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Published: Tuesday, June 3 2014 2:40 p.m. MDT

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Logan, UT

It's notable and even quite humorous to see the extreme interest Ute fans still maintain in all things BYU. Some even seem obsessed.

U-PAC has made about 8 comments on this article already... more than any BYU fan, and even asks if he needs to say more in one post. My answer is a definite "no!"

Wookie and a few others also seem quite taken up by BYU with their multiple posts.
Even the very first post to this all-BYU article was once again made by another obsessed Ute fan.

@ Wookie (and CougarColby):

It certainly isn't ridiculous to say that Utah isn't fearful and somewhat apprehensive to continue playing BYU. Yes, Utah beat the last 4 games. But 3 of those games were by a single score going to the last minute of the game and with BYU having better overall performance stats than Utah. So it's easy to claim that Utah was somewhat lucky to at least a few of those games. One thing is for certain, only a single win was dominant.

Utah AD Hill was smart to drop BYU from it's schedule until after Taysom is gone.

Baltimore, MD


""BYU fans prognosticate BYU football greatness every pre-season, print t-shirts and posters galore........."Quests" for imminent Heismans and NCs every darn year..."

The VAST difference between BYU fan prognostications and Utah fan prognostications of National Championships and Heisman Trophies is that BYU has actually been there, done that.

It really gnaws at the kids on the hill that the closest Utah will ever come to a Crystal Football National Championship trophy and a Heisman trophy, are the ones sitting in BYU's Sports Legacy Hall of Fame.

Holladay, UT

"It's hilarious how many of the same Utah fans who are whining about Steele's respect for BYU this season, were citing Steele as one of the most respected college football analysts when Steele had the Utes ranked highly in a previous College Football Annual.

The jealous inconsistency on the hill never ceases."

It must be equally hilarious to you that byu fans discredited Steele during that time and most of them are now singing his praises.

Richfield, UT

@ Chris B:

You of all people should not be criticizing BYU's post-season bowl game options. At least BYU goes to bowl games each year. The same certainly can't be said of your beloved Utes. Hasn't it been something like 3 years since they last qualified? To be honest, I don't follow the Utes nearly as closely as you obviously do the Y.

But until Utah someday figures out how to once again go to bowl games, that's a subject Ute fans would be wise to avoid. Makes them seem a bit hypocritical.

@ U-PAC:

You criticize Steele for making predictions about a season that hasn't been played yet. Then a post or two later (you've made too many to keep track of), you yourself make predictions (negative, of course) about BYU's upcoming season (that hasn't been played yet). Can you spell hypocritical?

It's downright funny to read Ute fans trying to downplay the significance of BYU football while they themselves unquestionably prove otherwise. Their own obvious and ongoing interest verifies BYU's high significance. They actually comment more on BYU articles than on Ute articles. Go figure.

Alpine, UT

The article was well written and informative. But the comments afterward are even more interesting.

Ute fans' fanaticism and obsession with all things BYU is in full display. There is no better way to actually pay homage to a subject. And in this case, it's BYU football.

As Concinnity so aptly pointed out, the ongoing and never-ending comments from Ute fans on literally every BYU football article totally verifies the high and ongoing significance of BYU football. Nothing else demonstrates it so well.

Thank you, Ute fans, for your obvious and ongoing high interest in BYU football, regardless of which side of the pendulum you are on. It will continue to pay dividends for BYU sports down the road.

Ashburn, VA

Another BYU article, another sea of comments rehashing the same points they did in the comments to all the previous articles. Seriously, there is nothing original about throwing out the words 1984, the Sugar Bowl, PAC12, etc, ad infinitum, ad nauseam. Get some new material or go away. And if there's one area of the DN that should have the 4-comment limit, it's the sports section.

The obsession of certain people who have supposedly "moved on" from the rivalry is all too revealing.

Baltimore, MD


"I'm assuming these rankings take into account strength of schedule."

You're assuming that SOS has anything whatsoever to do with the quality of a team.

The absolute worst team in the country could have the #1 SOS; how would SOS make them better?

The absolute best team in the country could have the worst SOS; how would SOS make them worse?

SOS only demonstrates whether a team has been tested or not.

According to your assumption, if the defending Super Bowl champs joined the college ranks and played the 125th worst college schedule, they wouldn't be good enough to be invited to the college football playoffs.

Greeley, CO

@ Wookie - Yes, BYU fans should hold themselves to a higher standard, but fans of other schools should not. Thank you for the criticism though. I do hope such incidents don't happen in the future.

Palo Alto, CA


"It's the first week of June and BYU is a lock for the playoffs or at the very least, a New Year Bowl."

And how is that different from Utah fans proclaiming that Utah was headed to the Rose Bowl before the Utes had played their first game in the PAC?

Or now proclaiming that Utah is on the inside looking out at the playoffs?

Utah has had two 11+ win seasons in their entire history and have never come close to qualifying for a bowl with a Top 40 schedule, so how do explain the unfounded arrogance oozing from the hill about Utah's bowl game and playoff potential.

Don't bother with your lame "but we have so much more potential" argument, because, the truth is, Indiana has as much chance of winning the B1G and Vanderbilt has as much chance of winning the SEC, as Utah has of winning the PAC 12.

Stringer Bell
Henderson, NV

Cougar Colby "BYU and Utah are essentially the same program in football."

No they are not.

Wisconsin Cougarfan "BYU is a solid to great mid-major program, one that is better than the cellar dwellers in P5 conferences."
Again, no they are not.

You cannot compare a team that plays 2-3 P5 schools a year with each game preceded by a week off or one of your tin can Savannah State types. Utah and TCU have learned this the hard way. Playing a big time schedule week in and week out has been much harder than ever anticipated.

And Colby, BYU was NEVER considered for PAC 12 inclusion. I don't care who your relative is or who they work with.

Kaysville, UT

Good to see that the Utah State Aggies had the best defensive game against the Cougar's running attack last year, but sad that they lost! Their D couldn't hold them on all fronts, and our offense wasn't able to score enough against their great defense. Always a great battle of the brothers when these two teams come together!

The past 2-3 years of victories, win/loss records, rankings, and bowl trips/non-bowl trips have caused quite the conundrum with regards to the state/status of college football teams in Utah! :). On any day, the Aggies, Cougars, and Utes each has the chance to beat the other. Couldn't be better, I'd say! The prognosticators can continue to prognosticate, but it all comes down to the preparation and what happens during the four quarters on the field. Ya gotta love it, baby! :)

Go Aggies! :)

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