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Published: Monday, June 9 2014 10:55 p.m. MDT

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Salt Lake City, Utah

If 'Ifs' and 'Buts' were candy and nuts, the cougars would be in a P-5 conference.

Salt Lake City, UT

"Since three of the five conferences already have 14 teams, you could make an assumption that for national championship playoff fairness, there would need to be a common number of teams in each conference and each conference would have a football playoff game."

What? National championship playoff "fairness" requires the same number of teams? Says who...byu fans?

Clearly, all of the P5 conferences are moving to a 9 game format with P5 teams which has absolutely nothing to do with the number of teams in the conference. Under this scenario, byu is relegated to exactly what byu is...a mid-major proving that independence was a bad idea.

How about this scenario...the Big 12 teams are picked off and divided among the SEC, ACC, Big10, and Pac-12. The four remaining P5 conferences each have 16 teams (ND is part of the ACC). Each conference has a representative team in the four team playoff. How coll is that? Of course, under this scenario, byu is relegated to exactly what byu is...a mid-major proving that independence was a bad idea.

pocatello, ID

Someones been sniffing green jello to write this article up. Gonzaga was a member of the PAC 12, before it was the PAC, and even had a football team. BYU has a slim chance to be a football only member. Like Boise St., Gonzaga has nothing to offer, especially with the TV footprint.

Layton, UT

The only "turbulence and speculation" is in happy valley.

Lincoln City, OR

Whether the Power 5 Conferences like it or not, at some point this issue will either be legislated or decided by the courts...

As I have said before, we are talking about large sums of money, money earned by state sponsored institutions... and under the current mode of operation there doesn't seem to be any consistent rhyme nor reason as to why one school gets to play for the money while another school does not.... The schools are not chosen by any objective method... enrollment varies widely, facility investment varies widely, and past performance has some more successful schools left out and some poor performing schools included...

It is not lawful for a group of state sponsored institutions to declare which state institutions get a shot at playing for big money and which don't... Inclusion and Exclusion is arbitrary and the difference between earning potential for those included vs those excluded is large and it has Anti-Trust written all over it...

It's just a matter of time before the Boise States, the BYUs, and others ask a judge to level the playing field so to speak... And I believe this challenge will be successful.

Moss, Norway

Fun to speculate, and this configuration actually makes sense, given that the Sunday rule would be a non-factor. But who are we kidding? There's a growing anti-BYU vibe in the country that's getting harder and harder to ignore. Even when it makes sense, no power conference will want BYU with their demands. I'm afraid that independence is becoming less and less of a choice now.

Springville, UT

"In any case, pondering these ideas could inject a little life into the off-season lull for BYU fans."

Nothing works like reverse psychology with this pool of participants.

Own it!

No playoff for U
Salt Lake City, UT


Chances of the U ever being invited to the playoffs...


It's going to take at least an 11+ win season for the Utes to be in the playoff picture, something Utah has only done twice in their entire history and something they haven't even come close to since joining the PAC.

Rose Bowl call yet?
Salt Lake City, UT

BYU will be invited to the major college football national championship playoffs,

loooooong before the Utes play in their first Rose Bowl.

Mark it Down!

Central, UT

Sorry BYU fans it looks like a return to Pre-Lavell Edwards era. PAC12 had no interest and as it was stated recently neither does the BIG12. I am sure that Mr. Driggs remembers those years an no doubt would not want to return to them. I am truly sorry for the changes that have occurred with college athletics and are leaving BYU behind. I am glad that I am not a cougar fan right now, the future doesn't look too bright.

South Jordan, UT

What if every conference had 12, 14, 16 teams? Let's dream some more.

Bountiful, UT

The TV contract for the Big-12 expires in about 9 years. In the meantime - especially if the B12 gets approval to have a conference championship game with 10 members - they have no incentive to expand for quite awhile.

In 2011 Utah nearly had a Sunday game scheduled with USC - because it appeared the NFL was going to strike - which is part of the reason the P5 TV contracts include possible Sunday play.

What if the B12 conference championship game is played on a Sunday? It would be a great opportunity for the nation to learn how LDS keeps the Sabbath holy... and it would also be a big reason why the B12 would avoid that contingency to begin with.

New Big-12 member West Virginia is already complaining about the travel, and it's closer from Oklahoma City to Morgantown than it is from OKC to Provo. Look for the Big-12 to expand east, if they expand at all.

Unless Texas and OU bolt, there's no reason for the PAC-12 to expand. Expanding to 14 or 16 just to match other P5s makes no sense for the PAC. Lower population out west.

Phoenix, AZ

What's funny is how Utah was crying about this same issue not 3 years ago. "We belong in a power conference" "we're going to sue the NCAA" "This is anti-competition". Now, not only is Utah and it's fans defending the Power 5 model, but they are arrogantly rubbing mid-major school's nose in it. Really "classy" Ute fans. Can't wait to dismantle your "team" on November 1st, you know, like we've done since 1977.

