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Published: Monday, May 26 2014 1:45 a.m. MDT

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Gilbert, AZ

I think you nailed it!

Layton, UT

So they're afraid of byu...but not ND. lol.

Henry Drummond
San Jose, CA

I don't think this is about a vast Power Five conspiracy. The P5 is a club and you're not a member so you're going to be awkward situation for scheduling. The P5 wants nine "real" games against fellow powerhouse schools, and only three against pushovers. So where does that leave BYU? You're too good to be considered a pushover, but not good enough to be considered a powerhouse school.

By 2017, the P5 is going to avoid scheduling you.

Solution: Get in one of the P5 conferences. No, you won't have to play on Sunday, that can be fixed. Television rights can't however. That's the problem BYU faces.

Saint George, UT

"...the two conferences are afraid of the Cougars in some small way and don't want to share their piece of the pie with them.
Afraid of the Cougars?
No. Not even in some small way.
Follow the money.
Don't want to share their piece of the pie with them?
One of BYU's stumbling blocks to an offer is the fact they won't relinquish a piece of their pie.
"...The big boys didn't want to share their spoils with the so-called little guys of college football...".
Not any more than BYU doesn't want to share their negotiated spoils with anyone else in college football.
If BYU won't share their negotiated spoils with anyone in college football, why should anyone in college football want to share their negotiated spoils with BYU?

Woods Cross, UT

Sounds about right. I'm sure that is what they were thinking.

Jimmy James
Salt Lake City, Ut

I disagree. BYU is in the tough position of being good enough to beat some of the best teams in the nation when they're firing on all cylinders, but bad enough that they will still lose too many games against good opponents so that they never reach that "elite" status. Hence, it's a lose - lose game for any top program that plays them. If a top program beats BYU, that was what was supposed to happen. If they lose, it's a massive upset. Even if the SEC and ACC officially listed BYU as a "power opponent", it wouldn't change the reality of the perception that top teams should always beat BYU. Thus, I actually think excluding them was more of a ploy to discourage SEC / ACC teams from playing BYU. Big conference teams have nothing to gain from playing BYU, and those conference officials know it.

truth in all its forms
henderson, NV

If BYU were to run the table they would go to the playoffs... That is not going to happen. They might be able to run the table when they schedule all FCS schools like weber.


It is likely that this is part of why they chose to not count BYU as a Big 5 team, but I think those making the decision had multiple reasons, not just this one.

Clearly BYU is historically and currently better than many of the worst teams in the Big 5.

Sandy , UT

I think you missed it wide right. First off look at the record byu has against the ACC and SEC less then 35%. So why play a team that is on par with the MWC. You can say they are scared but who is scared to play byu the ACC and SEC did not say that their teams could not play byu. Just that the game would not count as a big 5 game. Ask Virginia they know they can schedule byu for a easy win. Of the big 5 teams byu played last year how many did they beat not that many. So again why play them?

Colorado Springs, CO

ekute. ND is and has always been in. They would not think to exclude them and besides ND has a scheduling agreement with the ACC and is part of them in all other sports than football. It's not being afraid of them on the football field, although BYU has proven they can hang with all but the elite of any conference. It is afraid of having to share the money they hoard at the top levels of CFB. As I have always said, level the playing field (money) and you'll see much more competitive teams emerge from what is currently considered 2nd tier programs.

Only 3 years ago all of Ute nation understood and fought this battle. Now suddenly they have short term memory loss and are so much better than they used to be? True Ute fans should remember how they felt being shut out, twice. They should still be enraged about CFB and the monopoly that it is. Instead so many have now decided they are better than the schools they continue to lose to simply because now, they make the big bucks. Oligarchy is the best word for CFB anymore.

pocatello, ID

According to the author-
Mountain West Conference teams need games against BYU as much or more than the Cougars do. They need the notoriety of playing BYU and more importantly, they need the air time.


Why does the MWC need BYU for notoriety?

