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Published: Sunday, June 8 2014 3:10 p.m. MDT

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cincinnati, OH

He already had second, third, etc chances.

He made a claim, but how to we know that he has changed?

If indeed he can show he has changed, then fully restore his chances to become a productive citizen. Restore ALL of his rights.

West Jordan, UT

As part of releasing people into society shouldn't there be a transitional phase for them to help them adjust? I have heard of programs in other states with work release employment but I do not know if we have them here. Maybe the ex-convicts could do work that needs to be done for the state and prove themselves reliable and changed. If part of the criminal justice system is supposed to be rehabilitation we shouldn't just throw people out into society without any skills or jobs which often leads them back into their old habits and associations which were trouble. I agree that part of the consequence of crime is dealing with your bad record, but I also believe in repentance and redemption, so maybe as part of their rehabilitation the justice system should partner with the state, individuals and companies willing to give people a job to prove themselves and develop a resume. Then they are less likely to relapse into the criminal behavior they used to survive before. My grandma used to say idle hands are the devil's workshop. Keep them busy and if they blow it, back to jail they go.

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