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Published: Saturday, May 31 2014 7:30 p.m. MDT

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Kearns, UT

THe only reason that I even look at the Tribune is because I read Kirby, and look at the occasional Bagley cartoon. No other reason for reading it.

Aberdeen, ID

Why is the Tribune failing? It is an easy answer, they lost their niche. DNews is produced by the LDS church and has a natural readership. Why does the LDS church need a newspaper? Because they feel they have a message worth sharing and one way to ensure that the message makes it into the world is to have their own media outlets.

The SLT offered a different perspective and that worked for many years in Salt Lake. However today, if you want a different perspective you can go to hundreds of websites, like the New York Times, and get almost the same perspective.

The DNews attracts a world audience, so their readership is larger than Salt Lake, but so far the Tribune's market place is the every shrinking print media news in the Salt Lake market. I used to be a former Tribune subscriber when I lived in SLC, but I go to their website and find nothing that I want to read. Unless the Tribune can find a new niche, unfortunately the only thing ahead is more decline until it disappears.

Deep Space 9, Ut

To those saying that we need mroe diversity, look at the source for most of the articles within the DN.

Most of the articles come from 2 sources, the AP or Reuters. Does it really matter if it is the DN or the Tribues that collects and arranges the articles? The only difference between the 2 papers are local stories and opinion pieces. Since the tribues is dying slowly, its supporters should ask why before they blame the DN.

Salt Lake City, UT

The low information Voters of the SLTRIB who bought Obama's line about spreading the wealth are finding out, that unless you make a profit, you will go the way of the buggy whip. To bad the owners of the tribune didn't realize that until it is now too late!

The tribune is so out of touch just read the archive of bagheads cartoons and you will quickly see why!

lost in DC
West Jordan, UT

interesting that those complaining that the SL market will be down to only one voice are sounding their alarm on the internet, where there are untold millions of voices. Don't like the DN, look for news on-line. Who needs the trib for that?

Salt Lake City, UT

If they get rid of the Tribune, I won't bother to read the local paper at all. I don't mind reading the Deseret News, but it is all from the Mormon point of view and it gets old very fast! We have enough of it every day! I shouldn't be that way. I have read a lot of good articles and opinions in the Deseret News, but I , along with many others like to hear about stories and opinions that are different! Mormons don't seem to do that. When I worked at History, I would take in money for the newsletter. Every single time that they printed a story about non Mormons, I would get nasty notes and even phone calls. people would tell me that if they were going to print Catholic history or some other non Mormon story, they would stop taking the newsletter! I am not kidding! That is how it is in this state, a lot of people simply ignore all the great things that are not Mormon! This is just another example. Oh well, that is life. Life goes on.

Huntsville, UT

To those complaining about 'slanted' news on the Trib, you should try reading the articles in the DN. Talk about slant!

Salt Lake City, UT

"Personally, I prefer the tribune, but the online site of the DNews is much quicker loading between pages, so I read more DNews stories than sltrib stories"

Same. I'd also add that it's actually possible to have a conversation here in the comments thanks to the moderators (otherwise it'd just be an awful mess like the Tribunes comment forums, except of course the partisan skew here would be like The Blaze's comment forum).

The Caravan Moves On
Enid, OK

Article quote: "Sen. Jim Dabakis spoke at the rally at the Salt Lake City-County Building and like others present, placed the focus on the competing Deseret News, owned by the LDS Church and for decades a partner with the Tribune in a joint operating agreement that shares advertising revenues while keeping the papers' editorial voices separate."

Ahhhhh......once again, those old devils, the Mormons. They cause ALL the problems.

Got it.

I quite reading the Tribune simply because it was becoming more and more liberally biased/slanted against the LDS church. The comments from online readers were routinely over the top and full of hatred and spite against all things LDS.

Is anyone surprised that supporters of the SL Tribune are blaming the LDS church for its problems? Anyone?

And even here some posters are claiming that the "dominate culture" (code for "the LDS church") wants to suppress free speech.


No, all we want is truth and civility.

That's it, guys....simply "truth" and "civility".

Ray E.

Anyone who believes Dabakis would hold a rally to save the Deseret News, please stand on your head...

Born in Bountiful
Provo, Utah

The LDS church, owes no allegiance to the Trib, which bashes it and its policies at every turn. But as an LDS church member, I am satisfied that my donations go in part to subsidize the Trib, because I don't want to hear the outrage if the Trib can't make it on its own. The LDS church can compete with private business, because that business is owned by the profit making, tax-paying business the church owns. The argument that a church should not compete with a private business is based on the idea that a non-taxed organization should not have a competitive edge over a tax paying organization. That old argument does not carry any weight as the DN pays taxes on its profits, thus the LDS church is paying taxes on the profits of a company it owns. Bottom line, Trib lovers - if you like the Trib buy a subscription.

