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Published: Thursday, May 29 2014 12:50 p.m. MDT

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Two For Flinching
Salt Lake City, UT

@ Rockwell

I did define competitive. Utah has been "in" the vast majority of conf. games played so far. As in, not very many blow outs. Hopefully Utah will get over the hump this year.

Two For Flinching
Salt Lake City, UT

@ backpacn

Utah and BYU had the same number of MWC championships. However, I agree with the majority of your post. Utah doesn't have a great history of accomplishments on the national scale. But when (not if) Utah does put together another great season they will be playing for national titles. Nobody will admit it, but Utah is the only team in this state with the potential to do so. One of the benefits of being in a P5 conference....

Sandy, UT


"But when (not if) Utah does put together another great season they will be playing for national titles."

Don't hold your breath. A program that only has 5 lifetime AP Top 25 finishes isn't likely to have flash-in-the-pan great seasons very often. Arizona was a MUCH better program in the WAC and the Wildcats have yet to play in a Rose Bowl after more than 30 years in the PAC.

It's laughable that you talk about the "benefits of being in a P5 conference" when U haven't even been good enough to qualify for a bowl in two of your three seasons in the PAC.

Playing a better schedule doesn't mean much if you don't win.

Mexican Ute
mexico, 00

One of my friends, a Ute fan, told me this:

BYU is the only program with a history. Utah is the only program with a future.

Go Utes!

Steven S Jarvis
Orem, UT


I am a bit older BYU fan. Back in the early nineties when I attended the Y the groundswell for independence was already started. It was the ideal dream. BYU wasn't ready and independence nearly crushed USU around that time so it was time to make the MWC. With the realignment and the need to own the rights to rebroadcast games BYU finally did the right thing. Sure many would like to be in the Big 12 or PAC 12. I am not one of them. I get bored of the same old teams coming in no matter who the program is. There is little incentive in being stuck in a league besides money.

I love seeing teams from all over the country play BYU. I really don't care who BYU is playing if its someone new.

In regards to Alabama, they still owe us a return trip they chickened out of after the close call last time BYU played them. I want a neutral site game in Texas in an NFL stadium with Bama. I think that BYU should schedule two neutral site big games a year and only play teams willing to come to Provo.

Steven S Jarvis
Orem, UT

@Mexican Ute

The future of the Ute program is likely going to be similar to the past.

The Utes will always be at a recruiting disadvantage in their league due to the lack of an ocean/tradition/lifestyle that top recruits want.

The Utes will likely not make a bowl.

They will always changing either a head coach, Offensive or Defensive coordinator yearly.

The Utes fans will always flock to the Y message board to remind us that they once beat Alabama in the Sugar Bowl and Pitt in the Fiesta. (and the Y fans 1984 Championship and Detmer's Heisman)

The Utes will be a tough game at home (thank you altitude) and will be an easier game on the road.

Two For Flinching
Salt Lake City, UT

@ Steven S Jarvis

Money is not the only incentive to being in a conference. Bowl tie-ins and schedule stability are both HUGE incentives. I would say that those two things are what BYU fans complain about the most since BYU went independent. Not to mention, if you lose a game, the season isn't over. You can still compete for the conf. title, or at least a good position in conference to earn a berth in a good bowl.

If BYU was in the Big 12, I doubt many Coug fans would be bored watching OU, Texas, Baylor, etc. roll through Provo. Also, I don't understand your point about playing new teams being fun. Savannah St. is new, but I can guarantee you that it will not be a fun game. Playing CSU late in November with conf. implications on the line would be infinitely better, IMO.

Weber has the same chance of hosting BYU in Ogden, as BYU does of bringing the Tide into Provo. A neutral site game would be more likely, but even then I doubt Alabama would be willing to match up with BYU. Alabama only plays neutral site games against P5 (former BCS) teams.

Two For Flinching
Salt Lake City, UT

@ backpacn

Well that's the great thing about being a fan; hope springs eternal. Utah had two bad years, but it isn't a death sentence like BYU fans are making it out to be. Washington was horrible from 2004-2009. They won 1, 2, 5, 4, 0, and 5 wins respectively in each of those seasons. But they managed to recover and have been to bowl the past four seasons, and won their bowl game with authority in 2013. Once the coaching and QB carousel settles down Utah will be a respectable player in the PAC-12. They're probably not going to be perennial contenders, but being an upper half team with an outside shot of winning conference every 4-6 years is possible.

Omaha, NE


"Utah is the only program with a future."

Two losing seasons with a tougher schedule than last year is having a future? How about we analyze the present before discussing the future. One team can't make a bowl and the other hasn't missed a bowl since 2005. Some future to look forward to for a certain team.

