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Published: Tuesday, June 3 2014 2:40 p.m. MDT

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Omaha, NE

One thing that Phil's article does not mention is that the rushing yards that were piled did not take into account when passing plays broke down and Taysom ran with the ball. This amounted to a lot of those yards. No doubt that BYU will be better, but to assume that they would beat the U given how well they have performed the last 4 years is ridiculous. I hope that the rivalry ends so that both sides can regain integrity and represent their respective institutions. Nebraska fans, a secular school, is considered the best college football fans in the USA. How does a secular school receive such a title when a school down south, who represents a faith, is not even mentioned?


Omaha, NE

Inkspot, remember that the NC that BYU was awarded was played against a 6-6 Michigan team that wasn't even the best team in the Big10 at the time. I wouldn't pat myself on the back too much for that achievement. As for Detmer, in college, he was the real deal. Fun to watch and a great college QB.


Palo Alto, CA


More crimson jealousy. Most of Taysom's "scrabbles" were designed zone read options.


On another note:

Bleacher Report just came out with their list of

Top 25 College Football Towns for 2014

#22 Provo, Utah

unranked SLC, Utah

Sorry MUSS, but the ROC is eating your lunch now that the student section has been consolidated in LES.

Omaha, NE


So you're saying that #22 is an accomplishment? The Bleacher report doesn't take into account how amicable and welcoming the fans are. This is where Lou Holtz and Bobby Bowden both commented that Nebraska fans are the most gracious and best fans in college football. Attend a game in their stadium, you'll see exactly what I am speaking of. Attend a game at BYU and you'll see fans throwing things at refs (youtube video) and other outlandish behavior. Why isn't BYU more gracious and representative? Your comment about Tayson still doesn't disuade my comment about rushing yards.


Fort Benning, GA


You can't discredit BYUs NC any more than you can discredit the 30 years of NC before 1984. That was the system at the time. There was no BCS or NC game. BYU played some decent teams that year and was the beneficiary of other teams losing down the stretch. Were they the best team in the country in 1984...probably not, but they were a great team and they did everything that was asked of them to do...win.

It seems only U fans try and discredit that NC. Nobody in the national media cares to discuss it because they understand how the system worked then. Was Utah seriously the #2 team in the country the year they won the Sugar Bowl? No, but they did everything that was asked of them and they were the beneficiary of winning. No qualms there, they deserve the ranking they got.

Houston, USU, BSU, UCF and Cal are great games this year. If BYU gets 3-4 wins or possibly goes undefeated against them, they could crack a top 20 or so. Miami Bowl is still our only shot this year, but at least we will be in a bowl game, again.

Palo Alto, CA

#22 in the nation is Top 25 and certainly more of an accomplishment than being UNRANKED!

How do you know what the Bleacher Report takes into account?

btw, which group of fans almost cost their team a game because they were so rude and out of control that they couldn't stay off the field until the game was over?

When it comes to boorish fan behavior, NOBODY beats the U!

Steven S Jarvis
Orem, UT


BYU has a legit chance depending on how the season plays out to go to a much better bowl or even the playoffs. The obvious thing is that BYU must win its games. If they go undefeated (not expected, but who knows) BYU will likely be in the discussion for the top four. Even with one loss they could be the at-large team for something like the Sugar, Fiesta or another "New Years Bowl" under the current agreement.

Let's say that there are two undefeated champions besides the improbable BYU (FSU and Bama) and the PAC12 and Big12 each have double losses while the AAC has three. Ohio State wins the league with one loss. What happens?

1 FSU plays 4 BYU
2 Bama plays Ohio State

AAC, PAC12 and Big12 champs are taken by the remaining New Year Bowls as contracted. Even if BYU isn't in the top four under this scenario they will be an at-large team likely headed to either the Fiesta or Cotton Bowl (bowl games BYU has already played in).

If BYU goes X-2 a bowl in Florida isn't too shabby.

Fort Benning, GA

Come on UPAC, you know that answer. P5 conferences have a hard time with BYUs no Sunday play. Blame it on whatever else you want, but that is the primary reason. It shuffles around to much in their conferences and they don't feel like a newcomer (BYU) should have that kind of power to change. Valid point.

P5 schools don't want to come to BYU because it is not a good game for them. If they beat BYU, then they did what they were supposed to do. There isn't much of a reward. If they loose to BYU, then they loose a huge amount of capital and national notoriety. Look at Texas last year.

I'll predict that you won't see many big schools come to Provo in the future due to these reasons. It is very High Risk, Little Reward to play BYU in Provo. I give credit to Texas for having the stones to do it, but you won't see them coming to Provo again any time soon. That loss scared a lot of P5 teams (not scared of BYU per se, but the potential of loosing in Provo).

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT


byu has a 0% chance at any bowl but the very bad Miami byu bowl.

Tell us, what "much better bowl" does byu have a chance of going to?


At 11-1 or maybe even 12-0 you'd still go to the byu bowl.

A 2 loss Pac 12 or SEC team would be taken over a 12-0 team with byu's horrible schedule.