Lehi, UT

The Tribune has become little more than a dishonest propaganda machine. I used to read it daily but I, like other Conservative voices, was silenced, and was banned from commenting TWICE- once for pointing out that hating and threatening religious minorities is actually hating (activists were posting typical tribhate and I pointed out that if such things were said about gays, or other more liberal minority groups, then there would be action, but saying such things about Conservative religious people seems encouraged by the Tribune (Tribune responded by disabling my account and explained that they didn't "have time" to read a different point of view, but they let the hate continue unfettered and without question). The second time was for telling some truths about homosexuality (they didn't just delete the comments, but disabled my account and, again, allowed liberal activists to continue an almost frenzied dishonest hate festival, it was really sad to watch).

Provo, UT

I am in favor of continuing the SLTrib as a commercial venture. To imply that a newspaper is anything more than that seems rather disingenous. If Dabakis thinks it is so vital to mantain a "voice" that represents him, please let him raise the money to buy it himself.

Attleboro, MA

Thank heaven the church owns a newspaper! I can read it and not have to worry about sleazy ads that connect to porn sites. I can also read about values that reflect my own. That's WHY the church owns a newspaper. Good for the LDS church! If you don't like it … DON"T BUY IT! It's that simple.


Jim Dabakis should buy the Trib and design a strategy to make the Trib profitable. For those who are emotionally charged because of the Trib's demise, the printing press is going away. These are big name newspapers who are in trouble due to lack of readership: 1. Seattle Post-Intelligencer; 2. Rocky Mountain News; 3. Philadelphia Daily News; 4. Miami Herald; 5. San Francisco Chronicle; 6. Detroit News; 7. Chicago Sun-Times; 8. St. Paul Pioneer Press; 9. Los Angeles Times; 10. New York Daily News. It all boils down to substance. I gave up on reading the Trib because of its lack of newsworthy substances, although packed with other liberal stuff I do not care for. On the other hand, DN sometimes print stuff I do not care for either. The demonstrators should pool their money and buy the Trib so they can compete with others in the market of ideas for readership. DN must adhere to the core values of its owners while maintaining its credentials as a newspaper. The Trib did just that. The market or public has spoken and has determined the Trib's demise. Would you keep spending money in a business that is losing money despite getting free rent and no overhead?

Cottonwood Heights, UT

I stopped reading the Trib several years ago for the same reason as others have mentioned above. It become so slanted and biased and I wanted a more factual representation of the news of the day. Reading the DesNews was easier and although the content leans to the conservative side it's more balanced and objective than the Trib has been for years. Doesn't hurt my feelings one bit if the Trib faded away. They brought this on themselves.

A BYU Man Am I
Salt Lake City, UT

I think the uproar from Tribune fans comes from distribution stastistics. In March 2014, the Monday-Saturday subscibers for the Tribune were 61,475 verses 40,176 for the Deseret News (source: Allience for Audited Media). The Sunday subscribers for the same time period were 80,818 for the Tribune and 109,330 for the Deseret News (same source). However, more than half the Sunday subscibers for the Deseret News only receive the national faith-based edition, which the Deseret News practically gives away for free. So based off of distribution statistics, the Tribune is more lucrative than the Deseret News. I would have to agree with Tribune supporters: since the Tribune has more money-making subscribers than the Deseret News, what is the Deseret News' justification to split the earnings 70:30 in favor of itself?

Salt Lake City, UT

Obviously those that support the Tribune are kept from commenting regarding this article. Being told that my comments are in a "hold" status and awaiting approval from "Editors". It's been over 15 hours! This alone is a perfect reason why the people of this State need two voices and news sources. Especially one that does not practice censorship!

Socal Coug
San Diego, CA

"Why does a church own a newspaper?"
A lot of comments asked this question.
Churches own lots of things, that's how they survive as churches. The LDS Church is no different, making investments in a variety of things.
I'm not that sharp on my church history, but I'm pretty sure the DN has been there a very long time.

A BYU Man Am I
Salt Lake City, UT

I'm honestly confused by the people saying that the Tribune is "failing as a newspaper", and that "its management simply does not understand that a business will stay in business only as long as it it profitable, and profits come from providing goods or serviced that customers will buy", and that "fewer and fewer people care about buying it". What are your sources for those statements? All the the statistics I can find show that the Tribune is doing better than the Deseret News.

I like the Deseret News, but I don't think makes sense for them to distibute the money 70:30 in their favor when the statistics show it should be split about 60:40 in favor of the Tribune.

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