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Published: Sunday, June 8 2014 11:58 a.m. MDT

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Cottonwood Heights, UT

"Forced to return to Europe, many of its passengers later died in Nazi death camps during the Holocaust."

About 40 million other Europeans died during the war, as well. Perhaps we should have taken all 300-400 million Europeans. Perhaps that would have stopped the war?

The passengers on the S.S. St. Louis were actually offered refuge in the Dominican Republic, which had agreed to admit 100,000 Jewish refugees, but someone was picky.

There are several problems with refugee policy. First, a huge share of refugees are economic refugees not in serious danger of life or liberty. That is why in Europe they bypass the poorer countries like Romania and head straight for countries like Great Britain, which have generous welfare benefits. There are hundreds of refugees camped out in Calais, France (already a very rich country) trying to get to the UK because of the UK's welfare system. Second, refugees are seldom expected to return to the countries they left when those countries stabilize. A refuge is meant to be a temporary home, not a permanent one. Third, the problems in their home countries are often caused by religious and cultural practices which we now actually encourage them to retain.

Clayton K
Holladay, UT

I fully support the author in helping those refugees who have been brought among our community. Though I do wish that removing refugees from dangerous situations didn't have to require integrating them into a foreign, complicated, materialistic society in which they start with significant disadvantage. Even with a supportive community to help them overcome the major hurdles of thriving in our country, I fear that the end result may produce less happiness than the simple, fulfilling lives many came from.

Sweet Ginger
Salt Lake City, UT

I appreciate this thoughtful editorial!

clearfield, UT

We cannot be the welfare office to the whole world.

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