But we wont need to worry about that - you guys only talk of quests

Palo Alto, CA


Religious bigotry in the PAC 12; disagreement on television rights in the Big 12. The other three P5s are simply too far away to consider adding BYU.

Make no mistake, BYU is easily one of the Top 65 teams in college football, MUCH, MUCH better than the U overall athletically and in accomplishments on a national scale in football.

anti BCS
Anaheim, CA


Unfortunately for U, you won't even be a two-loss PAC 12 team, in fact, you'll have to get very lucky and win a few games you have no business winning, in order to be a six-loss team to qualify for a bowl.

Greeley, CO

1984 - BYU won the National Championship. Nothing anyone says will change that. There is no asterisk.
Wookie - I was appalled when a few BYU fans acted in such a manner. But don't mistake that one incident for the general demeanor of all BYU fans at every game. BleacherReport ranks Nebraska fans #23 rudest. BYU is not in the top 25. Ask Niles Paul how great Nebraska fans are. A group of them followed him as he walked to his car after dropping two touchdown passes in a game. They verbally abused him in the most derogatory way possible. Really? Your own guy? Should I judge all Husker fans based on this incident? No. Need clarification?

Steven S Jarvis
Orem, UT

@Chris B

Peach, Fiesta, Orange and Cotton bowl are all in play for this first playoff season. They must take the conference champs that haven't made the playoff games (Rose and Sugar this year) of the AAC, PAC12, BIG10, BIG12, SEC and ACC.

Let me make it simple Chris.

Twelve teams play in the New Year Bowls/Playoffs. Six are champions. Six are at-large. There will be polls.

Top four by rank are in the playoffs.
Next three bowls must take teams in order of ranking (exception made to include the big 6 champs for this year).

Undefeated may get BYU into the playoffs.
One-loss likely gets BYU into a New Year Bowl.


Salt Lake City, UT

Steven S Jarvis
Orem, UT

"Undefeated may get BYU into the playoffs.
One-loss likely gets BYU into a New Year Bowl.


Yeah, we get it, Steve. It's the first week of June and byu is a lock for the playoffs or at the very least, a New Year Bowl. It's the same story with you people every year.

What isn't lost of any of us, or on those selecting teams to participate in the bowls is SOS. Isn't independence and Holmoe's cupcake schedules grand? Enjoy the wins this year and the stellar slate of home games Holmoe has lined up. Just know that in the final analysis the only ones fooled are byu fans.

Fort Benning, GA


You have no idea what you are talking about. Your opinion is not fact. I have a very close relative who works with Larry Scott. On his "big board" BYU was ranked higher than the U and Colorado in terms of athletic and academic quality when they were decided to add two new teams. BYU made much more sense due to national following, travel ability of fan base, and revenue generation. However, BYU doesn't fit culturally with the PAC12 and therefore the decision was made. I don't call it religious bigotry...they are an organization that needs to make the best decision for themselves. But those were the facts as related to me (from a USC alum, mind you).

I can't comment on the BIG12 situation, but as I recall even ESPN ran a story about talks between BYU and the BIG12 (according to sources was were the article got its info). Specifically about the TV deal being the deal breaker. Once again, your opinion isn't fact.

Your disdain for BYU doesn't validate your opinions and ideas.

Phoenix, AZ


"BYU fans prognosticate BYU football greatness every pre-season, print t-shirts and posters galore........."Quests" for imminent Heismans and NCs every darn year.........then, once the season starts.......reality sets in. Need I say more?"

Nope, just slap another PAC-12 sticker on your car and glory in doormat status. November 1st=Guaranteed win for ASU.

Y Grad / Y Dad
Richland, WA

Rowlett, TX

Why thank you so much for paying serious attention to my facetious pipe dream. The part that is delicious, though, is this: you are correct in that conferences enjoy freedom of association. Restraint of trade is a different matter.

Does a four team playoff where the participants are jerry-rigged by the same good ole boy conferences relieve enough pressure that a case could legitimately be made that "anyone could participate"? Possibly.

I just think it is a delightful idea to follow the money. Want your national championship? Have your national championship! Want to keep it to yourselves? Sure! Help yourselves! But gut the money out of it and it becomes a much more interesting picture.

The portrait in human nature is equally delightful. Three years ago, Utah was howling with all the other outside dogs about the injustice. Now they relish it. And make no mistake; most BYU fans will go strangely silent if by some twist of fate, we suddenly find ourselves on the inside.

South Jordan, UT

Best offensive lines. Based on what? Phil must be needing to sell some magazines in Utah.

Spanish Fork, UT

Love the Cougars, doubt the Steele. If they simply improve 20%, I'll be happy. And that may be enough to win 9 games. More than that will take a Steele effort.

Orem, UT

It's hilarious how many of the same Utah fans who are whining about Steele's respect for BYU this season, were citing Steele as one of the most respected college football analysts when Steele had the Utes ranked highly in a previous College Football Annual.

The jealous inconsistency on the hill never ceases.

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