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Published: Wednesday, May 28 2014 2:50 p.m. MDT

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BYU Track Star
Los Angeles, CA

I'm amazed that some employers require a 4-year college degree to work behind the counter at alot of car rental places. I'm also amazed that some department stores require a 4-year degree in Fashion merchandizing to work behind the counter of a Chain Department store selling prefume and jewelry. I'm not trying to denigrate the employee's academic credentials. I think alot of these jobs really only require a High School diploma and not a $200,000 BA degree in liberal Arts. The Employers obviously don't want to pay premimun salaries for such educational achievements.

BYU Track Star
Los Angeles, CA

I'd also like to add to those young people who go into the S.T.E.M (Science, Technolgy, Engineering &, Math) fields of study. You will be better compensated than those who don't. Of course getting through the course work is no easy task. The Math/Chem/Physics class sequence IMHO is also a screening-out process for the STEM dilettentes. Best of luck guys and girls, you may be the next Steve or Stephanie Jobs!!!

Mcallen, TX

BYU Track Star,

Many college grads can't find jobs, and it becomes a good deal for places like a car rental agency to hire them.

Each year, 82,000 highly skilled workers from other countries, come here for employment, and forces our grads into lower skilled positions.

Orem, UT

The stats may be misleading. Yes, college graduates make more money than do those who never attend or those who drop out. But those who put in the time and effort necessary to get a diploma are also the kind of people who are ambitious and would likely excel in life even if there were no colleges.

So you can't just put some number on a person's salary and say "You would have made X dollars less (or more) if you got the degree".

College can be great, but you can't spend 4 years and $100K+ for some useless degree and hope to automatically be on easy street. (Especially in this lousy economy.)

Logan, UT

Anything is worth it if you do it right.

BYUtrack star

Steve Jobs dropped out of college, not a compelling argument for college.

Mcallen, TX

If a person is smart enough to complete college, then they are smart enough to be successful without it.

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