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Published: Tuesday, June 3 2014 2:40 p.m. MDT

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Michael Romney
Salt Lake, UT

I'm assuming these rankings take into account strength of schedule. So interesting we haven't seen Phil Steele's review of byu's schedule. The pathetic schedule shows byu's prowess, or lack thereof. It shows where byu stands in the college football landscape. Its time for Dr Hill to the few remaining Power 5 teams that have scheduled byu to never schedule them again.

Cheers brothers!

Salt Lake City, UT

Good luck to BYU and its fans. If he is right about the #15 you guys will have a blast this year!!

Richmond, VA

Whether they're #15 or #115 doesn't really matter. All I care about is that they perform well on the field and be wildly successful. I'm tired of the haters mocking and dissing on us because we can't seem to win consistently against the top competition in the nation. Hoping for much success this coming season.

Go Cougars!!!

Cottonwood Heights, UT

@ Romney

He didn't mention SOS in the article so your BYU rant is quite inept. U wouldn't even schedule BYU this year because u're afraid of getting beat. So where does that leave you? With the other sour grape U commentators on all great things BYU.


I'm one who gave the o-line grief last yr. One of the reasons I did that is because I believe 2J and Anae are great O-line coaches. In their defense(pun intended) they got bit hard by the injury bug. Therefore they had no consistency and no chemistry. I hope every O-lineman read all of the negative posts sent their way and let that boil in them and motivate them to get better this year. It sounds like there was a lot of optimism this spring. Steele is right, that all of that experience last yr. will pay big dividends this fall. A top 15 O-line would be a dream. That would be like the 2001 or 2006/2007 kind of lines. If the O-line was just around 30 - consistently good - not even spectacular, it is going to be a special year. Go Cougs!



I hope you're here to play nice. I'm glad to see you're still interested in BYU. Their prowess still keeps you on these articles. That's nice to see. It is nice to see BYU is playing a mix of good teams in upcoming schedules, including this yr. I and many other cougar fans are very interested in the schedule and this season. It doesn't matter what the good doctor does. BYU football moves forward! Go Cougs!

Pleasant Grove, UT

Michael Romney, you and I both know that there is not...one...single...program with greater significance to you than BYU, as evidenced by your THOUSANDS of posts on BYU-related articles on this board and elsewhere. As athletic landscapes go, BYU is clearly your Everest. Thanks for caring so much. Devotion like that is to be commended.

Mcallen, TX

Ute fans and their schedule envy.

Sheesh! LOL!

White Salmon, WA

I am amazed in the world of power conferences that BYU has been able to put together an independent schedule. Cherry picking is easy for people to do. BYU obviously had a weak schedule it's first two years because of the quick move that required the WAC alliance. Last years schedule was very good as it ranked in the 30's nationwide by most SOS services. This years, at least on paper, seems easier. But hey, it's year 4. Scheduling is done 2-8 years out at times. BYU has some great schedules coming down the pike. To cherry pick this years and leave out what they have on the docket in the future is disingenuous.

Omaha, NE

If Phil's prediction is accurate, just think how good this team can be. Hill is a solid QB who does damage on the ground and in the air. Solid WR's will be here this year. The running backs are stacked. If the O-line improves, this team could be very good. Phil knows his stuff. Two years ago he was on the radio in Nebraska and predicted Florida State would win the championship. He was off by one year. He knows good talent and teams.

"I'm tired of the haters mocking and dissing on us because we can't seem to win consistently against the top."

Let them hate. It's their fault if they don't think destroying Texas or BSU are not good wins. Texas has one of the best classes each year and was coached by a NCAA championship coach and BYU annihilated them. Two winning programs were embarrassed by BYU. Besides, if they didn't respect BYU, they wouldn't be here every day to post. Their love for BYU is evident by their consistent posts. Just smile and watch their passion for all things BYU!

Riverton Cougar
Riverton, UT

It looks like Z. Buster is here on the Deseret News.

Aside from that, the last time the offensive line was rated so highly (I think it was in 2010) they ended up under-performing big time. I hope this doesn't jinx their progress.

Pac 12 Pride
Salt Lake, UT


Ok, lets look at the next several years. How many total home games against power conference teams does byu have on the schedule each year for the next 2-8 years?

Steven S Jarvis
Orem, UT

@Pac Pride

Many of those so-called "power" teams are pretty weak and unable to make a bowl. What matters is that BYU has teams on its home slate that actually make bowls (7 bowl teams on the schedule). Would you consider a weak team like Cal a power team? How about Utah? They happen to be the teams the rest of their conference typically steamroll over. Power teams are the ones that make bowls not the ones who wash out year after year after year and can only get up for a game or two.

