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Published: Monday, June 9 2014 9:00 p.m. MDT

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Upstate, NY

This is so terribly heartbreaking. I ache just thinking about it. My heart and prayers go out to this poor family. May God be with them during this tragic time of need.

Medical Lake, Washington

This is the type of story I always hate to see. There are no words, no possible condolences that can possibly help. I'm so sorry.

Kearns, UT

If the business was told that this statue was a danger, and they chose to ignore the warning, then they deserve to be sued into oblivion. This family should sue them for sure. Negligence, pure and simple.

Cedar Hills, UT

This is hard to read - can't imagine what the family is going through.Terrible tragedy.


This is heartbreaking. I hope the parents don't beat themselves up for this. It's one of those unexplainable things. You wonder over and over "why did this have to happen?" But God is ultimately in charge. It will all be okay in the end. I know that doesn't really help, but I hope the parents can feel the peace of the Holy Ghost.

Brigham City, UT

I am so sorry to hear this. Even though this earth life is so small for all of us compared to eternity - it is always hard to see a little one pass. I love this little boy, and I haven't even met him. May the Lord continue to shower you and your family with love and peace.

Spanish Fork, UT

@Flashback, Kearns, UT

God may be "in charge"; i believe that God rarely causes and this may be an example when He rarely prevents; i don't think He was a factor. it was a sad accident, unfortunate, heartbreaking and aching. there are greater and more expansive heartaches, pain and suffering in the world. God is in his throne. God has a plan for this son and family. i doubt this was His "plan"

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT


I agree completely. So many people on these boards want to attribute something to God, especially when something "miraculous" happens(i.e. someone with a 10% chance to live who lives)

I think 99% of the time God doesn't get involved - things play out how they play out. He lets good things happen and he lets bad things happen, but I think rarely does he get involved and "force" something to happen that wouldn't have happened otherwise. He allows the actions of different people to come together and the results be what they be in most cases.

God didn't "cause" this to happen any more than he would have "caused" a sudden heartbeat to continue to for this little boy. I can't imaging what they are going through, so tough

BYU Track Star
Los Angeles, CA

This is why parents need to watch their Toddlers like a Hawk. Sadly, these parents will blame themselves until their last mortal breathe and dispite their best efforts to keep him safe. I have four kids myself and three are boys and I've been to the Emergency room more times than I care to remember having the boys getting stiched up for this or that. Please contact an Attorney, if only to keep your mind off of your Family Tragedgy.

A Scientist
Provo, UT

My heart aches for these parents. No words should even attempt to palliate their grief in the face of such an overwhelming loss. When my wife and I lost a beautiful, innocent child, such attempts by well-meaning folks were painfully offensive. Indeed, that the world continued to turn, and it's inhabitants persisted in their rivial endeavors, seemed offensive to us, so deep and poignant was our anguish.

No litigation, no compensation, can replace a lost beloved child nor remove the hurt. I am confident the store owners are as guilt-stricken as any of us. For us, "making them pay" would have been futile, only spilling the bitterness of the cup into other lives. For these reasons, my sweet wife and I agreed not to pursue wrongful death litigation - as a symbolic statement to ourselves more than anything, that the precious life we lost was priceless - no monetary value could do anything but discount the memory and life of our cherished little girl.

I am so sorry.

Sandy, UT


I agree of suring the store owner but the city should be sued too for NOT Enforcing it.

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

byu track,

Contacting an attorney would keep their minds off of this? Bringing litigation against the company for this issue would help the family keep their minds off this issue?

Sure about that pal?

Pleasanton, CA

How could this happen? Why wasn't the sculpture bolted in place?

Alpine, UT

They really should sue this company or the company won't quit putting these statues out and endangering others.

If the father is a podiatrist, doesn't he make enough money to pay for a funeral? Seems odd that there is fund raising for this.

As They Are
Draper, UT

Chris B and Chrimendelsigo,
God allows horrible things to happen when they don't prevent greater purposes. I believe, as I know the Shelton's do, that we all have certain missions to perform while we are on the earth, if little Kayson's mission was not finished, there could have been so many ways that God could have led them away from this tragic event ever even occurring. When someone dies "before their time" this belief is comforting to those mourning, knowing that their loved ones lived the life that was meant for them, or that they fulfilled their purposes in this life. So you may believe what you want, but understand that words like yours, regarding this situation, can easily be taken as insensitive or rude. I can't imagine that this is the message you want to send to this grieving family.

BYU Track Star
Los Angeles, CA

@ Chris B.

Yes, As a matter of fact, Not having to deal with the 12 Foot Grim Reaper in the room may be a comfort to this Family. It is human nature not wanting to deal with death when it's in your face. When my Mom passed, my Dad was easily diverted with the details of her Passing and the Funeral. just saying.

I coped the same way when he passed and I had to organize the Funeral, which BTW turned into a Circus IMO as he was a former City Official in SoCali and the City wanted a fitting send off .

As They Are
Draper, UT

General, The education required to be a podiatrist is expensive and lengthy. Scott is a newly practicing podiatrist, and an awesome one at that! His new practice is actually in your little town, maybe you have seen it. Scott and Toni are amazing people who have helped so many others in need without hesitation. This unexpected tragedy, especially since occurring in another state, bring many unexpected expenses to a young family just starting out. They did not ask for this fund to be set up, they would have never asked. Close friends who were concerned about the financial burden being placed on them in an already tragic situation created the fund. We would love to take away their pain and grief, but we can't. We can take away at least some of the financial burden though.

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