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Published: Wednesday, June 11 2014 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Springville, UT

Are you saying that it is OK to have the Olympics here, and perhaps other conventions, but not one of the political conventions? This inconsistency is glaring, as is the lack of factual follow through, which might have undercut your argument. But perhaps your piece is more of pulling the welcome mat for Democrats. That's probably it.

clearfield, UT

One things for sure. Utah will always be considered "fly over country" for political Democrats. And for Hollywood it is a once a year reason to ski and watch movies at Sundance (Park City) film festival. Sure would be nice to get rid of that electoral college and make every state important in a Presidential election, instead of just a few "swing states".

Durham, NC

I would have to say I agree. There was a time when Utah was viewed as a great place to ski, but beyond that had a poor public image of a place to want to come and stay. Over the last few years, Utah's natural lands have become world renowned. As I travel the world, when I tell people I was born in Utah, they actually know what a Utah is.... and much more than as the home of the Mormon Church.

So at that level, it is mission accomplished. Utah is seen as a great place to visit. But lets not forget, it is a competitive world out there. As popular as Utah's national parks are, to the amazement of many, the nations most visited national park is not out west, but actually in North Carolina. You need to keep Utah on everyones mind.... but I agree.... not at the expense of a high security event like a national convention.

The Real Maverick
Orem, UT

Thanks Jay. Got it.

Republicans welcome. Democrats aren't.

Nice tolerance on display.

Henry Drummond
San Jose, CA

I think Jay really nailed it on this one. Those who push for these "once in a lifetime" conventions forget the cost that is involved in hosting the event. For a political convention, the cost of security and other city services would be substantial.

Meanwhile, most of the financial benefits tend to be a lot of smoke and mirrors. They are usually based on a "multiplier effect" where people magically decide to visit Salt Lake City because they saw it on TV during the political convention. In reality all they saw was the inside of the convention hall.

American Fork, UT

Having admitted that a convention of neither party would have done much for the economy, I still don't think this article would have been written for a republican convention.

Open Minded Mormon
Everett, 00

I see now --

Utah Republuicans spend tax dollars for --

Moving the Prison for Land Developers,
Build Stadiums for Team owners,
Host the Olympics for international lime-lights,
Hand out building permits for urban sprawl,
Do nothing about cleaner air,
and let oil refineries expand in the Valley.

and turn a blind eye, and hard heart to the poor, sick and the needy and our Schools.

It was prophesied that Salt Lake would become a wicked city,
seems like that time has arrived.

Springville, UT

@ happy2bhere, Utah is fly-over country for the GOP, too. Why bother with Utah when there is no need to campaign here. It's a sure bet for the GOP. As my dad used to say, in Utah, the GOP could nominate Satan himself and they would still win.

Durham, NC

I am taking it not many of you took the time to actually read the article... in it he states,

"It would have been the same answer, by the way, if the Republicans were coming here, which nearly happened in 2012."

He is saying all the high profile events benefit certain segments of business but there is a huge burden put on the tax payer to enable these events - such as security. This was actually a very non-partisan issue driven statement, one that discusses a topic without resorting to political rhetoric.

Lets stop play politics as a sport, and start treating it for what it is, a way for society to govern itself. The stakes are way too high... and we all have way too much in common to risk it all for gamesmanship.

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