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Published: Thursday, May 29 2014 10:15 p.m. MDT

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Southern, UT

Well he'll get a lot of playing time. However, instead of potentially playing for the National Title he'll have to settle for the Potato Bowl or the Poinsettia Bowl. Hope you're happy with your choice kid.

Why, AZ

There is going to be a good competition for the Quarterback position for the next few years. If Hobbs doesn't make it as a quarterback, he could be a good running back or wide receiver.

West Valley, UT

So is this like quarterback number 9 at Utah?

scottsdale, AZ

Stang0, he will get more playing time at USU than at Oregon where he was likely not to play at all. USU is loaded with QB talent, it will be interesting to see who surfaces in two years out of Garretson, Hobbs, or Myers. For those interested check out the highlights of these QBs on video. Here are the senior stats on these players:

Darell Garretson - Passing-211/316 (67% Comp.), 3065 yards, 27 TD's, 6 INT. Rushing- 69car./347 yards, 7 TD's
Kent Myers - Passing- 218/301 (72% Comp.), 3331 yards, 41 TD's, 4 INT. Rushing- 76car./569 yards, 10 TD's
Damion Hobbs - Passing- 200/297 (67% Comp.), 2591 yards, 27 TD's, 7 INT. Rushing- 180car./763 yards, 11 TD's

Hailstorm is a coming
Riverdale, UT

The school is Utah State University that he is transferring to, not the University of Utah.

Alex T
Murray, UT


He is transferring to utah STATE. Not Utah.

Read the article.

Centerville, UT


It's Utah State he's transferring to. Not Utah.


I don't understand your hate for the Aggies. Everyone likes the Aggies? Did your affections get rebuffed when you tried to become a True Aggie, or what?

Northwest Reader
Vancouver, WA

Looks like a nice addition to follow up Chuckie. Welcome Damion!

Logan, UT

It will be interesting to see how this all plays out since Myers will be eligible this year. He could really secure his spot if he impresses in the fall. He ought to be able to leapfrog Harrison (and maybe Garretson) at any rate.

I have a feeling that DJ Nelson is not going to want to stick around when he gets back from his mission.

Hailstorm is a coming
Riverdale, UT

Logan, UT

I have a feeling that DJ Nelson is not going to want to stick around when he gets back from his mission.
Not if Bronco and players can apply enough peer pressure.

Big 12 Call Yet?
Ogden, UT


Utah State. University of Utah Pac 12 Utes

Those are different teams

One is a fun regional WAC program that once every 10-20 years will beat their big brother rivals and it will be the highlight of their decade.

The other is a power 5 Pac 12 team with multiple top 5 finishes in recent years.

Big big difference. Please don't confuse them.

scottsdale, AZ

Damion looks like a real athlete, and Myer's 41 TD's 4 int is jaw dropping. Been forever since USU has been able to attract this quality of athlete. Thank you coach Anderson and Wells!

scottsdale, AZ

I think it is Big 12 call yet that is confused (maybe Chris B?). How does the U have multiple top 5 finishes in recent years? By my recollection the U is the football bottom dweller of the Pac 12. (what is their PAC 12 football won loss record?) Believe me, USU does not want to be confused with either the U or BYU. We are enjoying the best of times, U of U is just an Elavil above depression.

Oh Really?

Looks like this QB has the audible down...

Why, AZ

Too bad the UoU cancelled their game with USU this year. I understand why they cancelled it, they were afraid they would lose to USU, and that would mean it would be harder to get those six wins that have eluded them for the last couple years.

scottsdale, AZ

Big 12...way to go..you get your pleasure from belittling others and the accomplishments of others. It has been bad times for the Aggies...now much better. Who do you think is having more fun, an Aggie fan or a Ute football fan? We will never be able to compete at the same level as Utah on a consistent basis, just as Utah will never be able to compete with USC, Arizona State, Arizona, Cal, Stanford, Oregon on a consistent basis. But at least we are where we belong.

scottsdale, AZ

PAC 12…if you are having more fun with no bowls and bottom part of the conference enjoy! USU is competitive in its conference. I put this to you, would you belittle the IVY league because Harvard/Yale/Princeton can't compete with the power conference schools?
But Utah has a definite disadvantage in the four C's for recruiting in the PAC:
1. College….Stanford, Berkeley A+ Utah C
2. Culture….USC, UCLA Stanford A+ Utah D
3. Climate USC UCLA Stanford A+ Utah D (maybe F the winters are gruesome)
4. Coeds USC Arizona State Arizona A+ Utah D

I'm happy for Utah being in the PAC 12, just as I am happy that USU isn't there, you are right we would not be able to compete. Does that make USU less worth while? It's success any less of an achievement. Get back to me when the U is competitive. Utah should be ashamed they lost to USU two years ago by your warped sense of sports and competition.

Eagle Mountain, UT

It is interesting that the majority of mail on a USU article or a BYU article is always from U of U supporters. I wonder why that is. Give a program credit where credit is due. It would be great to see all programs from Utah win and achieve their significant goals.

Southern, UT


Utah was in the original MWC when that conference meant something. Utah/BYU/TCU made the original MWC. Now it probably ranks right up there with the Sun Belt.

Salt Lake City, UT

Chris B is trolling us again? Hilarious!

He obviously pays more attention to those pesky Aggies than he cares to admit, so that means we're doing something right. All the PAC smack in the world won't convince me otherwise. Oh, by the way we had far more players enter the NFL this year than U did. And our TV ratings were higher last season. Congrats, the P12 network is the new MTN.

At least our conference peers respect us. Utah can't seriously claim that programs like USC, UCLA, Oregon, and Arizona State respect the U. That's lunacy. Besides, Utah hasn't beaten the Sun Devils since 1976.

The only reason Utah had a decent first season in the PAC was because UCLA, Oregon State, Arizona, and Wazzou were all firing their coaches due to poor performance.

Utah traded their heart and soul (and wins) for the almighty dollar. Sure hope it was worth it for U, Chris.

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