Comments about ‘Utahns Against Hunger initiative urges backyard gardeners to share bounty with local food pantries’

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Published: Sunday, May 25 2014 3:55 p.m. MDT

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Mt Pleasant, MI

This is a GREAT project! I applaud Jeffrey Hansen for his idea and effort. There are NO problems with this helpful solution. This is a great way for others to think about how they can easily share when not everything makes it into a bottle on the shelf for future use. This is a youth who will make a difference in his future as well. I hope your project is wildly successful and more like it begin to exist elsewhere.

100%TruthPAtriot, instead of finding fault with good deeds, you might be happier in your country if you spent a little time dwelling on the same.

Holladay, UT

What a great kid Mr. Hansen is, sharing his love of gardening with the community.
We have a food pantry and community garden at our church. One problem is that many people who have not grown up with fresh food, don't know how to prepare it. This year we are working harder to have more food demonstrations. Heck, even I could use some pointers on how to prepare eggplant.

Australia, 00

I think this is a brilliant idea. More of this should be done across the world especially with those who have enough land to grow an edible garden. It is wonderful to see this young man so eager to help his community while fulfilling his love of gardening. We could all learn a thing or two about service to our fellow man.

100% Patriot - comment on the article not your own personal biases. The article is not about any "illegals" - it is to help the poor and needy wherever they are.

Deseret should do a follow up article when his crop comes in and how much he was able to donate to the shelters!

Mchenry, IL

True patriot, I hope you never know hunger.

What is the cry out about taxes when this is a person voluntarily growing extra to donate to the food pantry..

A drivers license would make it easier to bring items to the pantry. But I'm not his mom.

Sandy, UT

Pure Patriot , what is wrong with helping out those whom do without ?
I have found it hard to get by and I am a legal citizen . You rwnj really get my blood boiling. This young man is doing his community a service that will find a plate of a human being that is hungry . Legal or illegal are we not allowed to have such a basic thing?

cincinnati, OH

I see LOTS of problems with that solution.
Mainly abuse of the free food.

It reminds me of the WWII Victory Gardens people used to plant.
But instead of doing good, it only makes matters worse.

Why can't people plant their own food?

Ever hear of 'container gardening'?

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