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Published: Tuesday, June 10 2014 4:25 p.m. MDT

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Spokane Ute
Spokane, WA

Best of Luck to Mr. Vanderbilt; hopefully BYU will be a good fit.

Tom in CA
Vallejo, CA

Very difficult to forget about National Championships - even if 30 years ago. And the "dust" issue, I didn't see it collecting on the trophy like u-pac 10.1.1. And little brother will be talking about their last bcs appearance 30 years from now. Mark it down.

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

Y Grad,

No, he didn't have an offer from Cal.

Foothill community
San jose city

Old But Not Stupid
Moorpark, CA

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

"How did he not even know who bronco was on his visit to byu?"

Chris, I expect the position coaches led the recruiting effort, and I guess Bronco doesn't feel like he needs to "announce" himself. Would Whit be that secure in his persona?

Richmond, VA

No one really knows how good a kid really is until he gets on the field and show his mettle! The usual put down from the BYU haters is all the more reason I hope kids like Vanderbilt will far exceeds expectations and become wildly successful. I would like nothing more than to see him do really well.

Here's to a great season, Cougs! No matter the schedule, I say just take care of business on the field and then let the chips fall where they may! Independence scheduling will always be a challenge and tough to deal with but it can and will, always ease the pain of the haters venom!

Go Cougars!

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT


You think the kid wouldn't know the coach of other big time schools if he was there on a recruiting visit?

Are you being serious or joking?

The kid is on his official visit to a big time powerful program and he doesn't know the head coach and you don't think that's telling of how big time byu really is?


Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT


Foothill community
san jose city

Enough said

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

y grad,

Still waiting on any evidence Cal offered him.

YOu wouldn't make that up would you?

Chris B. 4 Prez!
Salt Lake City, UT

Duck, you completely skirted UPAC's main question, which was: did you play D1 anything, or not? Ignoring the question confirms that you did not. And while you may not have made claims on being a D1 football expert, many of your posts reflect your thinking is otherwise.

Playing D1 golf on full ride is still a bigger qualifier than your non-existent D1 athletic experience, Duck.

Y Grad / Y Dad
Richland, WA

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

San Jose city college
Foothill college

Those are the schools that wanted him

Cottonwood Heights, UT

Y Grad / Y Dad

"Chris, you left off Cal."

Cal never offered.

From the story:

"Vanderbilt played well as a freshman and picked up strong interest from both BYU and Cal, as a result. He made an unofficial visit to Cal and was confident coaches there would offer before arriving at BYU for another unofficial visit."

I never said Cal offered. Chris said nobody else wanted him. He forgot Cal.

Chris, you're not changing what you said now, are you?

Logan, UT

@ Spokane Ute:

Nice comment. I wish other Ute fans could display even half the class that you usually do.

@ Chris and U-Pac:

The same 2 always trying to stir the pot and never with a positive thing to say. Wow. I have to admit your negative attitudes do grow tiresome. You should try shocking BYU fans by being complimentary of BYU for once... instead of always making desultory comments with your bellicose attitudes.

Between the two of you, you've posted 11 times already to this point (including the very first post). Can you understand why people get the impression you are obsessed with all things BYU?

I'd honestly like to know why you are so fixated and impassioned by BYU sports? You comment multiple times more on BYU articles than on Utah articles. Seems quite strange.

It also seems quite complementary to BYU sports to have fans of another school so taken in by BYU sports... particularly their football program. It's truly a feather in the cap of BYU's programs.

One more thing, Chris. When are you going to outgrow the habit of always laughing (LOL) at your own comments? Seems a bit juvenile.

Sandy, UT

As laughable as "Y Grad/Y dad" trying to tell us Cal offered this kid is all the byu fans who think he was right.

Sandy, UT

Y Grad,

You may not have said Cal offered I suppose, but you did say Cal wanted him. So you'll be able to provide evidence of this right? And no, this kid saying Cal wanted him is not the same as Cal wanting him. I sure hope you can understand the very big difference.

Don't blame me for the wording. Chris said no other teams wanted him. You said Cal wanted him. So you'll have evidence Cal wanted him right?

Alpine, UT

@ Ken:

Honestly... what is the big deal about whether Cal wanted and/or offered this player? At this point, it makes no difference whatsoever. It's become a moot point and is water under the bridge. The point has become totally attenuated. Let it go and try propounding something that is actually meaningful to talk about and discuss.

It's like 2 little girls arguing over who got asked to the school dance first. Just plain silly and doesn't matter at all.

But this quote from the player this article is all about does:

"It's a program that focuses on building great character and becoming a better person. That's what I want."

Impressive. That is something significant that says a lot about BYU's program as well as the player who made the comment. That means multiple times more than whether Cal offered or not.

I hope at some future time Utah's and all other football programs' recruits will be able to make similar statements. This world will then become a better place.

Provo, UT

UPAC = Michael Romney, just so you know.

Provo, UT

Utah is still trying to get into a bowl game. 6 games almost seems impossible.

American Fork, UT

BYU academic and ecclesiastical standards limit the athletes they can recruit. Utah will always have a larger and more talented recruiting pool than BYU. However, I believe that BYU does develop its recruited talent better than Utah does. I think this is a solid recruit for BYU. Good Luck to both BYU and Utah this year. The entire state benefits when all of its sports programs do well.

Richfield, UT

@ U=PAC10.2:

The amount of time and effort you spend studying and keeping track of BYU players and BYU football is impressive. Even more so than most other BYU fans. YOu're quickly rising toward the top with your displayed interest. I can understand your transition given the lack of hope up on the red hill. Welcome to Cougarville, a place of legitimate hope.

You're going to really enjoy finally being able to follow a team that spends a lot time being nationally ranked and that wins the majority of their games. You'll also now be able to watch your team in a bowl game... something you have been able to do in awhile.

Smart move.

Richfield, UT

@ U-PAC:

Utah's recent goals in football from the past several years:

- Winning a majority of their conference games... BUST!
- Winning a majority of their games in a season... BUST!
- Winning a bowl game... any bowl game... BUST!
- Being invited to a bowl game...,,,,,, BUST!
- Even qualifying for any bowl games... BUST!
- Getting nationally ranked............ BUST!

Sandy, UT


"Sir, you cannot be serious saying BYU develops their recruits better than Utah?"

From a walk-on who didn't even know how to don a pair of shoulderpads to 5th pick in the NFL draft and current NFL starter - BYU's success with Ziggy exceeds anything ever accomplished in player development on the hill. Ziggy will be joined as a 2014 starter by KVN - another very lightly recruited BYU player.

Who has Utah actually "developed" from little or nothing to accomplished player?

Wynn - laughable
Hayes - seriously?
Wilson - you've got to be kidding
BJ - so developed, that the star of Utah's Sugar Bowl win couldn't even make an NFL roster

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