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Published: Wednesday, June 11 2014 9:05 a.m. MDT

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Idaho Falls, ID

This is awesome! Good job Presidents.

Ft Thomas, KY

Sorry, I know they meant well, but in my opinion this is not the right way to connect with the youth.
I believe it was James E Faust who mentioned in a talk that the Bishop should not get in the dunk tank at the ward carnival. It is not the man, it is the priesthood office that shouldn't be made light of. I feel that the same principle applies here.

83843, ID

I thought it was Great. The video was nice.

American Fork, UT

Reminded of a time where our bishopric in Saudi Arabia in 1987 put together an original rap and performed it for the ward (no, not in Sacrament meeting).

And Mack2828, I remember Elder LeGrand Richards telling us to remember Rule 6: Don't take yourself so darn seriously.

Mt Pleasant, MI

Brilliant. Might not be terribly original in concept but I'm sure it left a positive connections with many kids who might not think twice about the message otherwise.

Dallas, TX

Everyone's entitled to their own opinions, but SERIOUSLY, Mack2828?? I think you need to lighten-up just a wee bit and actually let yourself enjoy the spirit intended behind the video...connecting with the youth on their level, making them WANT to attend youth conference, and letting them know that NOW is the time to be HAPPY (and that it's through the gospel that they can do that)! They were not dancing or singing in the chapel or on the temple grounds, or even in the church building so far as I could tell. I commend them for doing something fun, yet appropriate, to motivate their youth, and I just bet they earned tons of respect from the youth while they were doing it!

St. George, UT

If you want to connect with the youth, or with anyone under forty for that matter, don't clap on 1 and 3.

Lethbridge, 00

Major props to the Presidency. I know it would take a whole lot of courage to do something like that. I remember a few years ago, when my then YSA bishop and his second counselor joined in our Improv night for FHE. It was pretty awesome to see! We all loved that Bishop so much, I think in part, due to how he talked and acted just like us! He was the CES director for all of Canada, and he definitely knew how to have fun and connect with us.

Los Angeles, CA

What a fun stake presidency!

My 14 yo son watched the video and thinks that it makes the leaders more accessible. He, also, said that he thinks it's important to show that Mormons can have fun.

Mt Pleasant, MI

To all naysayers who feel this was inappropriate I share one thing that influenced my perspective in life when I was younger. When I was called as a full-time missionary I was given some advice by a General Authority. I was very excited when he said he had one piece of advice for me because I looked to him as a spiritual giant. I knew him as serious and an example of someone who must clearly understand his role in life. Anything I could hear from him would surely be worth remembering! As all the possibilities of what he might say rushed through my head in a brief few seconds I was stunned to hear him say "have fun". He expounded on it a bit and basically said, do what you are there to do but at the end of the day know that you had fun in the process and can smile and be happy.


I'll be straight with you Mack. Your approach of solemn and ridiculously overdone seriousness will not connect with today's youth. I hope you do not hold office but if you do I'm glad it's in Kentucky and not somewhere you could do real damage.

San Antonio, TX

Mack2828 -

The dunk tank is problematic because by its basic nature, it is disrespectful - the person throwing is taking a position of power over the person in the tank. So, yes - Bishops should not be in a dunk tank.

However, this video is light-hearted and uplifting, and is exactly the kind of thing I could see Joseph Smith doing. If he wasn't compromising his office by playing ball with the kids, then this inspired Presidency members aren't compromising their offices by reaching out to the Youth in this way.

Having fun is not inherently demeaning to an office in the Church. After all, President Monson wiggled his ears *in General Conference*. :)


Mack, let's stack the James Foust / Mack approach up against the LeGrand / Monson approach and see who retains more youth participation shall we?

Kearns, UT

I think President Monson wiggling his ears in General Conference trumps Bishop in the dunk tank. Faust would most likely have been a little urked by that display in Conference. Good thing he served with President Hinckley who had a great sense of humor to counter balance President Faust. A Bishop in a dunk tank doesn't make me respect the office any less.

Everyone needs to lighten up. After all Ceice did his lip sync thing at the Y.

Louisville, KY

Here is the quote from Pres. Faust:

“Our bishop was a good sport, and because he was responsible for raising the money, he willingly consented to sit on the dunking seat. Soon some began to buy balls and to throw them at the target. Several hit the mark, and the bishop was drenched. After half an hour of this, he began to shake with the cold. While some of the people thought this was great fun, my father was very offended that the office of the bishop had been so belittled and held up to ridicule or even contempt. Even though the money raised was intended for a good cause, I can still remember feeling ashamed that some of our people did not show more respect for both the office and the man who had by night and day served us so well as our good shepherd.”

I think there is a fundamental difference between the situation cited and these (new) stake presidency members trying to just break the ice with their youth.

Boise, ID

I loved the video. I thought it was respectful, fun and on task with their office. I am grateful and sustain anyone who magnifies their calling and connects with my son to help me get him on a mission and be a good husband and father.
I also loved the fact that they put the bloopers in the end showing them as real humans - messing up the steps, laughing and showing the work put in to get it the way it needed to be. Great Job Presidents!

Salt Lake, UT

I love it that they did it all in their white shirts. Our bishopric participates in many of our youth activities in their shirts & ties, and I get the same feeling from this Stake Presidency. Also, think what a bonding experience this was for these men. We can feel sure they'll be working well together for the next several years.

Tooele, UT

Men are just boys at heart. When we forget to have fun in the gospel we've lost something important like... the spirit of it. This did not demean Priesthood keys or office held by those men. It was a gesture of cheerfulness and... well, being HAPPY! The youth of that Stake are lucky to have those men...men that love the youth and want them to know they are with them now, today. And, that they are approachable and sincere. For me, they modeled the virtues and results of having peace of mind and conscience. When we are clean, we are at peace...when we are at peace we are happy.

Provo, UT

I just wonder if they had consent or legal rights to do the video from Pharrell Williams.
He is the originator of the song and video, "Happy!"

bismarck, ND

They did an amazing job!! this is such an awesome way to connect with youth.

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