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Published: Monday, June 2 2014 6:15 p.m. MDT

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South Jordan, UT

I wish we had similar efforts on a national level for ongoing scandals and criminal dealings.

Kaysville, UT

Payday loans have been a protected industry with the previous AGs and legislators not protecting the public who are susceptible to use this business. Utah doesn't allow gambling but an industry that takes from the poor and makes rich richer. The Utah GOP even has leaders in that industry.

The Feds decided long ago that there were no criminal wrongdoing in this case with all their resources available. Why are they tagging along now?

The two men involved may fight it but the one said he would not resign but ended up doing that. Above the law is what many people in high places have said until they lost the high place.

This is not good for the state if what the Salt Lake District attorney validates with the search leads to further processes. What happened in April 2012 during the GOP convention with the putting into process of John Swallow as the AG with hidden money will make other politicians think twice about trying the same act.

Who stole the cookie from the cookie jar?

DN Subscriber
Cottonwood Heights, UT

If there are real crimes, then go for it. If it is just a partisan witch hunt and fishing expedition by SL County Attorney Sim Gill (not out of the question!) then I hope they can sue their false accusers into bankruptcy.

As a previous poster alluded to, even if true, these are piddly charges compared to the magnitude of corruption and lawlessness we see daily at the Presidential and U.S. Attorney General level.

Sandy, UT

What took so long? These guys are shrouded in suspicion, murky dealings, bad people, all kinds of bad medicine. Their homes would likely not have any dirt, if they were smart. But...they dont appear too smart getting to this point. I smell big trouble here.

Virginia Beach, VA

Gosh, do you think these two had enough of a heads up?

With all the good ol' boys and gals they know working within Utah's Criminal so-called justice system, how could they not have been forewarned?

They had plenty of time to remove anything incriminating well before any search was conducted.

Sandy, UT

Good. Playtime is over. Time to pay the piper

Salt Lake City, UT

BYU alu: really glad you didn't say or intimate that these charges were shaky or politically motivated. These seem to be based on solid evidence to obtain a search warrant. At the national level, the same standard applies: if a judge sees evidence of wrong doing, they will issue a search warrant. If none exists, we will continue to be treated to a continuing political dog and pony show to try to make the other side weaker going into the fall election and the one in 2016.

Henry Drummond
San Jose, CA

What do they expect to find this long after the investigations have been made public. If these guys have something to hide, I would think they have had more than sufficient time to hide it.

Salt Lake City, UT

I wonder if Caroon has the same amount of confidence in Eric Holder and Obama that he does Sam Gill.

one vote
Salt Lake City, UT

Because these two ran up the conservative banner they get misplaced partisan support. This is the root of the problem. Talk the Utah talk, then commit criminal activity and get supported by the team.


@ DN Subscriber

"If there are real crimes, then go for it. If it is just a partisan witch hunt and fishing expedition by SL County Attorney Sim Gill (not out of the question!)"

Did you forget that Davis County Attorney Troy Rawlings, a REPUBLICAN, is also investigating this matter. Doesn't seem like so much of a witch hunt when it is a bipartisan investigation.

Virginia Beach, VA

BYU alum -

"I wish we had similar efforts on a national level for ongoing scandals and criminal dealings."

What ongoing scandals and criminal dealings?

Oh you mean the scandalous behavior of Republicans willing to do serious harm to this nation and attribute it to Democrats??

Salt Lake City, UT

These search warrants come as no surprise. I'll be highly surprised if they produce evidence of any value to the prosecution after all this time. The television news anchors I watched last night were breathless over the whole thing, repeating themselves endlessly. One could mistakenly have thought that something momentous had occurred. One reporterette complained that as she and her crew were trampling a neighboring garden and front yard, the neighbor "deployed" sprinklers to drive them off. Gimme a break. Much ado, but not much will come from all this.

Salt Lake City, UT

Some of the comments make it seem like getting a search warrant is a slam dunk. The prosecutor just can't tell the judge that "something smells fishy and we need a warrant". They need to make a specific allegation and show why they think they will find evidence of the allegation if the search is allowed. Also, thankfully judges of both parties sit on the bench in Utah and even better they run as non-partisan so no political game playing is likely.

Springville, UT

Welcome to the police state of Amerika. And thanks to the Deseret News for not telling the full story regarding the storming of Shurtleff's home.

Readers of course will continue to support our politsiya and their militarized tactics.

We used to be a free nation where we didn't need to worry that the government/police would storm our homes at any time. Now we can all live in fear of a government that wants to know everything you do at all times and has the full right to break down your day whenever they feel like it.

The only remaining step is to take away our guns.

Saratoga, UT

Going all in on my next bet - Sim running for AG as he has shown all of Utah how much he cares about doing what is right....or is he just another ambitious politician willing to do anything to create and grab headlines. Is there really something to investigate or do we have another fishing trip being paid for by the tax payers?


@ MapleDon

I sincerely doubt the police "stormed" either Shurtleff's or Swallow's homes. I'm fairly certain they knocked on the door, maybe even called as they were driving up and informed both parties and their attorneys that they were going to serve warrants. And the warrants were served at 4:30 in the afternoon, not exactly breaking down the "day" (door?) whenever they feel like.

And FYI, some warrants are allowed to be served any time, day or night, if the judge issuing the warrants allows it according to the 4th Amendment. Please remember that a judge must sign off on the warrant before it can be served.

Salt Lake City, UT

I agree we should get to the bottom of what is happening. It is really necessary however to have four SWAT type officers ambush Mark Shurtleff's teenage son and daughter at home with guns drawn while she was using the bathroom? What threat were they expecting?

You give Democrats (Sim Gill) power and guns through the use of government and this happens. Think Janet Reno and Elian Gonzoles for example. No wonder the Democrats want gun control and Republicans don't.

New to Utah

Finished listening to the Doug Wright show where Mark Shurtleff described the "Gestapo" tactics used in searching his home. My personal opinion is that Sim Gill is Eric Holders point man for the Democrat Party to inflict damage to Republicans. The Obama Admin is getting away with so much unconstitutional activity on a daily basis that this is just kids play to barge into someone's house while a child is using the bathroom. We really need to get to the bottom of this and that may mean connecting the dots of Holder's justice dept and Sim Gill.

salt lake city, UT

I find it interesting why federal prosecutors are looking into this spending tax dollars, while Holder is exempt from all wrong doings and corruption within the highest power of AG offices. Yet no one will even search his home, office or anything else because they are afraid of the consequences. If this is a country of free speech and the right to liberty and wrongful prosecution and civil rights from being pushed with abuse of powers, what does this say about the leaders. We have officers killing un armed Americans, and 99% go justified, we have politicians passing laws without the vote of the public, we are the people by the people and United we stand,

Is this not what this Country is about anymore? We the people demand answers from Holder, or anyone else, yet a witch hunt like this is a waste of money and time, especially when we have so much more corruption in DC.

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