Wyoming had a home & home with Texas, home & home with Nebraska (only lost by 3 point on the road) last year), home and home with Texas A&M, has won at Tennessee.
USU almost beat Auburn & Wisconsin on the road.
Colorado State won at Virginia, played Alabama last season.
Nevada beat Boston College in a bowl three years ago. And has played several games against the PAC 12. Since 2007 Nevada has played a home and home against Missouri, and a home and home against Texas Tech, and played NEB,

New Mexico plays Big 12 teams regularly, played Arkansas in 2011, also played Pitt.

Over the past decade, Fresno St has played several power conference teams.

Have MWC teams lost a fair number of games to power conference teams, yes. How is that any different than BYU?

MWC teams already get exposure.

The MWC does not need BYU, BYU needs them.

pocatello, ID

Looks like MWC teams have no problem scheduling future games against power conference teams.
Take the paycheck and run!! Win or lose, that's more than can be said for BYU.

pocatello, ID

Attn: BYU.

Wyoming has a future home and home with Oregon.

Sounds like BYU needs to be back in the MWC. At least they are scheduling good teams.

Salt Lake City, UT

Another article on this? Repeat the lie often enough...

BYU does NOT need to be considered a "major" to schedule games against the SEC and ACC. The SEC and ACC will still have mid-majors on the schedule and that is BYU. BYU could schedule those conferences right now today, this minute! But they won't.

The major teams are afraid to play BYU? Please. BYU is afraid to schedule 9 majors because they'd lose bowl eligibility. It happened to Utah. It happened to TCU. It would happen to BYU.

Rock Chalk Jayhawk 75
Kansas City, KS

Finally someone nailed it. It should be obvious to even the most novice college football fan, that this scheduling setback is just another example of The Man trying to keep the Cougars down.
File this under Persecution Complex, Delusions of Grandeur, and how to handle the Five Stages of Grief as a sports fan in today's world. Thank you Guest Commentator Jay Money for giving me a good chuckle to start my day. I hope you remembered to post this to Bleacher Report as well.

Bleed Crimson
Sandy, Utah

"A look at why BYU won't count in the plus one for the ACC and SEC"

Looks like another article to point out that BYU is the victim.

Uncle Rico
Provo, UT

Why should BYU get rewarded for going independent?

If the ACC/SEC said BYU would count toward one of the non-conference high-quality teams, then wouldn't that punish Boise State or Fresno State for being in the MWC? Boise St and others could then come out as independent and be counted as a high-quality opponent.

ACC/SEC would then have to redefine what makes a quality opponent, instead they just leave it at Power 5 schools (and Notre Dame - who basically is an unofficial ACC member anyway).

Idaho and Old Dominion are Independent, would they qualify too?
If you exclude Boise St then you have to exclude BYU too.

West Jordan, Utah

I am sorry but this article is so inaccurate I can't even talk myself into spending the time trying to submit multiple comments to refute it. It would be too lengthy. These opinions here are so contrary to reality that I actually feel somewhat insulted as a reader of this paper to be subjected to it, especially after it's presented almost as fact in a few instances (arguments) here.

If BYU played 8 games against P5 opponents and then Boise State, Houston ect.. What? That won't happen unless BYU joins a P5 conference and then they would never in a million years be undefeated. I actually think BYU has a great chance of going undefeated this year. But so what? With that schedule, if they do it and make the playoffs, then BYU would have no reason to join a conference, that is unless their fans want exciting regular season games other than the YMCA of Idaho.

Proovo, UT

Or consider that since Pac 12 schools schedule BYU more frequently, they don't want BYU to be considered a quality opponent since that will beef up the Pac 12's overall strength of schedule more than their own. If the ACC and SEC played BYU all the time, they would want their wins to be celebrated and their losses justified, but they don't want the Pac 12 to take that recognition every time they play BYU since they do it much more often.

Salt Lake City, UT

Well-reasoned and logical argument. I believe it's right on the money. And this is from a Utah fan.

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