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Published: Tuesday, June 3 2014 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Res Novae
Ashburn, VA

"He should have dangled the possibility of removing all US troops from Afghanistan. That's something the Taliban wants more than anything."

No serious negotiator would ever trade a strategic policy for a tactical objective. Ever. For one thing, no Taliban commander would take such an offer seriously. For another, why would anyone want others to believe that the US is willing to take such a skewed negotiation position? Even if it conforms to the plan the US intends to announce anyway, it sets a horrible precedent and tells our enemies that we're willing to make major military and foreign policy changes for the sake of an individual soldier. And finally, we are not removing all troops from Afghanistan, but leaving 10,000 in country for the time being.

Orem, UT

UT Brit: "Obama could wipe out half the US population by saying he really enjoys breathing and thinks that everyone should breathe."

And I guess if GWB said the same thing, then the other half would also be wiped out and you Brits could have your colonies back, right?

Orem, UT

nonceleb: "Is there any shortcoming or failure, alleged or real, in domestic or foreign policy, which has not been blamed on Obama. This already got old and boring years ago."

Yes it was old and boring when all the liberals were doing the same thing to Bush. I guess if the conservatives had to endure it when the shoe was on the other foot, liberals shouldn't complain too much. Of course, it is completely different when it is the far-left hero who is being criticized, right?

UT Brit
London, England


I was in the US during GWBs reign, oh he had people comparing him to Hitler but I never saw such huge opposition to every single thing he did. Just look at the backlash over Michelle saying kids should exercise and eat healthily. You could almost hear the republicans strapping down their kids and funnelling lard down their throats in response.

Never have I seen such division and pettiness. Oh the colony thing didnt work out so well, I personally dont want them back.

Durham, NC

Eric.... you actually know what was and wasn't tried? Please do share then.... I am taking it from this reading your information has it that this was the very first attempt at getting this soldier back. You seem to have some deep connection to information as to what didn't happen... please do tell...

lost in DC
West Jordan, UT

Is there any shortcoming or failure,in domestic or foreign policy, for which BO has been responsible that the left has not denied, tried to blame on bush, or tried to rationalize away? This already got old and boring years ago.

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