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Published: Friday, June 6 2014 8:50 p.m. MDT

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Jazz Source
Alpine, UT

Snyder is in!

Should be interesting!

Glad Jones is still in the mix as well as all I have ever heard about him were positive things.

Salt Lake City, UT

Good hire!

West Valley, UT

I think it is a good hire, but I am sure in 3 years, if he hasn't turned the team around, will be all calling for his head.

West Jordan, UT

lets not jump until the Jazz themselves officially announce the hire.

Brave Sir Robin
San Diego, CA

Quinn Snyder is good for about 3 additional wins a year. Does that put the Jazz in the NBA finals?

Catonsville, MD

I like it. Of the finalists, he or Griffin would be my choice. We need somebody on the way up, not a retread (as much as I would be curious to see George Karl or Lionel Hollins).

Salt Lake City, UT

Perfect HC to implement (be told) the GM's Moneyball approach/vision to running a team. The only problem is that this team lacks a true superstar talent. The fallacy of the statistical analysis approach in professional sports is that all you need to win are a bunch of guys that fill up the advanced metrics stat sheet. At the end of the day you still need an athletic specimen that can create his own shot off the bounce, stretch the D with the 3, and get to the cup or draw and kick to your shooters. If he can plan Defense, well, that's an added bonus and lost art in the modern day NBA. The Spurs don't win because of Spliter, Bonner, or Paddy Mills. Those type of players compliment their studs, and allow them to dominate. Don't see Quin Snyder really making a difference until the Jazz go out and find the next Paul George.

Norman, OK

Is it just me or does this guy look like a movie star? So dreamy. Yet with odd similarities to David Bowie.

Captain L
Provo, UT

I like the hire, his resume is impressive, the comment by Damari Carrol make me think he will be good for our young group. New blood was needed and Snyder looks like a good fit.

Pocatello, ID


I think you are correct. Given that 1 player is 20% of your team on the court, it is tougher to cover deficiencies or replace production of 1 player as that can only be diffused through 4 other people, instead of 8 like in baseball.

Getting a bona fide go to player is an absolute must. Hopefully that will be addressed this offseason, because no matter how good the coach is, the Jazz will never be better than a 7 or 8 seed without that person.

Tokyo, Japan


you do know...that Paul George isnt a superstar...he is just an all-star...he has too many games where in he disappears...plus the time snyder spent in Missouri...ended horribly...but im willing to give him the chance...i still think...we should have had hollins

Lindon, UT

When I first read the bios on the list of prospective coaches, Snyder was the one who intrigued me most. I think this will be a great hire.

Saint George, UT

Good move, now he can be part of the draft process. I hope Alex Jenson will fit in somewhere.

Draper, UT

Swett !!!

HC Quinn SNYDER - an excellent choice DL. He not only will infuse new life n blood in the Team but will also benefit on the experience and good character of Brad Jones and Alex Jensen. Now, if Ettore Mesina will come and join his Staff - that will surely help open the floodgates of Top European Players who will join the Team - great addition to Jazz Family!

Draper, UT

Just look at San Antonio Spurs - Duncan (Dominican), Parker (France), Ginobili (Argentina), Diaw (France), Leonard (San Diego :) - then, Mills (Australia),Joseph (Canada), Splitter (Spain), Baynes (Australia) - so far that I can identify. And, DL know of this fact which could also be Jazz direction :)

Go Gazz !!!

Salt Lake, UT

Great hire Jazz!... I'm starting to believe again that they really are about winning, not just trying to piece together a mediocre product just to throw out on the court. I remember coach Snyder back in his playing days. Probably known more his looks and hair than his Basketball prowess, but he was a pretty good player in his day.
Great hire Jazz!! Now let's get that GREAT PLAYER in the draft.

Burley, ID

"I have to give a shout out to coach Quin — this is the first year a coach really worked with me on my footwork, my shot, spent time with me." DeMarre Carroll

Incredible statement by Carroll! It just goes to show what kind of ship Corbin was running.

Best wishes to you DeMarre! You were the one guy I wished the Jazz would have kept.

Draper, UT

My take is that DL will continue to construct our Team like San Antonio Spurs with International Flavor.

Look at their line up of:
Duncan (Dominican)
Parker (France)
Ginobili (Argentina)
Diaw (France)
Leonard (USA)

Mills and Baynes (Australia)
Joseph (Canada)

Do you agree?

Sandy, UT

Wow! I hope these posts will stay as positive in the future as these are today. Nice not to see so much negativity. Give this guy a chance to get his bearings, fit in, implement his style, take the time needed to succeed. I think we all want that for everybody associated with the Jazz including the fans (such as we crazy ones). Can't wait to get started. The draft day is in ink on my calendar.

Go Jazz!

Temecula, CA

I like that he worked for Coach K, was successful at the college level and has lots of successful, professional coaching experience. Doug Collins' comment stands out, though. This guy apparently deserves a head coaching shot, and I'm glad he accepted the offer. I'm wondering if the Jazz are dangling someone in a trade offer so that they can move up in the draft...Kanter, maybe? I'm still hopeful that they sigh Hayward.

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