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Published: Tuesday, June 10 2014 4:25 p.m. MDT

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So. Cal Reader
San Diego, CA

Good article. The one picture of Vanderbilt next to the Nat'l Championhsip Trophy is pretty interesting, though. As a fellow Californian, I'm sure hoping the picture on his shirt is of a palm tree!

Salt Lake City, UT

This article has two things you won't see in a Utah Football article.

1. Most of the comments being from fans of another school.

- AND -

2. A player standing by a National Championship Trophy.

San Diego, CA

at least they have one!

San Diego, CA

At least they have a National Championship Trophy! Is there another team in the state that has one that I don't know about?

Salt Lake City, UT

And exactly how old is Utah's National Championship Trophy? Before mocking the age of someone else's, you should acquire one of your own first. Cheers!

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

San Jose city college
Foothill college

Those are the schools that wanted him

Salt Lake City, UT

I hope he packs a whallop. He looks like a small corner. Anyone know how big he is?

Santaquin, UT

Yeah, but that trophy is there----

Provo, UT

Funny Chris B had nothing to say about BYU's National Championship....I was surprised frankly....and then there is UPAC....and the responses to his quip was very appropriate.

Yes U PAC....lots of dust on that trophy huh?

Perhaps you could do a service project and come down to Provo a couple times a week and dust the ole crystal football off for BYU and wonder how it feels to own one of those beauties:)

And the folks that addressed your slur were right weren't they?

Good grief Charlie Brown....why don't the Ute faithful leave well enough alone:)

Rigby, ID

@ Chris B
That list is about as long as Cody Hoffman's. That worked out pretty well. Yet it is shorter than Ben Olson's or Jake Heap's lists. You just never know.

water rocket
Magna, UT

I wont join the caustic comment makers here, but I do have a question or two. 1) Why isn't he joining the Cougars this coming season? Is it because of scholastic eligibility, or is it because of a lack of scholarships? Or is there some other reason? 2) Is he going to be big enough to take the punishment, or is he a super fast player? In other words, what is it that BYU sees in him that makes him attractive?

Murray, UT

I like that BYU is going the JUCO route to find DBs, bring in guys who have some playing experience and can play. Trammell,Lee,Daniels and now Vanderbilt; Trammell and Daniels will be starters this year and the other two will be contributing in the very near future.

Salt Lake City, UT

Rivals lists him at 6'2" 185#. Glad to have him in a year.

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

How did he not even know who bronco was on his visit to byu?


Byu is a big time program and known by college football fans everywhere.

How would a great player not have any idea who the head coach of a big time school that he is at is!?


Darren Rowe
Heber City, UT

I love seeing players who want to come to BYU to get a great degree and become a great person, while also playing great football.

Those are 3 things that no other school in the country combines as well as BYU does.

We are seeing it with many non-LDS players recently, like Devon Blackmon, Nick Kurtz, Fred Warner, Harvey Jackson, and now Khari Vanderbilt!

San Diego, CA

water rocket, he still has a year left to play in JUCO. When he gets done he will enroll at BYU.

Y Grad / Y Dad
Richland, WA

Chris, you left off Cal.

Cottonwood Heights, UT

Y Grad / Y Dad

"Chris, you left off Cal."

Cal never offered.

South Jordan, UT

Sounds like a good kid. This is huge for the Cougars.

Orem, UT

Why is this signing important or significant? What does he have to offer? It seems that the article is leaving out significant information about this player. Does it matter nationally if he signs with BYU or is this just PR with no substance? He must not be that great if he attends a relatively unknown JC.

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