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Published: Thursday, May 29 2014 10:30 a.m. MDT

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West Point , UT

Both BYU and Utah added speed and athleticism in their recruiting this season. Should be fun to watch these guys perform and see just how good they can be as the season progresses.

Lifelong Ute
Salt Lake City, UT

Congratulations to Dres Anderson on this recognition. He'll be playing on Sundays and we need to use his talent as long as we have him. I think we can have a good year with a healthy QB


Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

We need dres to have a big season. With our new and improved Nascar offense that coach Christensen is implementing, I think the offense could turn out to be good.

We know the defense will do its part, and coach Christensen has led offenses that have regularly put up 40 points a game

The future if bright for Pac 12 Utah football.

Proud ute
Proud Pac 12 member

Las Vegas, NV

The kid played at UTEP against horrible teams in the MWC who struggle defensively, he's probably a bit above average, but produced great stats because of an easy schedule. Sound familiar? Until you play 10 BCS opponents a year, one can't really say or evaluate with confidence if he is really a top player. Dres is a proven commodity, doesn't matter who the QB is. Hill is not known for his throwing, might be tough for this player to duplicate or even match his non-bcs Utep Miner stats, the previous UTEP QB had a better arm and accuracy than Hill.

Cletus from Coalville
Coalville, UT

Coach Christensen experience at Wyoming in the prestegous mwc will make us even more prestegous than we already are now so we can be proud Utes again and proud pac members and maybe we can even go to a bowl game this year if we try hard.

Go Utes!

Y Grad / Y Dad
Richland, WA

Why yes JD that does sound familiar thanks for asking! I seem to recall a team a couple years back that had a couple of good seasons and thought they were all that. They got invited into a big boy conference and pretty much sunk to the bottom. Nobody has heard from them ever since.

Darren Rowe
Heber City, UT

Honestly, I think Devon Blackmon and Michael Davis will be more explosive than Jordan Leslie. Maybe even Nick Kurtz and Mitch Matthews. I know Leslie is a great deep threat, but he is nowhere near BYU's fastest receiver, and speed is the most important part of explosiveness.

As for Dres, he is an outstanding player. In my opinion, he was the main reason utah beat BYU last year. He just made so many plays and forced so much defensive attention. However, this year I don't think utah really has anyone else who is much of a threat. Dres will draw so much attention I think he will be kept in check this year, but he will still be solid.

Spokane Ute
Spokane, WA

Y Grad / Y Dad

Yet that team has beat your beloved Cougars 4 straight years. Ouch!

As far as the article goes; I'm hoping that Dres Anderson has an outstanding season and finish to his career. I know Devonte Christopher's senior season was very disapointing to say the least. I'm not sure about the UTEP transfer; but we shall see.

Salt Lake City, Utah

@ Darren Rowe,

"However, this year I don't think utah really has anyone else who is much of a threat"

Yeah, no other threats at receiver for Utah really. Just a guy named Kenneth Scott, who would be a starting receiver for any PAC 12 team. Oh, and Kaelin Clay, thought to be one of the fastest players who will ever wear a Ute jersey, along with Delshawn McClellon, Dominique Hatfield and Brian Allen, who all will be explosive playmakers.

Salt Lake City, Utah

Oh, I forgot about Troy McCormick. I know he's listed as a RB, but I wouldn't be surprised to see him line up frequently as a slot receiver. That guy has big play written all over him, and reminds me of a De'Athony Thomas 2.0

Eagle Mountain, UT


First of all UTEP is in the Conference USA. Not that it is a better league but just goes to show you did no research or have little knowledge of the comments you are making. The NFL is filled with many receivers that didn't play in the pac 12 or sec or big12 ect. This article is stating that he is an explosive receiver. That's it. Its not saying he will be a Heisman candidate. Its not saying he will be the first pick in the draft. Its saying he is on of the most explosive athletes in the country. The article is even titled "14 for 14: The most explosive athletes in college football".

