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Published: Monday, May 26 2014 12:00 a.m. MDT

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Sandy, UT

If the establishment Republicans do not feel heat from the Tea Party we will have the Democrats controlling the Administration and the Courts and Democrats- lite controlling Congress. Remember that under Bush Congress spent a lot of money. Of our total national debt on $17,000,000,000,000, $12 trillion was amassed by Bush and Obama and there is no hope of reaching a balanced budget in the next 10 years.

Does anyone think we can keep adding hundreds of billions to the debt year after year without it finally catching up to us?

David King
Layton, UT

Putting "tea party" in the title of an article is a great way to guarantee page views, numerous comments, and almost no productive dialogue. I'm confident that the response to this article will follow that script pretty closely.

Rather than spending so much time on whether the tea party has influence or how much we hate them, I wish we could instead focus on the main issues that led to the tea party's inception.

A major point of concern was the complete inability of Congress to deal in any meaningful way with our nation's budget challenges. This has not changed.

The budget deal in December is a perfect example. Hailed by the "problem-solvers" and "moderates" as a great compromise, it reduces the deficit by a pitiful $23 billion or so over ten years. That almost matches exactly the estimated cost of the government shutdown.

It won't matter if the tea party exists in ten years. What will matter is if our representatives can begin addressing seriously our fiscal challenges. All attempts to this point have been so timid as to be meaningless.

Provo, , UT

The Tea Party is finally on it's way out. Too many of our mainstream Republicans are tired of being hijacked by the Tea Party and their extremist view points. I for one will not forget the takeover and shut down in Washington. When Mike Lee runs again, I will vote for anyone but him, even if it is a moderate Democrat.

Snack Pack
Lehi, UT

Thanks Bob Bennett. Um.., we'll take Mike Lee. Next.

seattle, WA

It really insults the intelligence of the informed reader to propagate the notion that the Tea Party was really all about fiscal accountability. Yeah, the Tea Party folks headlined a shout-out about fiscal responsibility. However, their main message in governance and policy is to establish theocratic principles into law. Serious analysis of Tea Party influence on the Republican party and their governance would reveal this. Stop abortion, restrict voting rights, fight against gay marriage, prayer in schools, and all the other socially conservative platform items are what most Tea Party politics have brought to us. These dog whistle messages send the older, predominately male and religiously conservative into paroxysms of ecstasy.

Has the national Republican party campaigned to end our national deficit spending, and told us how they plan to do it? Does it make sense to lower taxes when we have so much money to pay back that we spent? Can we afford the massive military we have? Do we intend to turn the United States into a Christian Iran? These are questions that need to be asked of the Republican party, and which our tone deaf media refuse to ask.

Mike Richards
South Jordan, Utah

What is the "Tea Party" Platform?

1. Eliminate Excessive Taxes

2. Eliminate the National Debt

3. Eliminate Deficit Spending

4. Protect Free Markets

5. Abide by the Constitution of the United States

6. Promote Civic Responsibility

7. Reduce the Overall Size of Government

8. Believe in the People

9. Avoid the Pitfalls of Politics

10. Maintain Local Independence


Which of those platform planks do the "anti-tea party" people disagree with?

America is a nation where the people tell the government what to do and how to do it. Many in government find that concept restrictive. Obama finds the Constitution restrictive. He finds Congress to be an impediment. He mocks the Court. Maybe it's time to read what the "Tea Party" is all about before throwing stones at those who want the Constitution to be the Supreme Law of the Land.

San Diego, CA

The Tea Party groups talk about money while trying to get elected, but when and if they do so, it's clear that they're really about legislating morals.

red state pride
Cottonwood Heights, UT

I respect former Senator Bennett and I respect Mitch McConnell and think he's done a reasonable job as minority leader. I also have no doubt that as soon as Republicans control the Senate and the House and possibly the Presidency then we're back to business as usual in DC with Republicans getting the pork instead of Democrats. Then the Democrats will start whining about the debt and deficits that don't bother them now. It's so predictable. And in 24 years Mike Lee will be running commercials about saving Hill AFB. And no one will really care about deficits as long as the Social Security and Disability checks don't bounce.
But I would like to suggest that Mr Bennett write his next column about Richard Lugar, Arlen Specter, and Charlie Crist. They were all "wonderful Republicans" also as long as the mood suited them. Then they turned on the Republican party out of sheer selfishness. Because it was always about them and not any real principles other than pork and power.

Twin Lights
Louisville, KY

Mike Richards,

Avoid the pitfalls of politics? Seriously? Is THAT what the Tea Party has done? No. They have been the most politically strident, my way or the highway folks in Congress.

Irony Guy
Bountiful, Utah

@Mike, I contend the tea party is certainly not about your ten points. Not at all. The tea party is about racist reaction, denying science, starving our schools, eliminating Muslims from the planet, and leaving poor and dependent people to get sick and die (cf. the loud calls for that very thing at one of their venomous meetings last year). The chief values of the tea party are selfishness, ignorance, and vengeance.

