman, white and clueless about racial issues in America. The thing is, many of the comments here, attacking the CBC, indicate one of two things. Either an inherent lack of understanding of racial history and issues, which is where Love is, in my opinion, or latent racism. By latent racism, I don't necessarily mean intentional racism, but in a way that many don't really understand. It's easy to say one is not racist, but reality says otherwise, often in some very subtle ans surprising ways. If Love doesn't appreciate the racial issues faced by mainstream blacks, and I really doubt she does as she is totally immersed in a white, middle class world, then she shouldn't bother. In the end, if she is elected, she won't be accepted by the CBC, even if for policy reasons, because she doesn't share their goals, but she won't feel fully accepted by her own party in the House. She will be used, but not fully accepted.

Las Vegas, NV

Ms. Love should just remind Owens, HIS DEMOCRAT PARTY:

...has murdered 55 million mostly Black, Hispanic and Asian children in the womb since 1970,
...supported & endorsed slavery,
...opposed abolition,
...founded & funded the KKK,
...wrote & passed every Jim Crow Law,
...opposed the 13th, 14th & 15th Amendments that ended slavery, granted citizenship & the vote
...supported the 16th Amendment, Federal Reserve & Revenue Acts which encumbered private property & brought ALL America to indentured servitude/slavery
...supported the 17th Amendment which stripped STATE'S power to CURB FEDERALISM
...founded Marxist Labor Unions to suppress freedom of individual enterprise & force recently freed Black Republicans back into the Democrat Party that had enslaved them in the South,
...broke the treaties, stole the land & interred Native Americans to prisons called Reservations,
...broke the citizenship covenant, stole the land & interred Asians to prison camps called Manzonar, Topaz, Granada, Tule Lake and Minidoka,
...repudiated the 1st Amendment rights of Mormons, harassed, murdered & chased them completely out of the United States,
...kept segregating society, the military, schools,
...fathered Progressivism (Marxism)in America,
...harassed, bugged, jailed & murdered Republican Martin Luther King,
...built drug & organized crime infested ghettos,
...want to remove a Black man's right to keep and bear arms, assemble & worship freely.

Liberal Ted
Salt Lake City, UT

A vote for Owen is a vote for an older white male. Typical democrats. They just don't have candidates that look like their voting base.

Logan, UT

@ JBQ and Water Rocket:

I'm not sure why you think you are qualified to interpret Mia's intentions beyond anything she's actually said. And to even insinuate her primary motive is to mainly represent Black people is ridiculous.

The truth is, the Congressional Black Caucus does a lot of negative things. It's hurting America. She simply wants to get in a situation where she can create some positive change. Someone truly does need to change the CBC's current agenda and purpose. And that can best be done from inside of it. From outside of it, all attempts have thus far failed.

Mia knows what she is doing and continues to stand for traditional Conservative principles. She will make an excellent representative of Utah. There's no question in my mind that the people of Utah should support her. She stands for what the majority of Utah does. And it's not Obama's liberal version of Hope and Change.

Get to Washington DC and help get things fixed, Mia. I have strong confidence you can and will do it.


Wish I could vote for you Mia, but don't live in Utan.. I think too many of us try to 'read into ' your comments things that simply aren't there.and put our own interpertion on your intentions. Unfortunately the current world we live in makes it difficult to believe what people say because a good number of them tell us only what they think will gain our vote. The fact that you are a Republican says a lot more about your thinking than the thoughts of the posters. I wish you the best as you are a doer and not a taker.

Pittsburgh, PA

Does anyone commenting have a clue as to what the CBC does? Do the CBC naysayers care to know?

"Ignorance is a cure for nothing." W.E.B. Du Bois

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