West Jordan, UT

The article says that Dres will need a healthy and accurate quarterback while Leslie needs to develop "chemistry" with Hill. I think they got the "accurate" description with the wrong QB. Hill only completed 54% of his passes last year and started the first 3-4 games only completing 35% (or close to that) of his passes. He was abysmal when playing quality teams. Leslie won't catch the ball much if that continues. Meanwhile Wilson completed over 65" of his passes before he injured his right throwing hand in October, which obviously limits your accuracy. With a healthy Wilson, Dres should be fine (he had something like 4 straight 100 yard games when Wilson was healthy). Leslie just needs someone who can put the ball in his hands. Hopefully Hill can improve his accuracy and do that....otherwise the transfer to byu will be a waste.

Y Grad / Y Dad
Richland, WA

Spokane Ute
Spokane, WA

Good to hear from you! Hope life has been treating you well. After three years, Utah's main measure of success is still how they played against the team they left behind, supposedly.

But yes, back to the story, I'll table my other snarky comment in honor of my friend Spokane Ute. Dres's accomplishments are impressive indeed, and I hope he gets the opportunity to repeat them.

If Jordan measures up, it will be equally impressive, as he faces pretty decent competition from without and within. The cougars face three P-5 teams and several others who will be competing for their albeit "mid-major" conference championships. I dare say, BYU will face a significant number of bowl-bound teams this year.

But he will also be competing for catches with a group of receivers every bit as capable of breaking big plays. Will be fun to watch.



"Hill was abysmal when playing quality teams."

Luckily for BYU that won't be an issue. I expect Hill to put up big numbers and rack up the wins this year. BYU fans seem to care a lot more about wins and numbers and not so much about who those wins come against, so this should be an enjoyable season for them.

Mcallen, TX

Dres Anderson would be better off if he could follow Leslie's footsteps.

Spend his senior year as a coug with a QB who can get the ball to him.

Eagle Mountain, UT


so you can just pick and choose the percentages when you want to show how great wilson is, but you take complete percentages for hill? Wilson actually had 56% completion rating. If you take out the first 2 games the cougs played in monsoon weather Hill had a 57%. Thank goodness you aren't a sports reporter for a career. Yes Wilson had a better completion % than hill but the dude was a interception machine. 16 ints vs 16 tds in only 9 games? 1.77 ints per game? Its tough to have confidence in a quarterback with numbers like that. I am not saying Hill is the greatest quarterback in the world but he made dramatic improvement from beginning to end of season. I hope they both play well this season. with a year under the new offense I expect hill to be much improved. Wilson we shall see. Health issues tend to be career enders up there on the hill.

salt lake city, UT

BYU's player should have a better year given the level of competition they play against. Things are a lot tougher when you play against elite atheletes and programs week after week. If you want to pile up stats go to BYU, if you want to play against the best go to the University in Utah.

Darren Rowe
Heber City, UT


I'm sorry, but I've never heard of anyone you listed besides Kenneth Scott. I would think if they were really that great I would know who they were.

Then again, I don't really care about or follow the utes as much as utah fans care about and follow BYU, so I guess it's natural that I haven't heard of them.

P.S. If Kenneth and Dres were such a dangerous pair I would think utah would have had a more explosive offense. I'm not saying BYU's offense was great last year, but the utes definitely had their issues too.

Highland , UT


Sounds like nothing but future NFL hall of famers in the utah wr corps. We all know the guys you listed were the #1 through #7 ranked wr recruits in the entire country and every one of them could probably be in the NFL today and of course scott is better than Megatron and anderson is better than Julio Jones and clay is better than Brandon Marshall and mcclellon is better than Demaryius Thomas and hatfield is better than A.J Green and allen is far superior to Vincent Jackson and how could anyone doubt that mccormisk isn't better than all of those guys put together since he rated an entire post all his own declaring him the re-incarnation of De'Anthony Thomas.

Honestly I'm not sure how utah can't complete every pass they throw even if their qb did lead the entire world in interceptions because these wr's simply can't be stopped by anyone at any time. No doubt utah will go undefeated and win the new playoffs and be national champs for the next 4 years in a row with that sort of talent on tap.


Brave Sir Robin
San Diego, CA

@Darren Rowe

"P.S. If Kenneth and Dres were such a dangerous pair I would think utah would have had a more explosive offense."

You do know that Kenneth Scott missed all of last season with a broken leg, right?

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