Y Grad / Y Dad
Richland, WA

Michael Romney
Salt Lake, UT

Thanks for you kind and gracious thoughts. Here's a delicious counter proposal for you.

Because of the rather severe, monopolistic restraint of trade being attempted by some conferences against some others, and since the conferences have demonstrated a willingness to share bowl profits among themselves, I think it's time for the Supreme Court to rule that ALL bowl profits be divided between ALL conferences. Equally.

Of course, since independents don't enjoy the benefits of conference affiliation, they, and any bowl profits they may accrue, should be exempt.

Cheers indeed!

Back to the reasonable part of your comment, not sure if strength of schedule is considered. I suppose final actual rankings won't take SOS into consideration, so probably not. In that case, he may have severely under-rated every cougar unit. We won't know till they actually play the games.

Yours is a rather novel suggestion - don't play the games at all.

Fort Benning, GA

Lets be absolutely honest. I don't know why Dr. Hill didn't schedule BYU, but it isn't because they are afraid of loosing. Real BYU fans have no room to speak in regards to playing the U, they've got us 4 in a row. I for one will give them the credit they deserve for getting up for a rivalry and treating it a bit more important than most.

Now as a football fan, I would rather be playing in bowl games then beating my rival (give that option), so I feel the gloating doesn't get them very far.

The O-line is a mess and I don't care what Phil Steele has to say. Until the boys line up and prove they are better on the playing field, my mind hasn't changed. They aren't physical enough, it often times looks like they aren't prepared for certain plays, and I would question their work ethic. I think coach 2J looks promising, but we need the Roger French days.

Prove it on the field boys, even 80+ starts with poor players doesn't mean anything.

Fort Benning, GA

U-PAC, thanks for understanding the difference between realistic fans and "overzealous" ones.

But lets not get overly zealous for your squad. BYU and Utah are essentially the same program in football. The PAC12 is showing exactly how over-matched the old Mountain West was when we were there. The quality of play is much better and Utah certainly hasn't made that leap and I'm not sure they will. Heck, Arizona and Arizona State still haven't and they have been in the league how long?

The problem that Utah has (much the same as Colorado)is that besides local players, who has ever dreamed of playing at the U? There is not a national following. So you are getting some really good local players (neighboring states too) and the rest end up being guys that the other PAC12 school overlooked. Generally, second to third tier players. Occasionally those guys end up being great and you will have good season, but for the foreseeable future I don't see Utah making much of a jump in the PAC12 on any consistent basis.

Both fan bases need a healthy dose of "reality".

Phoenix, AZ

"My opinion of Phil Steele and his feeble assessments are just that. BYU's O-line will be just "OK" this year. "

Phil Steele's assessment or U-PAC's assessment. Boy those are difficult choices to choose from on whose analysis to rely on. This could take me awhile to choose.

Ed Grady
Idaho Falls, ID

So Phil Steele likes the BYU offensive line - cool. Did he mention anything about Utah's bowl chances?

Wilsonville, OR

At the beginning of the 1984 season, I was sharing with my friends my pre-season assessment of the Cougars' chances. With Steve Young gone, we had a new QB named Robbie Bosco; so, I did not give the Cougars much chance. One of them said that the offensive line was a lot more important than the QB. Three months later that Cougar team had gone undefeated and won the national title. A few years later I saw that Ty Detmer, as a junior, had four seniors and a junior on the offensive line. So, based on that 1984 experience, I figured that Detmer would either win the Heisman that year or not at all. We all know he won that year, and anyone who watched his senior saw Detmer throwing many of his passes from the prone position. I am glad to hear the Cougars have a great offensive line this year. These guys don't win many game balls and helmet awards, but they are definitely the lynch pin in a game perceptibly dominated by so-called "skill" players.

River Falls, WI

I highly respect Phil Steele and the research he publishes. I think the #15 ranking is a little rosey but I'm glad that Steele likes blue kool-aid. We need more respected analysts who give BYU their due respect.

BYU is a solid to great mid-major program, one that is better than the cellar dwellers in P5 conferences. While they are on par with recently successful BCS busting programs like Boise State, TCU, Utah, UCF, and Northern Illinois, I think their history and tradition can't be ignored. Being a NCAA champ with some serious hardware (Heisman, Davey O'Brien, Doak Walker, etc.) should count for something, so the ACC/SEC snub hurt and was undeserved.

BYU needs to do their talking on the field and this year is as good as any to get it done. Considering their position as an independent I think this years schedule is respectable and has enough difficult games that BYU will gain some momentum and respect if they win. But that is still a big IF. Go Cougs!

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