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Published: Sunday, May 25 2014 8:30 a.m. MDT

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Moses Lake, WA

Regardless of who won the debate, or who wins the election. I think the best answer is 'term limits'. Every candidate from the President to the down, if he or she depends on votes to get the job should be limited to 2 terms. If they can't fix the problem in that time then let them go... I agree that we'd loose some very good public servants BUT we'd also get rid of the lousy ones also every two terms. Plus they should have to keep the same laws they pass for the rest of us. That includes gun laws, health care, or what ever.

Salt Lake City, UT

"I thought Owens won on substance, while Love was more animated and passionate."

Rubbish. I was there in the room. I scored the debate. 33 for Mia and 16 for Owens out of 40. Owens spent more time spinning Mia's comments in such away that she didn't even recognize them.

He had a great flyer. He should have used it. From the flyer he looks like a great candidate. From the debate, not ready to even tell us about him. He used Mia's name more time than anyone I have ever heard.

I left the meeting thinking if this is the best democratic party has, no wonder they are losing many races. I would have rather it have been Rep. Brian King. While I don't agree with him many times, he could do the job.

PS, Mia won in 2012 convention because she didn't try to out "right" the others. Rep. Matheson was blowing smoke 2 years ago. The delegates didn't pick Mia over Wimmer and Sandstrom for those reasons, they picked her, the same delegates that 59% picked Sen. Hatch because she was a better candidate. If she had kept her campaign staff then, she would have won.

Herbert Gravy
Salinas, CA

"What difference, at this point, does it make?"!

The Real Maverick
Orem, UT

Owens won, clearly. It wasn't even close. He attacked, burned, beat Love down. Not only did he attack, but he clearly showed that he had ideas that would work for our benefit.

Saying that Love had "passion" is just throwing her a bone since she was obviously dismantled in the debate.

Love? Has yet to describe any idea. She has her right wing talking points down... (Smaller government, lower taxes, repeal Obamacare, free market) but has yet to articulate on anything.

The big difference I noticed, how much more air time and ads she gets. Has anyone looked to see who is financing Ms Love's campaign? Out of staters? Folks who I'm sure she won't feel indebted to, right?

Another puppet for the Koch Bros.

If we are dumb enough to elect another Mike Lee/Jason Chaffetz type, then we deserve everything we get.

Provo, ut

Well Prod where do you think committee assignments and seniority privilege comes from if it isn't because congress people hang around and create rules to benefit themselves. Term limits would also end the other abuses.
And by the way as a Utahan, I did support the government mini-shutdown. It didn't hurt anything, everyone was paid (for not working) and it illustrated that a shutdown government still has all the tools it needs to set up barricades and try and punish the people. Showing the hypocrisy of the ruling elite.

w d m
South Jordan, UT

As a contractor at Dugway Proving Ground, I can tell you that everyone was NOT paid. Luckily after recent layoffs, I still have a job. But, I'm still climbing out of the financial hole created by the sequestration of last summer and the furlough shutdown in October. Don't tell me "it didn't hurt anything".

Salt Lake City, UT

Prodicus, I invested a year working to make the neighborhood caucus system better and not ruin it. Re: me being a "right-wing extremist", I would submit Robert Gehrke and Lee Davidson would disagree, as would Bennion Spencer, Jim Bennett and others.

The last ranking article Lee Davison had on me had me with as many on the right of me as on the left. I doubt Rep. Brian King would call me that.

Doug Owens lost any chance to make a good impression on most of those at the debate. He spent the majority of the time tossing out attacks and not answers.

Virginia Beach, VA

"Who prevailed in the first debate between Mia Love and Doug Owens?"

I suppose that depends on what you mean by "prevailed."

I never saw or heard the debate, but essentially what we have is a regressive Koch Brothers' approved "Conservative" who duly recites Koch brothers' approved rhetoric . . . Versus a can-do Democrat willing and able to actually help the people of his district.

If by "prevailed," we're asking who was the most influential in soliciting the votes of citizens, I'm guessing the Democrat succeeded there. And I'm basing that purely on the voting history of the district.

The voters there were wise enough to vote for a Democrat last time, and I'm guessing they will retain that same wisdom on election day.

Murray, UT

Doug Owens whole strategy is to be loudest guy in the room. It is not going to work. The fact that he still has to read everything off of a cue card is both sad and funny. He can not articulate a thought or statement unless it is prepared for him in advance. I see a MAJOR gaffe in his future.

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