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Published: Friday, May 23 2014 10:55 p.m. MDT

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Understands Math
Lacey, WA

I encourage everyone reading this piece to follow the links and read the report.

I notice, for instance, that DN doesn't quote this crucial line from the report: "The decline in teen pregnancy rates in the United States is due primarily to teens’ improved contraceptive use."

Also, "Teens in the United States and Europe have similar levels of sexual activity. However, European teens are more likely than U.S. teens to use contraceptives generally and to use the most effective methods; they therefore have substantially lower pregnancy rates."

And crucially, the map showing teenage pregnancy rates by state shows that most of the high-pregnancy-rate states are in the Bible belt.

Centerville, UT

This is great news!

salt lake city, UT

Birth control and education! Two things the extreme right is against. Another example of how progressive, social policies make for a healthier society.

American Fork, UT

If you remove the stigma from sex and free people, especially women, to make decisions for themselves, they will make wise decisions in many cases. There is hope.

LDS Liberal
Farmington, UT

Contrary to everything Conservatives keep telling us...

Casa Grande, AZ

Well it's going to collide with anyone who thinks everything is getting worse. And certain people will already freak out and declining birth rates and how that means we're more selfish.

The facts are that throughout history the child survival rates were about 2 per child until the 1900's when mortality rates went through the roof along with global population with medical advancements that kept more children alive.

We're now seeing people choose to limit themselves to about 2 children, most of whom survive do to medical technology. So it's just back to normal. We'll still see the world's population reach more than 11 billion this century.

Sandy, UT

Most telling... Teens say the biggest influence concerning sex is... Parents. Not religion not morals (though those they pickup from their parents, and religion). Sex education is needed in our schools, it has been shown to be effective in lowering teen pregnancies rates.. Well sex education that is not an abstinence only program. That has been shown to be ineffective. Want lower teen pregnancy rates? Teach them how not to get pregnant.

Brer Rabbit
Spanish Fork, UT

Any teenage pregnancy, when birth control is easily available, is a result of stupidity. Even with birth control methods available, abstinence is still the best and most reliable. I was pleased to read that about a third abstained due to moral values. It is time to stop viewing sex as just another form of recreation.

Mark B
Eureka, CA

Does Rabbit think he's going to win over young people by accusing them of stupidity, repeating the obvious (no-sex avoids pregnancy), and sternly wagging his finger at them even though the trend, according t the article, is positive? I hope young people read other posts instead.

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