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Published: Thursday, May 22 2014 4:35 p.m. MDT

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American Fork, UT

No. And obsessing about him is kind of....

Salt Lake City, UT

With all of the promises made by Mr. Obama starting with jobs, jobs, jobs that are unfulfilled, the wisdom of Mitt Romney is stunning. In a contest between an experienced executive/administrator with knowledge of industrial policy and a community organizer with a left wing agenda (And reads from the teleprompter very well.), the country chose the wrong one.

The Real Maverick
Orem, UT

Still talking about Romney???

If the GOP hopes to win in 2016 they really need to start looking forward and not backward.

Or are the candidates so terrible for 2016 that they must obsess over the past? Is that the case repubs?

Ogden, UT

Romney has never been relevant. I don't see that changing now.

The Real Maverick
Orem, UT

" the wisdom of Mitt Romney is stunning"

Mitt Romney recently came out in support of raising the min wage. That is something that the majority of repubs are against. Is mitt Romney still wise and the repubs wrong? Or are the repubs wise and mitt Romney not?

Casa Grande, AZ

No and his movie proved it. I watched it hoping to find that he was just misunderstood but he really is out of touch.

This country can't take any more "creative destruction" thank you.

Ultra Bob
Cottonwood Heights, UT

I'm in favor of Mitt Romney to run against the Clintons in the next presidential election.
As an ordinary American working class liberal I see the difference between Republicans and Democrats as the competition between business and people. I think Mitt Romney is a perfect representative of the business orientated people of America. And while the difference between a Republican businessman and a Democrat businessman is only slight. the Clintons seemed to give more thought to people.

Far East USA, SC

Romney is potentially relevant for 2016.

And it is because the GOP field is again very weak.

What a conundrum for the GOP. Regardless of who the GOP runs, a big chunk of the party is not going to be happy.

If Romney were an independent, and unencumbered by the winds of the GOP base, heck, I may even vote for him.

But, Romney would not be Romney. He would morph to be whatever he thought would get him elected.
He would pander to the right wing base and in doing so, become unappealing to the moderate and independent voters.

Mcallen, TX

To an educated, responsible, and self thinking person, he is relevant.

To liberal followers. No!

Centerville, UT

Joe Blow,

I would rather take Romney's morphing and pandering than Obama's lies.

Bob K
Davis, CA

Let's see: he got completely drubbed in the Electoral College, even though he received all of the "anyone but that Black foreigner" vote.

He, his family, and staff were so convinced he would win that they were actually surprised and had no preparation for a concession speech.

Maybe he is relevant to mormons and republicans, but America said no to him in a loud voice.

Durham, NC

@worf..You described what moderates and liberals think..... but what do conservatives think of him....?

Ogden, UT

@worf 10:21 p.m. May 22, 2014

To an educated, responsible, and self thinking person, he is relevant.

To liberal followers. No!


I am well-educated (B.A., J.D.), responsible and selv-thinking person. I am a true conservative (in this day and age, that makes me a mainstream, moderate Repulican). For those reasons, I find Romney to be absolutely irrelevant.

Thanks for the laugh. You should know, though, that your comment is totally incorrect.

Salt lake, UT

Interesting title to this article. I have trouble recalling when Mitt Romney was ever relevant.

Hayden, ID

If you want a job and an actual paycheck, Mitt Romney is very relevant! If you want food stamps and welfare entitlements, not so much! If you want accountability and transparency from your government, Mitt Romney is very relevant. If you are willing to accept and embrace stonewalling, lies, broken promises and cover-ups of one scandal after another, not so much!

Happy Valley Heretic
Orem, UT

Only in the pages of the Dnews, only in Utah.

2 bits
Cottonwood Heights, UT

He's not relevant if he doesn't join the conversation!

Unless he gets out there and at least engages some people in debate.... his ideas ARE irrelevant... because nobody knows what he is saying, or thinks about any ideas he may have.

He doesn't have to run for President to be relevant. But he does have to get his ideas out there... some way...

But I don't blame him one bit for stepping back. I have grand kids now too... and would not get engaged in a bitter and divisive and knock down drag out job like being President of the United States.

The "Attack him from every angle... every day" tactics didn't start with Obama. It happened to Bush too... and it has happened to almost every President we have had.

Not a job I would want...

Salt Lake City, Utah

Maybe he can be relevant by helping the republicans realize that America wants a President that is a moderate. Maybe he can help republicans understand that wages matter not just for CEO's but for those on the lowest end of the pay scale (minimum wage).

Burke, VA

4601 - So at this point six years of experience as the actual President of the United States still means nothing to you? And if you think about it, a community organizer is a lot closer to the Office of the President than a corporate raider er I mean investment consultant. One makes a whole lot more money than the other and gets a better tax rate, but one listens to and cares about the needs of the people, not just the bank accounts of a privileged few.

And by the way, every April and October I listen to great wisdom from men and women gathered in a great hall in a western city, who read their comments from the teleprompter. I think the fact that they do it is evidence that it is not a sinister practice and that moral teachings can be expounded, even "from the teleprompter."


It's hard to believe that some Ron Paul people still think they're "Tea Party" people. Barack Obama, the Democrats, and the US Socialists (Occupy Wall Streeters) funded and manipulated a lot of Ron Paul sheep into the "NO 1144" voter-suppression campaign, disrupting Republican primaries, and favoring Democrat agendas like recognizing homosexual relationships as marriages, legalizing marijuana, and advocating abolishing free trade and ditching Israel.

Meanwhile, Mitt Romney supported the real Tea Party. During the Republican convention, Republicans implemented nearly all of the Tea Party's platform proposals into the official Republican platform. Fiscal responsibility, lowering taxes, streamlining the tax system, auditing the Fed, returning more power to the states, and dumping ObamaCare for legislative reform and free-market principles were all on Mitt Romney's presidential platform.

Some "Romney didn't help" quotes in this article are reminiscent of the post-2012 bitterness from Dems, Ron Paul sheep, and false tea partiers. Even already favored candidates, having an additional vote of confidence from a stellar reputable conservative voice like Mitt Romney can solidify those votes, and help voters recognize that their candidate supports the same morally and fiscally conservative values as Mitt.

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