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Published: Wednesday, June 4 2014 3:50 p.m. MDT

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Go Utes, CA

Michigan State isn't in the NBA.


What a relief. Now if Jazz management would exclude Gentry, I could get some sleep at night.

Morgan Duel
Taylorsville, UT

Sorry to here that Coach Boylen is no longer in the mix. My curiosity is up though regarding this unknown applicant. Who could they be? Possibly Fisher, or maybe Underwood, or maybe Stockton changed his mind!!


Bet the mystery man is Marc Ivaroni.

Greeley, CO

I hope the secret candidate is someone more exciting.... John? Karl(George or Malone)? CSKA Moscow? Sir Charles? Shaq? Ostertag? Me?

Monroe, UT

OK, I'll bite! It is either Sloan, Stockton, Malone,----or "Bear"! I would be happy with any of them!

West Jordan, UT

Let's hope it's the mystery candidate...unless it's Boylen.

no comment
New Orleans, LA

And there was much rejoicing...

Jazz Source
Alpine, UT

Amen. Boylen is out.

Gentry better be close behind him. We don't need a proven NBA loser.

Who said Karl Malone? Fisher? Are you deluded?

The mystery candidate is.....Brad Jones.

Omaha, NE

Who cares, this is such a slow and painful death of a once highly regarding franchise.

Lindon, UT

There is a rumor that there is definitely something going on - that John very rarely goes to his Dad's bar, but lately has been seen there several times talking to his Dad. Could it be him?


Messina or Blatt?


Now I, too, can breath a sigh of relief.

Provo, UT

Regardless of coaching ability on Boylen's part, this shows that Dennis Lindsey knows a public relations disaster when he sees.

Henry Drummond
San Jose, CA

I have not heard Jim Boylen's name mentioned in any of the open coaching positions except Utah's. It will be interesting to see if anyone decides to give him another chance at being a head coach. Meanwhile, it would seem Dennis should be making a decision sometime soon. Is the secret candidate coming in for his first interview or have the spirited him into town before?


Why not. The mystery man is Adrian Dantley.

Provo, UT

I can't stand all this speculating on who the mystery man is...... come on now, it's obviously gonna be Jimmer

Idaho Falls, ID

I became disillusioned with Dantly after he got destroyed by Sloan in the playoffs when he worked for Denver. Malone does not strike me as a good head coach. He had the work ethic and physical capabilities to be one of the best players ever, but I don't think he has the patience to manage a team. I am down with the idea of Griffin or Messina. I really really really don't want Gentry. We might as well rehire Corbin if we want to keep losing.

Los Olivos, CA

This process is starting to look like American Idol. I wonder who will get voted out, next Wednesday.

There You Go Again
Saint George, UT


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