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Published: Monday, June 2 2014 9:15 a.m. MDT

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Cleveland , OH

@2 bits: "Dick Cheney had military experience. He was the Secretary of Defense..."

The Big Bang Theory is a sitcom about a group of researchers at a university. Most of them have PhDs in their respective fields, one has a masters in engineering. On one episode the group was introduced to a new person who responded by saying, "a doctor, a doctor, a doctor, a doctor, and a guy who knows a lot of doctors."

Dick Cheney's military experience might be summed up the same way. "A General, a General, a General, and a guy who knows a bunch of Generals."

The GOP loves the military and supports the troops, as long as the military is other people's children and support means wearing a flag pin.

Romney is a great example - supported the Vietnam War and the draft, carefully maintained his personal deferment through college and his mission. War is great. As long as other people are drafted and get shot at.

John Kerry, on the other hand, volunteered and went. As much as I have problems with Kerry, he is head-and-shoulders above the republicans like Romney.

LDS Liberal
Farmington, UT

Let's see...

Former 1st Lady,
Former Senator of New York,
Former Secretary of State,

The GOP has who waiting in the wings?

Donald Trump?
Michelle Bachmann?

you saw how the Tea-Party tore up the GOP's only shot at the WH in 2016 with how they publically destroyed Gov. Chris Christy....

Midwest City, USA, OK

Republicans want experienced warriors who hold to well-rooted values with some form of consistency, and they disfavor anti-religious bullies. Water is wet.

LDS Liberal
Farmington, UT

Midwest City, USA, OK
Republicans want experienced warriors who hold to well-rooted values with some form of consistency, and they disfavor anti-religious bullies. Water is wet.

10:16 a.m. June 3, 2014



I'm a Veteran, well-rooted values, 100% consistant, I disfavor anti-religous bullies [btw - usually "Christians"].

Liberal and LDS.

Your "theory" is wet.

Bob K
Davis, CA

There must be staff members burning the midnight oil every night to find something slanted to print, in order to carry out the DN mission of kissing up to the right wing.

Since military people tend to be republicans, it is not shocking that more republicans think military experience is an important prerequisite to office.
President George W Bush "phoned in" his service, in the Vietnam Era, and made terrible military decisions while in office.
Mitt Romney claims that a mormon mission to France, while his less fortunate contemporaries were being blown to bits, is an equivalent service.

President Obama grew up during an era where there was no draft, and almost no war. Apparently, that is a good excuse to say he is a lesser man than those who served.

God bless our service men and women who have been loyal to the service of their country, but we never belonged in Iraq, and should have been out of Afghanistan a decade ago.

Howard Beal
Provo, UT

Some great Presidents had military experience: Washington, Truman etc.

Some great Presidents had no military experience: Jefferson, Lincoln

Some not so good Presidents had military experience: Grant, W.

Some not so Presidents had no military experience: Buchanan, Obama

clearfield, UT

Can't believe so many up till now have missed the elephant in the room. It's not about military experience. 43% of Democrats say it is a negative to be 70 years old. Well, guess who will be nearing 70 when she runs for President. And by the way, she is already looking older and older by the month. She is definately not the vibrant, energetic, youthful person we once knew. And, her overall health will become a big question. Plus she will be running against a much younger Republican governor or senator of which there are many in the Republican Party just waiting in the wings for a chance to win the White House. And the Democrat Party. Just who do they have if she is smart and does not run and have to defend the indefensible Obama administration. Kerry? Military experience yes, credibility no. Gore again? Probably would not want to take the pay cut. Any other Senator? Who? Govenors? Who? The Dems are putting all their eggs into one old basket.

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