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Published: Thursday, June 5 2014 12:20 p.m. MDT

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The Wraith
Kaysville, UT

Can't you see you're not making Christianity better, you're just making rock and roll worse.

Hank Hill

Sorry I couldn't resist, it's always been one of my favorite King of the Hill lines.

In reality I hope these young men find great success.

Provo, UT

I've heard these guys play...and they rock!! I'm happy to see them finally get some attention!

Mormon Book Worm
----------, UT

I think it's great that more Mormons are getting into music and setting a good standard! Good luck to you guys!

Dallas, TX

Whate'er Thou Are Art, Act Well Thy Part.

Mom of Five
Orem, UT

I've also heard them play, and they are very good. Very entertaining. I wish them the best of luck.

cohoes, NY

Pure rock n' roll is honesty and honesty is truth. if they just stay away from drugs and sex they'll be fine.

Thomasville, GA

I live way down in Florida, but I'm going to find your music and order a cd. Clean music...how refreshing! Keep up the good work.

Sidon Surfer
Orem, UT

I sure like Red Yeti. Have been listening for well over a year and have gone to a half dozen shows. For some reason when I listen to their tunes I think of Eagles or Doors. But the best thing is that I CAN like the guys I have to thank! "Brother" has been a great hit with me. It seems to have a baptism theme; "...down in the water is where you find yourself." And Second Chance, this is excellent road trip rhythm and isn't 'the second chance' what repentance is all about? AND there is the new EP they introduced lately. It hasn't grown on me yet, but I am sure it will!

Bob, the Nephite
Orem, UT

Have been listening to Red Yeti for well over a year and a half. Also have been with my wife to a half dozen shows around Utah County. For some reason when I listen to their tunes I thing of Eagles or Doors. But when you know what the guys are, you can even thank you have to like! 'Brother' has been a hit with me. It seems to have a baptizm theme "...down in the water is where you find yourself." Also 'Second Chance' is excellent road-trip rhythm. And isn't a 'second chance' what Repentance is all about? The new music we heard last month for the EP has not had a chance to grow on me yet, but I am sure it will. Regards, Bob.

Sidon Surfer
Orem, UT

Sorry I have posted that one twice. Thought the first one was lost, but now I see two - and have been trying to get the Moderator's attention to DELETE either one of them. Warm regards, Sidon Surfer (ALSO KNOWN AS Bob the Nephite)


In recent years there have been a number of LDS or part-LDS bands that have risen to prominence and become successful (The Killers, Neon Trees, Imagine Dragons, etc.) but this is the first I’ve seen in which all of the members are active, believing members of the Church and are at the same time dedicated to making great rock music. I congratulate them on being able to straddle the line so well, although I caution them in the event that they become too successful not to forget who they are.

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