Orem, UT


"Well that's the great thing about being a fan; hope springs eternal. Utah had two bad years,..."

More like two good years and over a hundred years of mediocre to bad seasons.

You can count Utah's 11+ win, Top 25 teams on two fingers, and with only one more finger, you can count Utah's Top 25 ranked conference champions.

Mexican Ute
mexico, 00

BYU had a bigger history than Utah from about the 1970s to around 2000.

Utah owned BYU before the 1970s and since 2001 is 9-3 against BYU, including the last four games.

Utah's ONE bowl game brought in more money for the team than BYU's THREE bowl games. Combined.

Not to mention that Pac 12 membership the money is spread around too. That means a bigger budget towards athletics and improving their research facility in medicine among other things.

But if you really want history, here you go:

Number of January bowl games: Utah 2 BYU 1

All time series: Utah 57 BYU 34 Ties 4

While BYU has more top 25 finishes than Utah and by a long shot, the vast majority of those were in the LaVell Edwards era though Roscoe has had a few good seasons, though nothing special as their repeated losses to top tier competition have been disappointing.

Remember, Whittingham WAS BYU's first option before Bronco. Whittingham decided to go to Utah instead. We are happy to have him.

Steven S Jarvis
Orem, UT


Utah is stuck playing AZ, AZ St. Colorado, USC and UCLA each year. All those teams are on the rise currently. While I believe Utah is getting better too, its not keeping up with the neighbors.

Utah has a very slim shot at bowling. They must win 3-4 conference games. Colorado currently is a toss up. USC, UCLA, Washington, Oregon, Arizona State are all likely losses. Some years Utah will beat Cal, Colorado, Oregon State, Washington State, Arizona and Stanford (which they match up well with at home). I only see them bowling about thirty percent of the time right now.

I am looking forward to seeing a SWAC team. While I prefer Grambling Savannah State will do fine. This is the last chance probably to see such a program.

Sandy, UT

"If Alabama is going to play any non-conference teams in the heat of SEC play, it's going to be a FCS cupcake team."

BYU in November it is.

Mapleton, UT

As a cougar fan I would love to see a game versus the Tide. However there are multiple problems: Huge ones at that.
First. It is not a neutral site with neutral or so-called "non-power 5" officials. Like what Utah enjoyed. No, this game is at home for The Tide, with SEC officials guaranteeing an Alabama victory. And, if that wasn't enough, after watching the first 4 games of the season this year and knowing that it is clearly the worst officiating in the history of College football, it would be a boring boring game to watch. Every play for a loss for Alabama would result in a PF against BYU. Every play over five yards by BYU would be called back for a phantom holding call. Every failed long bomb by Alabama would be a First and 10 after an equally phantom like PI penalty.

Nope. Sorry, but that game can't happen in Tuscaloosa. If ESPN would arrange the game and put it in Dallas with Big 10 Officials, then that would be a fabulous game to attend!!

West Jordan, Utah

Oh how I would love to see this happen. Bama would win by 40 points.

Keith Of Utah
Roy, UT

It's obvious we'd play them if at all possible, home and home would be the best scenario. If we could play an SEC team, go for it! It's that simple, you play who you can play from a power five any time you can. That will help recruiting and it will help our case for being considered a top power five opponent as an independent, especially if we are beating these teams on a consistent basis. Anyone who thought any different would be crazy. BYU is a program that is on the rise and deserves to be considered a power 5 opponent and if it wins those games and has that kind of schedule every year, then we will be invited to the Big XII and we will become the program we want BYU football to become. You are right, it's a no brainer.

John Locke
Ivins, , UT

Hill will be a Sr. and it would be good for his Heisman hopes if byu beats them at Alabama...he won't win it this year. Weak schedule. Would watch that one, though. Utah grad, but we beat them, why not byu, so they can brag, too.

Boy of Fall
Spanish Fork, UT

"Utah will continue playing in the 2nd best conference in the nation, only behind the SEC." If Utah wasnt in the conference it would probably be the best conference in college football...quit holding the pac 12 back! Its not fair to them.


Heck yes I would love to see a seventy to ten beat down by the "Y".

Westy Sheboygan, WI
Sheboygan, WI

I guess it depends on how badly BYU wants to get beat. I am a BYU alumni. They have a nice football program, but they cannot compete with Alabama. They lost to Central Florida this week. I know that the injuries have been awful and unfortunate. I do not understand why they thought that being an independent was the way to go.

I saw them play Wisconsin last year. UW beat them easily and UW is not an elite team, though they are pretty good.

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