LDS Liberal
Farmington, UT

@Mike Richards
South Jordan, Utah


If you had read the article,
nobody - especially former Sen. Bennett - said anything about principles.

Rather, it is the radical, no compromising, all-or-nothing, My way or the highway, "You Lie!", We'll shutdown the Government if we do not get our way -- extremism that 80% of America's disdain about the Tea Party.

Sometimes you shoot because of the message,
Sometimes you shoot because of the messenger.

seattle, WA

Mr Richards,
It does not matter what you say the platform of the Tea Party is. It matters what it does once it controls the levers of government.
The Tea Party controlled states have made marquis laws out of anti-choice, anti-immigrant, anti-gay, anti-woman and, anti-minority voting rights. They promote "Christian" (as defined by them) laws, and make themselves victims of the "oppressive" expressions of tolerance and acceptance that most in this country believe in.
Say what you will, but acts speak louder than words.

ER in AF
Harare, Zimbabwe, 00

Hey Snack Pack, had the voters in the primary that Sen Lee ousted B. Bennett in been a true reflection of the voting population, then there would not have been a "Sen." Lee. Bennett would still be our Senator and Lee would be a footnote in history. I doubt Lee will win again. The only way he will win is if he CONTINUES to distance himself from the extremist views of the TeaPartiers.

The Real Maverick
Orem, UT

The few party isn't on it's way out.

Quite the opposite.

The tea party has been legitimized. It has taken over the GOP establishment. Mitch McConnell, Orrin Hatch, Jon Boehner all repeat tea party talking points.

What in Tucket?
Provo, UT

THose awful Tea Party people, balanced budget? less red tape? lower tases? Heck no. We want More debt and social spending. We need more folks on welfare and food stamps.

There You Go Again
Saint George, UT

The list from one comment above represents a typical Republican laundry list.

The problem is the Republicans only have the list...

When in power...for example 2001-2006... they spend like Reagan on steroids.

The t-party was funded by the Koch Brothers.

As soon as the t-party served its usefulness...unifying the base of the Republican Party...the funding was funneled toward other Koch Brother priorities.

For example...all those grass roots events were simply astro-turf.

When the Koch Brothers reduced their funding of these events...the events went away.

The Koch Brothers are now on a path to make the USA look like a page out of the John Birch Society playbook.

Given their enormous resources to make things happen...it just might happen.

DN Subscriber
Cottonwood Heights, UT

Wow. Just wow.

Some people seem to actually believe the talking point fantasies of Harry Reid, the Democrats, and even repudiated ex-Senator Bob Bennett.

The charges that the tea party people (there is not really a "party" as such) are racist bigoted homophobes or somehow funded by two rich guys are both total fabrications as well as libelous slander on the millions of good people who support the tea party principles so well articulated by Mike Richards above. This is the sort of defining your enemy and making it personal attack urged by Obama's hero, Saul Alinsky in his "Rules for Radicals."

By the way, if big money donors are such anathema to Democrats, where is their outrage at Soros and Bloomberg dumping millions of dollars into shady Democrat-allied outfits? They just want to stop free speech by conservative any way they can.

The tea party principles must prevail, or our nation will surely crumble from bankruptcy, and it is just as bad done by liberal Democrats as it is when "moderate" Republicans are the big spenders. Do it for "the children" won't you?

Everett, 00

Is it just me,
or do you think Bob Bennett is postitioning himself for another run for the Senate Seat Tea-Party Darling Mike Lee "stole" from him?

Midwest City, USA, OK

Without putting down the Tea Party too harshly, they're not pragmatic. Their ideals are true, but the impression I often get from prominant Tea Party events or individuals is one without much compromise. Not that Democrats or liberals are any better, mind you-they're equally against compromise, they just have more media muscle to promote their one-sided iideas.

That's not to say that the Tea Party is "wrong", however. After all, as said, "establishment Republicans" have had to "move to the right" somewhat to win. Republicans have had control over Congress running on Tea Party principles. (Granted, the senate and white house haven't let congress do their job, but a deadlock is better than the one-sided steamroll that brought Obamacare.) Mike Richards is absolutely correct; THAT IS THE TEA PARTY. Any and all alternate definitions or descriptions, including ones given here, are incorrect. They're given by people who -do- oppose some of those things, because those things put a choke-hold on the centralized power needed to enforce destructive and wicked ideals.

Sandy, UT

I don't understand how Snack Pack and others still snakily gloating over Senator Bennett's defeat some four years after the fact constitute the "civil dialogue" the Deseret News says it is trying to create.

For my part, I think Mike Lee has made a lot of noise and accomplished next to nothing. Utah made a huge mistake when they tossed aside a respected, effective senator for someone so ineffective. These latest election results show that most other Republicans across the country agree with me.

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