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Published: Saturday, May 24 2014 4:10 a.m. MDT

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seattle, WA

There is no good result in blaming immigrants, or past government policies for the current unemployment rates. Our economy has changed from the old industrial model to a consumer spending based society. Unfortunately, this new consumer based economy places low price points for both goods and labor. We shop for the cheapest price for our groceries and (if you are an employer) the least possible rate of pay for an employee. Nothing proposed so far by commenters here or elsewhere is going to change that dynamic.

It is inevitable that higher rates of unemployment will follow this economic model, particularly among the older and the less skilled in the labor pool. And sadly, these are amongst the most economically vulnerable.

To call for an end to unemployment compensation for this cadre of people is callous. While there are exceptions to be sure, most people want to work for their money. A decent job gives people dignity. Blaming people for not finding that work or that decent job does nothing to lift people up.

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