Salt Lake City, UT

Lincoln City, OR

"Whether the Power 5 Conferences like it or not, at some point this issue will either be legislated or decided by the courts..."

Right, poyman. Just like the separation between Divisions I and II was legislated and stopped. Where's the outcry of injustice from byu fans about that? The P5 are on a path to become a new Division...nothing more, nothing less.

With respect to the mid-majors...if they want a playoff, they can have one. If the mid-majors want a National Championship, they can have one. Mendenhall and his gaggle of byu fans can still call it a national championship and everyone is happy. No one is stopping the mid-majors from doing / having anything any more than Div I is stopping Div II.

Northern, CO

U fans are such bandwagoners. You probably are "fans" of the Miami Heat, Seattle Seahawks, and Yankees/Red Sox too. You love the "big boys" now that they have invited you so they can beat up on you over and over whereas a few years ago you cried about the inequity and bemoaned the BCS system that let you down in 2004.

Alpine, UT

And so we have it once again. The first 5 comments by Ute fans and the majority of comments so far by Ute fans. Why the continued obsession with all things BYU?

Why are so many Ute fans apparently more concerned with BYU than their own alma mater? This ultra-concern and attention by mostly Ute fans (BYU's traditional rival) is the ultimate compliment to BYU sports.

These Ute fans can obviously hardly wait to read and comment on any BYU sports article... particularly football and basketball... with apparently more concern than even BYU fans, who have learned to take such things more in stride.

Chris B: That is truly what is so funny... and so sad. You truly simply can't leave it alone, and neither can the other group BYU wanna-be's and wish-they-could be's. It's the only plausible explanation for such paranoia. Just trying to convince yourself.

Whatever ends up happening will play out well for BYU. It always does in the long run. Their administration knows what's going on. Even now, they currently get multiple times more national media attention than Utah and all other inter-mountain college teams.

Steven S Jarvis
Orem, UT

I can see the next wave of expansion going up to 16 teams with the BIG 12 getting torn apart. That won't likely happen till TV contracts are close to renewal. However the PACs cash flow has got to be getting under the skin of the executives of the SEC. That may happen sooner because of it.

The SEC will be the first to grab two teams--Texas and Oklahoma. That will be more than enough to get better contracts than the PAC. From that point on it should be a free for all.

The irony is that BYU as an indy still is in a sweet spot UNTIL either the leagues refuse to play or they if they join a league they can't compete in like Utah has. While I believe they can compete in the Big12, I would rather they control their own destiny by staying independent. I have loved seeing new teams come to Provo these past three years. It got MUCH better last year. Looking at further schedules I am so pumped, especially this year.

Salt Lake City, UT

Phoenix, AZ

"What's funny is how Utah was crying about this same issue not 3 years ago. "We belong in a power conference"

Not one Utah fan has ever cried about not belonging in a power conference. Not one. The complaints in 2008 were related to the BCS system keeping the Utes from being the national champion that year. The whining about not being in a power conference is from byu fans. End of story.

"Now, not only is Utah and it's fans defending the Power 5 model, but they are arrogantly rubbing mid-major school's nose in it. Really "classy" Ute fans. Can't wait to dismantle your "team" on November 1st, you know, like we've done since 1977."

If you don't want your proverbial noses rubbed in it, stop whining and get to work to earn your way.

Do you know what the definition of "classy" is, CougarSunDevil? Hiding behind a Pac-12 team to accomplish what byu can't.

Richfield, UT

I, like Brio and other BYU fans, find it highly entertaining to read about the concern and attention Ute fans have regarding anything BYU connected. As Chris likes to say... too funny!

It's becoming more obvious, article after article, that because Utah simply can not become relevant in it's own conference, it's fans are now relegating their time to trying to diminish the relevancy of opponents they are most concerned with. That's always been BYU. Always has been and apparently always will be. The complete proof is in these posts.

How else can you explain the majority of comments on this and most other BYU sports articles being made by Ute fans? Whether the comments are positive or negative in nature, the attention to BYU is truly there.

It apparently deeply bothers Ute fans that BYU continues getting more national attention than Utah with a much bigger TV audience. And so we've come to expect snide little remarks in these comment sections whenever and wherever possible. That's all that's left while waiting for 2016.

So until then, thank you, Ute fans, for your attention and concern regarding BYU sports. It's entertaining and complimentary.

Raleigh, NC

The pac would never want to have BYU, Colorado, and u in the same south division. The good teams all know there is too much of a home advantage for Colorado and u playing at altitude. That is why most of their wins are at home and most of their loses are on the road. I am still in favor of the 5 (4) conferences forming their own division IV and the good teams beating up on the weak teams in their conferences. That would be followed by the same 5-6 good teams playing in the NC and big money bowls every year. Everyone else, including BYU can then get back to playing college football instead of chasing $$$$. As always, troll responses are not wanted and will not be read..

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